Remy, don’t push it.

It might be a myth that 6 months is the age where dogs are more likely to get dropped off at shelters, I don’t know.

But … this is the age where they’re past the cute puppy stage. They might seem a little rebellious. They’re strong and usually untrained. More serious behavioral problems start to emerge if they’re going to. Things like leash aggression, possessiveness, separation anxiety.

Remy the crazy puppy

I’m frustrated with Remy much of the time. He pulls on the leash, jumps on people, pees when he’s excited.

Last week we passed a couple with their pug in a narrow entryway and Remy did his “kangaroo hop” on his hind legs trying to get to them WHILE PEEING! Dear God.

On puppy class “graduation night” he ripped the trainer’s evaluation sheet right out of her hand and shredded it.

He has little impulse control, bites when he’s excited, yips in his kennel at 5 a.m. We can hike with him off-leash for an hour and he never gets tired.

So do any of you still want a puppy? ๐Ÿ™‚

It helps to take note of the good moments.

My puppy has a nice temperament. He’s not overly assertive, not at all timid. My puppy loves every single person he meets – all ages, men, women, kids. Likewise, he loves every dog he meets. Even when older dogs get grumpy, he respects their space and backs off, wagging his little stub tail.

He has a solid “leave it.” It’s his best command.

While he does get up early, he sleeps all night without a peep.

He allows us to take away items from his mouth and to reach into his food bowl. He is not aggressive to our cats or our senior dog and hopes they will someday play or cuddle with him. Yet to be determined.

Remy and Beamer

Remy rides nicely in the back seat of my car, doesn’t try to climb into the front.

He doesn’t seem to know he could hop right over the baby gate and doesn’t try. He hasn’t destroyed anything other than our leather leashes, which of course was my fault.

He’s getting better at “stay” and can sometimes stay for 2 minutes or so in the living room. That might not sound like a lot, but I’m proud of my high-energy guy.

He can walk as long as we’d like (I have yet to tire him out). He stays close when off leash. And he cooperates for pictures.

My weimaraner puppy Remy

He lets us touch his paws, ears, nose, tail. He gets silly and squirms but is not aggressive.

He hangs out quietly in my office when I blog or work. He has an off switch, settles in and naps.

He’s resilient, not afraid of anything. Unfazed by firm corrections. If I lose my temper, he just wags his tail and licks my hand, like, hey don’t be so serious!

He’s potty trained! I think it’s been about a month since his last accident.

He’s in the “middle of the pack” with other dogs, almost on the slight submissive side but in a good way. He’s easygoing and friendly, plays gently with the shy or smaller dogs, does not challenge the more assertive dogs.

Remy is a very good dog. We’ve boarded him overnight a few times, and while he did just fine away from us, I missed him.

Yes, I have a LOT of work ahead still, but if you struggle with your puppy or dog like I do, know that it’s normal. It’s a work in progress for me too. I can always make improvements. And it’s more about improving my own attitude than it is about “improving” my dog.

I think how lucky I am to get to help the pup in front of me learn to be a good dog.

Remy … I’ll get there!

In the meantime, well … we’ll try to be patient with one another.

Weim pup Remy

What challenges are the rest of you facing with your dogs at the moment?

2019 update: Remy is a 3-year-old “adult” now and overall a pretty good boy although still a goofy, playful guy!

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