Are Weimaraners Good With Cats?

Are Weimaraners Good With Cats?

First, let's consider some general stereotypes about weimaraners.

They're high energy. They're rough. They have a high prey drive. They're hunting dogs, obnoxious and loud.

Now, let's also consider that many weims do live with cats and they get along fine.

So, are weimaraners good with cats?

It depends on the individual dog, of course. Not breed.

It depends on the cat, too. Is the cat used to dogs? Does he handle himself OK around them?

And as an owner, do you know when to step in and keep everyone safe, what to tolerate and how to safely introduce a dog and a cat?

Bottom line. No, weimaraners are not necessarily known to be “good” with cats (for the reasons above). But, if the dog is raised with cats or perhaps properly introduced later in life in a safe way and given clear rules, it can work out just fine.

Weimaraners and cats

My weimaraner Remy is “good” with my cats.

By that, I mean he is not aggressive with them. We don't allow him to chase the cats, although he'd love to. But he's still too hyper and wiggly for their liking. He tries to nose them and paw at them (just like he does to us too). Basically, my weimaraner is rude to everyone – people, dogs and cats. But we don't allow him to terrorize our cats.

Beamer, our calm & cool, confident tan tabby is very good with Remy. Beamer walks into a room with slow confidence, claiming the area with energy that so clearly says, “You will give me space and respect.” Beamer is 14. He's been around  a while and let's just say, He's seen some shit.

Scout, our more sensitive gray tabby (not pictured) is nervous around Remy. I think he's getting better but for the most part he stays on the other side of the hallway gate.

Introducing our cat to our weimaraner

All that being said, I trust Remy with my cats. I can leave them in the same room and he might annoy them but nothing that concerns me. I wouldn't leave them loose together home alone, but Remy is always kenneled when we're not home anyway.

I'm also careful when there's food out, but that's common sense with all animals. I'm careful with food around my Lab mix Ace too.

Remy was raised around our cats from 8 weeks, and I think that's what made the biggest difference for him. He sees cats outside and he gets excited and wants to chase them, but it's not the same “drive” I see in him when he spots rabbits or birds.

I wanted to write this post because I saw someone from a Labrador rescue posting on Facebook about how her group had taken in a weimaraner for adoption and the dog couldn't go to a home with cats. “Weimaraners are cat killers,” she said. “They can't live with cats.” And then she and others went on about the “cat killer” weims.

Yes, some weims have killed cats. These are hunting dogs with a strong prey drive. You can say the same about a lot of breeds.

Can weimaraners live with cats?

Dogs chase and sometimes kill small animals. Some weims shouldn't live with cats, and that doesn't make them bad dogs. There are a lot of dogs that should not live with cats.

Some weimaraners, just like any breed, can live safely with cats. It just depends on the individual dog, how it was raised and how it is introduced to cats.

If you are adopting an adult weimaraner and you are not sure how the dog is with cats, I would be very, VERY careful as this breed does have a very strong prey drive. I personally would not be comfortable adopting an adult weimaraner unless I knew he had lived with a cat in a prior indoor home.

Before we made the decision to purchase a weimaraner, one of my top questions for the breeder was, “Can weimaraners live with cats?” Her answer was very frank and I think accurate:

Cats are generally not an issue when you get a very young pup (8 weeks) because they will be raised with them and generally the cat will lay down the law at that impressionable age, which helps.”

Are weimaraners good with cats?

My weim Remy is good with our cats. He knows they live with us and that we're all somehow this united group or “family.”

Two dogs, two cats and two people.That's all he knows, really. His family.

Do we have any weimaraner owners reading? Or other people with breeds known for a high prey drive?

Do you have a cat? How do your pets get along generally?

The Farmer’s Dog Review and Giveaway

The Farmer’s Dog Review and Giveaway

The Farmer’s Dog is a new company focused on making dogs healthier by delivering freshly cooked, human-grade dog food.

On their website you just answer some questions and they create a custom meal plan specifically for your dog. All meals arrive pre-portioned and ready to serve.

You receive perfectly timed shipments to ensure you never run out of food and you can adjust or cancel your plan at any time.

This post is sponsored by The Farmer’s Dog.

The Farmer’s Dog is giving away a FREE two weeks of fresh, home-cooked dog food to one lucky reader of That Mutt.

Leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. Drawing will take place Sat April 1. Click here. 

The Farmer’s Dog Review

This is a great concept, and it solves a couple of problems dog lovers regularly face. For example:

1. Most dog owners want to feed the highest-quality food they can afford without having to cook it themselves.

2. It’s a pain to go out and buy huge bags of dry food every month, haul them inside and store them.

3. More and more dog owners are skeptical of dry/processed kibble but they’re not comfortable or interested in feeding raw dog food. Fresh, homecooked food is a good alternative.

The Farmer’s Dog cooks fresh food for your dog and delivers to your home. It’s made with USDA human grade ingredients and pre-portioned out for your dog according to weight, breed, activity level, etc.

It’s healthy and it’s convenient!

Not surprisingly, this type of dog food does cost more than kibble, which is to be expected given that it’s made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients and delivered fresh on dry ice. I found that it’s similar in price to many of the raw dog food brands I’ve purchased.

What is the cost of The Farmer’s Dog?

The cost varies depending on the size of your dog, or course. It can start at as little as $11 per week. If this sounds too expensive, you can reach out to their customer service team with your budget and they'll try to work with you! Get started HERE.

To give you an example, the cost to feed my 68-pound Lab mix The Farmer’s Dog for one week is about $60.

The first time you order, The Farmer’s Dog will send you two weeks’ worth of food for the price of one and FREE shipping. This is designed so you can see the benefits and make sure the food is right for your dog. Then you would set up your own delivery schedule so you never run out of food.

If you’re curious on the details of the exact cost for your dog, it’s easiest if you fill out a quick profile HERE so you can see a sample meal plan for your dog’s needs and the cost.

What’s unique about The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog is unique because it delivers fresh, cooked dog food right to your door that is personalized for your dog’s nutritional profile. When you fill out your dog’s profile, you’ll be asked about age, size, activity, breed, allergies, any health concerns and more.

The food is made without any preservatives and is delivered on dry ice. Ingredients are human grade, and the company ships directly to customers.

Also, if you’re on a budget the company will work with customers on options so they can mix fresh food in with their dogs' current food or use as a topper.

Pros of The Farmer's Dog:

  • Food is fresh and delivered right to your door!
  • Meals are pre-portioned per day so it’s easy to serve
  • Made with USDA human-grade ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • The meals are tailored to your dog’s needs. You fill out a profile for your dog & can adjust as needed. For example, we figured out Ace’s portions were likely too high in calories so after two weeks we could decrease the portions for the next delivery.


  • The price is higher than most of us are used to spending on dog food because of the human-grade, fresh ingredients. Ideally, your dog will be healthier and hopefully you’ll have fewer vet bills.
  • There isn’t an option for cats … not yet anyway! (coming soon!)

I would recommend this food for …

I would recommend this food for someone who is interested in feeding their dog high-quality fresh food without having to cook the food or go out and buy the ingredients.

The Farmer's Dog logo

It’s truly so convenient that meals are automatically shipped to your door at your convenience (delivered on dry ice). It’s a nice option for someone looking for a more natural diet for their dog but who is not necessarily interested in feeding raw dog food.

I would consider purchasing this food for my dogs and using it on a rotation basis.

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The Farmer’s Dog is giving away a FREE two-week trial to one reader of That Mutt. Just leave a comment below to enter.

The winner will receive:

  • Two weeks’ worth of fresh, homecooked dog food tailored specifically for your dog’s needs

Just leave a comment below to enter. Let me know why your dog is interested in the food from The Farmer’s Dog.

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The Farmer's Dog Review

Would your dog like to try food from The Farmer’s Dog?

Let us know in the comments!

Also, let me know if you have any questions about the food or the company. If I don't know the answer, The Farmer's Dog will be able to help. 

If someone you know has a dog who could benefit from this food, please share this post with them.

Wellness CORE Review and Giveaway

Wellness CORE Review and Giveaway

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the Wellness CORE dry dog food as well as two types of treats from Wellness (the Marrow Roasts and the Pure Rewards).

These are all grain-free products made without meat by-products and without artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors.

This post is sponsored by Wellness.

Wellness is giving away a FREE Prize Pack to TWO readers of That Mutt.

Each winner will receive two 4-pound bags of Wellness CORE dry dog food and a bag of each of the treats I mentioned.

Leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. Drawing will take place Saturday March 18. Click here. *The winners have been chosen and notified.

Wellnesss CORE review – dry dog food and treats

Wellness CORE review

My thoughts on the Wellness CORE products:

Wellness CORE is a grain-free line of food for dogs and cats including dry food, canned food, treats and air-dried raw food. In this post, we're focusing on the dry dog food and the treats.

The dry food from Wellness CORE is actually my go-to dry dog food brand so Ace and Remy are very familiar with Wellness CORE. They love it!

I often feed my dogs raw food, but I always have dry dog food on hand. Wellness CORE is my top choice; we have it on autoship with Chewy.

The Pure Rewards treats and the Marrow Roasts treats are grain-free treats made in the USA and high in protein.

  • The Pure Rewards are soft (easy to tear) and perfect for doggie training sessions.
  • The Marrow Roasts (pictured below) are soft biscuits perfect as a single reward or to stuff in a medium or small Kong.

Welness CORE marrow roasts

Ace and Remy love both these treats but really went nuts over the Pure Rewards.

Your dogs can try these treats too. Just leave a comment below to enter our giveaway!

What is the cost?

Wellness CORE products are available online through, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon and more.

You can also purchase directly at a Petco or PetSmart location. I prefer to order my dry dog food through and prices there are roughly:

What’s unique about Wellness CORE?

There are a lot of dog food companies out there. Some I trust. Some I don't. Wellness is a brand I trust.

While it's always good to read through the list of ingredients on any dog food or treats, I know everything in the Wellness CORE products are healthy for my dogs and cats.

I've been using the brand for a long time. When I lived in Fargo, the locally owned natural pet food store carried Wellness products long before Petco and PetSmart offered healthier options. Wellness has a good reputation and is transparent. You can't go wrong with that.

Pros of Wellness CORE dry food and treats:

  • Real meat as the first ingredients
  • Made with real, pronounceable and recognizable ingredients
  • Grain free (dogs generally don’t need grains)
  • Uses natural preservatives
  • Contains no animal by-products
  • The marketing on the packaging is accurate to the actual ingredients!
  • Easily available online and at Petco and PetSmart
  • Re-sealable packaging on the food and treats

Wellness CORE grain free dog food


  • The price of the food will be a bit higher if you're used to a lesser-quality brand.
  • Wellness offers so many food options overall (CORE is just one line) that it's easy to get overwhelmed! I've stuck with the CORE line and have been happy with it.

Would I buy this food?

Yes, I already buy the Wellness CORE dry food for my dogs. I plan to keep buying it as it is my “go to” dry dog food brand. They also make dry and canned food for cats, for anyone interested.

Would I recommend Wellness CORE to others?

Yes. Wellness is a brand I trust, and I’ve fed their dry and canned food to my pets for years. I recommend the CORE products because I know the majority of dog owners prefer to feed dry dog food and this is a high-quality option. The food is grain free (no corn, soy, etc.), high in protein and made with high-quality ingredients.

Enter our giveaway below if your dogs would like to try Wellness CORE products!

Wellness CORE review

Giveaway – Win two bags of dog food and two bags of treats!

*The winners have been chosen and notified.

Wellness is giving away a FREE prize pack to TWO readers. Just leave a comment below to enter.

Each winner will receive:

  • Two 4-pound bags of Wellness CORE dry dog food
  • A bag of Wellness CORE Pure Rewards treats
  • A bag of Wellness CORE Marrow Roasts treats

Just leave a comment below to enter. Let me know why your dog is interested in the treats or food from Wellness.

Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I’ll choose the winners at random on Saturday March 18 and announce them in That Mutt’s email on Sunday. Sign up for That Mutt’s email digest HERE.

Everyone signed up for the $7 reward or higher on That Mutt’s Patreon page receives automatic entries into ALL giveaways. There are still 4 spots remaining. Click here.

Would your dog like to try Wellness CORE products?

Let us know in the comments!

When Your Dog Turns 11

When Your Dog Turns 11

March 9, 2007 was the day I adopted the mutt known as Ace.

My mom and I picked him up in the little farming town of Ada, Minn. It was a Friday, and I had the day off. One decade ago.

I wanted to write this post for a few personal reasons.

First, to honor the best dog in the whole world who is the reason I have this blog and business.

Second, to mark time. 10 years is a long time, but it goes so fast.

Many of us don't get to have the same dog for a decade. I know I'm lucky Ace is still here with me.

We get comments on our walks now, like, “Wow, how old is he?

Or, “He looks older than you!

People mean well …

They also think it's “fun” to guess my dog's age. “Let's see, I bet you're … 12?”

Ace is 11.

I adopted him when he was 12 moths old. His first owner told me his approximate birthday; she'd gotten him as a puppy.

My other dog Remy is now 1 year old (his birthday was Feb. 18).

I'm so lucky to have these two dogs—a generation apart in age—overlap in time with me.

We don't get to have all that many dogs in our lives, my friend Maren pointed out. (Think about that, and choose your dogs wisely.)

I got Ace when I was 23, he and I just kids! Here I am 33. Still young, but somewhere along the way my best buddy grew old.

I know better than to compare any two dogs, but now that Remy is the exact age Ace was when I adopted him, I do look at their lives in comparison.

Ace was far better behaved, calmer, more “mature” at 12 months. Even though he didn't know a basic “sit” or even his name.

On the other hand, Remy has experienced so much more than Ace had at 12 months, two totally different worlds.

Remy has gone on hundreds of walks by now. He knows the basic commands, gone off-leash hiking. He's traveled to Yosemite National Park and took a 750-mile roadtrip to visit family where he got to be a “ranch dog” living around a horse, mules and chickens.

He's been exposed to guns, road in the back of a pickup and went on a snowmobiling adventure chasing us 2 miles up a mountain. He's taken 4 obedience classes, seen the ocean dozens of times, visited urban coffee shops, restaurants, bars and a brewery.

That's a lot for a young dog in 1 year!

Ace had a good life in his first year too, but it was basic and limited.

He knew love and security, but there was no training and no walks. No adventures or the kind of companionship I seek with every dog I call mine.

I wish I could contact his first owner now, to tell her thank you for giving her dog to me. For trusting me. But all communication was by phone and I've lost her number, can't remember her name.

Lately, I find myself taking pictures of my two when they're napping together. They do this late afternoon, as the sun settles low.

I know I won't have these two dogs forever or long enough. Ace was very ill one year ago, so sick that I spoke these words to our vet: “I'm ready to give up.”

He bounced back.

And I know to appreciate this extra time we still have together. (Even the drool and the constant dusting of black hair.)

Boy do I love you, Ace of Spades.

Happy birthday, and happy “adoptaversary.”

I and Love and You Dog Food Review and Giveaway

I and Love and You Dog Food Review and Giveaway

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the dry and canned dog food from a company called I and Love and You, and we have a chance for your dog to try the food too.

The company's “Naked Essentials” dry food is grain free, high in protein and made in the USA. It's made without artificial preservatives, fillers or by-products and contains prebiotics and probitotics for healthy digestion.

The canned “stews” are also grain free and made with healthy ingredients. My dogs couldn't believe their luck when I put the stew on top of the dry food! “A spoonful of love” the company calls it.

This post is sponsored by I and Love and You.

Leave a comment at the end of this post for a chance to win a FREE bag of dry food and 2 cans of wet food for your dog (two winners). Click here. (This giveaway has ended.)

I and Love and You dog food review

I and Love and You Dog Food Review

My thoughts on I and Love and You’s dog food:

The food is high quality and I recommend the dry food and the canned food to my readers. The company also makes dehydrated raw diets for dogs, but Ace and Remy haven't tried it yet.

I appreciate that the is made in the USA, grain free and contains no by products or fillers. (It’s not that grain is necessarily “bad” but dogs and cats simply don’t need them.)

The company also makes dry food and canned food for cats as well as treats and chews for dogs.

I and Love and You suggested I put a spoonful of the stew on top of a dish of dry food for the dogs. This, of course, was a big hit!

(We're giving away a bag of dry food and two cans of wet food to two readers so your dogs can have a chance to try the food too. Just leave a comment below to enter.)

A spoonful of Love from I and Love and You

My Lab mix Ace and my weimaraner Remy loved the food! Actually, Ace even ran over and ate Remy’s food while I got distracted! Something he would normally NEVER do!

Cost of the food

I and Love and You is available at various online retail locations such as as well as in various grocery stores for convenience (such as Whole Foods). ORDER HERE.

In general, the Naked Essentials kibble is about $26.99 online for an 11-pound bag.

A case of one dozen 13-ounce cans of wet food cost around $27 online. Order here.

What’s unique about the company?

I and Love and You said it has donated 47,000 meals to dogs and cats waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescues across the country.

And besides making healthy food, the company promises to be good to the planet. According to its website, its headquarters is 100 percent wind powered and employees use alternative transportation like biking to get to work.

Pros of the dry and canned food:

  • Real meat as first ingredients
  • Naked Essentials is 30% protein
  • Made in USA
  • 5-star rating on Dog Food Advisor (dog food review site)
  • No fillers or by-products
  • Free of grains, corn, wheat, soy and rice
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • For convenience, the food is sold at several grocery stores (Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, etc.)
  • The Naked Essentials kibble contains prebiotics and probiotics for healthy tummies


  • The “lamb and bison” variety of dry food lists bison as the 11th ingredient. Lamb is the first, followed by chicken. I was hoping there would be more bison in the food.
  • I had a hard time finding the larger bags (23 lbs) of dry food online. With larger dogs, I prefer to order larger amounts of food at once.

Would I buy I and Love and You's food?

Yes. Although I’m happy with the food my dogs are currently eating, I’m going to purchase I and Love and You's dry food for my cats. I’ve been looking for a grain-free, high-quality brand for them, and this is available on where I already order their food. Here's a link to the cat food.

Would I recommend the food to others?

Yes. This is a high-quality food made with healthy ingredients from a company I trust. If you are looking for a high-quality dry food, wet food or dehydrated raw food, I definitely suggest you look into I and Love and You.

Both the dry “Naked Essentials” kibble and the stews come in a variety of protein sources. View them all here.

Giveaway! Win dry and canned food for your dog!

*This giveaway has ended and the winners have been notified.

I and Love and You is giving away an 11-pound bag of dry dog food and 2 cans of wet food to two readers of That Mutt. (Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.)

To enter:

Just leave a comment below so I know your dog wants IN on the drawing. Let me know why your dog would like to try this food.

I’ll choose the winner at random Saturday March 11 and announce it in That Mutt’s email Sunday morning. (Sign up for That Mutt’s email digest here.)

Note: Everyone signed up for the $7 reward level or higher on That Mutt’s Patreon page receives automatic entries into ALL of our giveaways. Limited to first 75 people. There are still four spots remaining. Click here.

Would your dog like to try I and Love and You’s food?

Let me know in the comments!

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