30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (business street)

On day 19 of my 30-day challenge to take my dog to 30 new places, Ace and I attempted to find a business called the Pet Boutique. It was a walkable distance from my apartment, so we headed out to find it. Unfortunately, once we got there, I realized it was out of business, which didn’t surprise me, considering I had never heard of it. It didn’t matter all that much, because just walking there was a good experience for Ace. We passed the doors and windows of many other businesses on a street he’d never been on before. There were plenty of distractions as we passed restaurants, bars, weaved through traffic and window shopped. Ace wore his Gentle Leader again and did not pull on the walk.

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2 thoughts on “30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (business street)”

  1. castocreations

    Good for you!!! I know I need to practice doing this kind of thing with Trooper. He doesn’t pay any attention to me when we are in a new place, especially if any other dogs are near. But when we’re at normal places (like agility class) he’s pretty focused. I can’t do 30 days in a row but I definitely need to focus on taking him new places (with treats of course!). 🙂

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  2. Cool.. I took Rufus to the BMV today. Hubby had to renew his license so we went along for the ride. I tried out Rufus’s gentle leader and no one wanted to pet him. When he didn’t have one on he would be mobbed.. It made me sad.

    Glad you had a great walk.

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