Obedience School Dropouts

This week we have three Obedience School Dropouts submitted by readers.

These pics are funny when they’re not your dogs! Not quite so funny when they’re your own dogs, unfortunately.

If you have an Obedience School “Dropout” at home, send your pics to Lindsay@ThatMutt.com to get your dog featured on the blog. Thanks to those who have sent in pics so far.

Dog #1 – Suki (photos from Sylvie R.)
Shepherd drinks from the toilet

Suki the German shepherd

Dog #2 – Elle (photo from Mauli F.)
Dog ripped up dog bed

Dog #3 – Bessie (photos from Mauli F.)
Dog chewed up bed

Dog ripped up pillows on the bed

Dog chewed on the couch cushions

Do you have an Obedience School “Dropout”?

Send your pics to Lindsay@ThatMutt.com!

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  1. Sylv on February 18, 2014

    Re: Suki’s drinking bowl: she wasn’t totally housebroken at this time, and we used to restrict her water in the evening. That night I heard the toilet seat lid clatter and (of course) grabbed my camera. She was all innocence when I got there, so I asked her to “show me” – which she did! The next night we had heavy oak toilet seats 🙂