That Mutt wrap-up Sept. 28

Top posts from the last 7 days on

1. How to break a dog’s possessiveness – For the 2nd week in a row. The post has some updates, with an ebook on the way.

2. The dog body shake – Why does my dog shake his body? – Also for the 2nd week in a row. I followed up with the new post: My dog shakes his body to break from ‘stay’

3. Why does my dog lean on me? Is it for attention? Security? Dominance?

Why does my dog lean on me?

Other blogs we’ve been featured in recently

1. A dog owner’s guide to keeping your home clean

Ace and I were interviewed by a company called Turtle Mat. We shared some tips on how to keep a dog’s muddy paws under control such as teaching the dog a rock-solid sit and stay command in the doorway.

2. Coffee with a Canine

Ace and I were also featured recently on Coffee with a Canine, a blog that profiles writers and their dogs. Coffee and dogs – two of my favorite things!

What was your favorite blog post this week, here or elsewhere?

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