30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 new places (new street)

Today was day one of my 30-day challengeto take my dog somewhere new every day. The goal of this challenge is to get Ace to learn to behave in new places, mostly to control his excitement levels. The challenge is also a way to continue working on heeling and basic obedience.

For our first day, Ace and I walked in a different part of the neighborhood. This was a really simple way to go somewhere new on a day when I didn’t have a lot of extra time.

All we did was walk one block west of where we normally walk, and this brought us a different world – new yards, no people, new dogs and new smells. Ace walked nicely because he was wearing his backpack (filled with books) and a pinch collar. I practiced telling him to sit every time I stopped. We saw a new playground we will visit sometime soon, and also remembered an aquarium store that might allow pets inside. We’ll have to try it out.

It’s funny how we get in the routine of walking the same path every day. For the past year, Ace and I have walked the same six or so different routes from my front door. There are dozens of other streets we could take, so I look forward to the rest of this challenge.

Feel free to take part in this challenge.

Where did you walk your dog today?

Cute black lab mix Ace sitting on a deck in a backyard with pine trees

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  1. Brilliant start you two… Chels backpack arrived but havnt used it yet. She still had stitches from her spaying… so that will be my next challenge…getting her used to that…

    abbey’s last blog post..Wow What a Girl!

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