30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 new places (PetSmart)

Today was the second day of my 30-day challenge to take my dog to 30 new places. Today Ace and I walked to PetSmart, a 3-mile round trip from our apartment. Ace wore his pinch collar today and no backpack. He walked very well, except when he became fixated on a rabbit.

Getting to our final destination was actually more of a new experience for my mutt than the actual store. Normally we walk in residential areas or a park. Today we walked on a busy street filled with businesses and traffic. We were on sidewalks the whole time, with many distractions such as noisy car washes, restaurants and a grocery store.

I made Ace sit before entering the store, and he was a good boy inside, calm and busy inspecting all the products as we walked through a few isles. We even checked out a few cats available for adoption.

I guess this is my free advertisement for PetSmart. It should be paying people like me.

Taking part in this challenge? Let us know how it’s going.

Black lab mix Ace in front of a brick wall sitting on the green grass

3 thoughts on “30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 new places (PetSmart)”

  1. Smiling at Lynnes comment (lynnes Winston was a lab/Dane..I try and take Chels down town on a Sunday so its busy but not overwhelming.. Your doing well Lindsay…will be a challenge all right to come up with 30.. 😉

    the amount of things Ive

    abbey’s last blog post..Wow What a Girl!

  2. Lindsay Stordahl

    Yeah, it will be a challenge to come up with 30 places. I will have to walk Ace downtown and see how that goes.

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