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Weekly question: Would you fly your dog?

My mutt has gone on several road trips, but I have never flown with him.

I have never been in a situation that required me to fly Ace, and so far when I’ve traveled long distances, I have either driven with my dog or left him home. I know at times it is unavoidable and flying a dog across country or internationally is the only option. If I ever have to do that, I will do my research in advance and still worry how my dog is being treated while down below with the baggage and out of my sight. I guess it would be like boarding your dog somewhere, you just never know how your dog is doing. Chances are she is fine, but you are never sure.

At times I wish my dog were small enough to be a carry-on. I see little dogs at the airport traveling with their owners, and I am very jealous.

So, have any of you flown with your dogs? Was it a good experience?

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Wednesday 30th of July 2008

We flew our last dog, an American Eskimo, fairly often and he did well. But Biggie is a little too big. The largest internet-available plastic kennel is a little too small for him (he is a little scrunched), yet it is too big by about 1" to fit in our Volvo wagon!

Also, Biggie's breeder had a bad experience with his dad, who was flown to NY for Westminster. The baggage handlers tried to put his carrier on the belt instead of bringing him through the door, and the crate was a little too big and unwieldy. It fell off the belt and Biggie's poor pop was tumbled all around. He was fine, but I just wouldn't want my dog handled like that unless he REALLY had to travel with me.

Saint Lover

Tuesday 29th of July 2008

Apollo is a working dog and durring his training we flew to Arizona. It was a very good experience.

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Benoit Lavigne

Tuesday 29th of July 2008

We took our yorkie to LA last February to go to a pet store trade show. She flew with us as carry on and even though she was not at all used to being in a carrier, she never made a sound! I would definitely do it again.


Monday 28th of July 2008

My dog is a bit high strung to fly. As much as I would like to take my dog with me I would probably leave her with family or friends. I think it would be a scary experience for the dog.

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Monday 28th of July 2008

I have several friends who work for airlines and they would never fly their dogs. That is good enough for me.

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