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Weekly question: What is your dog’s worst habit?

Of course, everyone thinks his or her dog is perfect, right? Yet, we can all find faults in all other dogs. For example, I’m glad my dog doesn’t pull too bad or bark a lot. I’m glad he stays in one spot in the car and shows no aggression.

Then again, I could list off 10 annoying things Ace does do. He can’t heel without a pinch collar or Gentle Leader, he begs pretty bad and let’s just say he licks himself inappropriately. But the most annoying habit other than my dog’s tennis ball obsession is how fast he drinks his water.

Ace will drink and drink and drink so fast that he throws up. He used to never be able to leave any water in a bowl. He would drink the whole bowl immediately. It’s like he thought I was going to take it away even though I was the one who gave him the water in the first place. I did solve this problem by keeping a large bowl of water full at all times. He figured out the water isn’t going anywhere, so he doesn’t have to drink all of it. But he will still come in from outside or randomly walk by his bowl and drink for several minutes if I don’t stop him. Then he throws up all the water. It gets really old cleaning up the floor, sometimes more than once in a day.

Anyway. How about your dogs? What is your dog’s worst habit?

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Saturday 16th of August 2008

Eating my house piece by piece, no I exaggerate... but shredding anything paper is no.1, mostly if she can get it its my fault, mind you she can get books off the top of a 7foot book case... and boy does it make a hell of a mess

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Friday 15th of August 2008

Biggie marks indoors in our VT condo when we have other people over. He also sometimes pees if we leave him while my in-laws are around. It's odd - he knows them and loves them, but if we leave him alone while they are around he may pee. If we leave him alone and no one is around, he won't pee.

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Benoit Lavigne

Wednesday 13th of August 2008

My little yorkie Bailey is also a ball freak, but besides that she's perfect. My Jack Russel like to poo in/on flowers or bushes. Anything that touches his bum. He even does it against trees and posts. I have to be careful because there are some people on our block who love to garden and cut and trim their flowers... yuck!

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 12th of August 2008

Ace begs too. One thing he doesn't do is bark a lot, which is nice, but he does pull. Mayra, if you haven't tried a Gentle Leader or a similar head collar with Amigo, it is worth a shot. Saint Lover, you are hilarious! Ace does the thing where he walks when he poops too. It drives me nuts. I hold his leash and he makes a circle of poop around me! Embarrassing!

Saint Lover

Tuesday 12th of August 2008

Apollo eats socks and underwear... Eris eats poop and drinks water til she yacks, Hera barks way too much, Zeus walks when he poops and smacks his lips all the time (drives me nuts) and Brutus and Rufus are a too territorial.

I guess that about sums it up!

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