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Weekly question: Do you kennel train your dogs?

Kennel training a puppy or dog is one of the most useful things to teach them. Jon Katz summed it up nicely when he said a dog left loose in the house will find trouble eventually.

I like to leave my mutt out of his kennel as much as possible. When I go to work, Ace does not go in his kennel. He has the whole apartment to himself, minus my bedroom. But I wouldn’t have gotten to the point where I can trust him had it not been for kennel training him to begin with. For the first few months I had Ace, he stayed in his kennel every time I left, no exceptions. Then I slowly built up to where we are now by leaving him out for short periods at a time, then half days, then a few days a week until he could be trusted all the time.

Now that Ace is trained to stay in a kennel, it is a nice option to have when I need it. It is a place for him to go when he needs to relax, and he doesn’t mind his kennel. He actually runs to it when I say “kennel” because he knows he’ll get a bone with peanut butter. If he is in an extra naughty mood or hasn’t been exercised enough, I will still put him in his kennel when I leave. I am not willing to have my night out ruined because I’m worried about the trouble my dog is getting into at home.

What do you think about kennels? Do you believe in kennel training a dog? Are cages cruel? When do you use a kennel for your dog?

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Woman sitting in a wire dog kennel

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Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 16th of June 2008

Glad to hear so many of you have dogs that are kennel trained. Jan, I can see why you leave your dogs out when you are gone! Part of the reason I like to leave Ace out is because I come home from work after dark. It's nice to have my dog waiting for me at the door.


Monday 16th of June 2008

YES!!! Crate/kennel training is THE most important thing when bringing a new dog of any age into the home. Trooper drove us absolutely bonkers because he had to go into his crate every single night. He would HOWL ... all night. For two weeks. But we did not give in and we won. That battle of wills was important to win because it established us as the leaders of his pack.

We generally like to leave all three dogs in the house by themselves when we go somewhere but if they are antsy or haven't had a lot of activity in the week they can get destructive. Plus their kennel is pretty big and they have their beds and water and so are comfy.

=) I am PRO crate training.

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Monday 16th of June 2008

Our house has only been broken into twice and both times we were punishing the dog we had at the time by locking her in the laundry room. I've lost a few good shoes through the years, but mostly my dogs have been well behaved as guard dogs. so I am in the "no kennel" camp. Having strangers pawing through and stealing our stuff is something I want to avoid.

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Apryl DeLancey

Monday 16th of June 2008

Great pic! I've never crate trained a dog, but I've been unbelievably fortunate with really great-tempered dogs. I know others who swear by it and I've seen dogs that find their crate to be a source of security. It's not for me but I believe it is up to the person and the dog.

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Sunday 15th of June 2008

My labs are crate trained. The girls go in their crates EVERY TIME I leave the house.. no exceptions. The fat one will tear up stuff and poop if I go out to the mail box with out her. So she goes in her crate if there is no one home.

The boys (labs) are crate trained but are 100% trust worthy. The saints are 100% trust worthy and came to me as adults. They did not need to be trained then so I dont know if they are or not. Brutus has been in a crate once at the expo and didnt mind it so I assume at some point they must have been trained.

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