Petcurean SPIKE Dog Treats, Remembering to Reward Our Dogs

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Do you take your dog’s good behavior for granted?

Maybe you have a good boy like Ace who never barks, never has accidents and never chews anything.

It’s so easy to go through the day without acknowledging this!

But boy do I notice if my dog happens to “act up” like if he starts whining while I’m writing or if he pulls on the leash to greet another dog.

He definitely gets my attention then, and it’s often followed by “Ace, no!”

No wonder some dogs are “naughty” just to get our attention!

Ace will often wag his tail when I scold him, like, “Ha! Gotcha to look!”

But I’d rather be a dog owner who encourages good behavior through random rewards.

Here are three simple ways to reward your dog for good behavior

Ace with Petcurean Spike treats

1. Use treats your dog loves!

Treats are not created equally!

Today I’m featuring Petcurean’s SPIKE jerky treats for dogs.

Petcurean Spike Venison treats

Ever offered your dog a dry, bland treat only to have him ignore you? That’s not going to happen with these!

The SPIKE jerky treats are soft and smelly (in a good way!), perfect for surprising your dog. A good example of when I reward my dog is when he’s walking so perfectly on the leash.

These jerky treats can easily be torn into tiny pieces so you can use a single strip to reward your dog often.

2. Reward your dog for good behavior you take for granted.

This is so basic, but we could all use the reminder.

Why not give your dog a little treat when you catch her doing the things you like? Such as:

  • napping on her dog bed
  • not barking when a neighbor dog walks by the window or
  • not jumping on you when you return home?

We dog owners often take these good behaviors for granted.

And did I mention we’re getting a puppy next month?

I’m in for a rude awakening!

Everything will be new to our puppy. He won’t know what’s expected of him – at all – and will need lots of little reinforcements throughout the day in order to learn.

I think it’s natural for people to reward and reinforce puppies.

However, our older dogs deserve some rewards for getting it right, too.

My good boy Ace

3. Mix things up!

When your dog is well trained and fits smoothly into your life, you don’t need to reward him every single time he goes potty outside or every single time he sits before you put on his leash.

BUT … it’s good to randomly reinforce these things with different types of rewards to keep things interesting for your dog.

Switch up the rewards you use (treats, praise, play) and try to reward your dog randomly for all his good behaviors here and there.

He doesn’t need a jerky treat every single time you pass another dog on a walk, but how about rewarding him for “watch me!” or “heel” the next time you pass a dog that’s extra distracting?

Some other examples of when you might reward your dog

  • When he sits before heading out the door
  • When he chooses to go lie on his dog bed while you’re eating
  • When he immediately comes running when you call him in from the yard

These are all things a lot of mature, well-behaved dogs do all the time, and we just expect it of them.

Instead, let’s remember to reward our dogs every now and then for these good behaviors we take for granted.

“What a good boy!”

More info on Petcurean’s new SPIKE dog treats

Petcurean Spike dog treats review

The SPIKE jerky treats come in four flavors:

  • Venison (grass fed)
  • Cage-Free Turkey
  • Catfish
  • Cage-Free Duck

They are all grain free and made with all natural superfoods such as chia, pomegranate and kale.

Petcurean Spike jerky treats

It’s easiest if I just share with you an example. Here is the full list of ingredients from its catfish jerky treats:

Catfish, pumpkin, molasses, whole chia seeds, pomegranate, kale, mixed tocopherols (a source of Vitamin E).

Petcurean Snack Bar for dogs
Petcurean also makes a snack bar for dogs, perfect for those backpacking or hiking trips with your dog.

Petcurean Spike Snack bar

The SPIKE Snack Bars are made with chicken meal and sweet potato. They’re individually wrapped and are made without by-products or artificial preservatives.

More about Petcurean

Petcurean is a Canadian company that provides high-quality dry food and treats for dogs and cats. You may recognize its lines of pet foods, including Go! and Now Fresh.

Ordering information

Petcurean’s products are sold at various retailers. Your best bet is to search your zip code here for a location near you.

Giveaway – Win a $50 coupon for Petcurean

Petcurean is giving away a $50 Gift Coupon to two readers of That Mutt. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. Or, you can enter for a friend in the U.S.

Petcurean Now Fresh dog food

To enter, just leave a comment below. Let me know why you’re interested in Petcurean’s products.

I’ll choose two winners at random on Sunday March 20.

The $50 coupons are good at U.S. retailers for two 6-pound bags of food from either Petcurean’s Go! line or its Now Fresh line.

P.S. The Spike treats are not made for kitties, but …

Petcurean treats for pets

Is your dog or cat interested in Petcurean’s products?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy 9th Adoptaversary Ace!

9 years ago today I adopted this sweet guy for free from his first owner in Ada, Minn. I had a lot of doubts, but who knew he would be such an awesome dog? I’m so thankful his first owner knew it was best for “Junior” if she found him a new home. I’m forever grateful to her. Ace and I visited our favorite local park this morning.

Happy adoptaversary to my black Lab mix Ace

My Cat Needs A Tooth Pulled

My 13-year-old cat Beamer needs a tooth pulled.

He’s had bad teeth for a long time. 🙁

This would not surprise you if you only knew the things this cat has eaten—avocados, a whole corn cob, an entire frozen steak

One of Beamer’s top canines is brown and the gum around it is swollen and bright red.

The tooth will most likely be pulled.

I never imagined I would spend this kind of money on a cat’s vet bills – a tooth cleaning and “polishing,” x-rays and an extraction. I normally don’t even bring my cats to the vet unless there’s a problem. It’s just that … they’re cats, and I truly don’t spend much money on them at all, as much as I love them.

Times have changed.

Beamer appears happy and healthy, but if we get his teeth cleaned (and at least one pulled), I expect he’ll continue to live happily for many more years.

My cat needs a tooth pulled

When I brought Beamer in for his wellness exam last week, the vet asked me, “How’s his appetite?”


How’s his appetite? This cat eats everything in sight!

In fact, he stole a piece of bacon off the counter that very day and ate the whole thing.

Oh Beamer …

How to afford a dog or cat’s dental work

One of the reasons more of us don’t do regular teeth cleanings for our pets is because, well, it’s expensive.

The quote I was given for my cat’s dental work starts at $817. This is for bloodwork, a dental cleaning under anesthesia, x-rays, and a surgical tooth extraction.

I’m going to assume this quote is higher than average. Welcome to living on the beach where everything is more expensive.

I’m lucky I’m able to “afford” my cat’s vet bills mostly by using Care Credit (a health credit card). But I’m aware this is not an option for everyone, depending on what kind of credit you have.

Here are a few tips for saving money on your pet’s dental work:

  • Ask for a discount. It doesn’t hurt. Ask for 10 or 15 percent off.
  • Get a quote from a second or third vet.
  • Ask how urgent the dental work is. Could it wait six months? What are the consequences? Ask if the vet thinks your pet is in pain.
  • Discuss the estimate in details. Perhaps just pulling a tooth is what’s really needed and you could decline the cleaning. Perhaps X-rays are not truly needed. Perhaps bloodwork is not needed if it was recently done for another reason, etc.
  • Ask about anesthesia-free teeth cleaning (probably not for most cats, but an option for a lot of dogs)

And to be honest, had I done more to care for Beamer’s teeth over the last decade—like brushed his teeth regularly and taken him in for dental cleanings—he may not be in this position today of needing a tooth pulled.

In some ways, taking your pet in for regular dental cleanings—even every couple of years—could save you money in the long run.

But the reality is I don’t brush my cats’ teeth and I don’t take them in for dental cleanings … ever. This will be the first.

I’m going to do a much better job with dental care for our new puppy. As for my three senior pets, well … I guess we’re doing what we can.

Have any of you taken a dog or cat in for a dental cleaning recently?

How did it go?

See my post:

But I can’t afford a dental cleaning for my dog!


Alternatives to brushing a dog’s teeth

Why I don’t vaccinate my indoor cats

My cat needs a tooth pulled

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MIU PET Multi Functional Pet Shower Review

MIU Pet shower review

Note: That Mutt and MIU PET have partnered to bring you this review.

I have a big 70-pound mutt named Ace.

I bathe him at home because it saves me some money compared to going to a professional groomer (roughly $55 for a bath/brush and nails).

However, I think you can all relate to my struggle of trying to bathe my dog myself!

So … I’m either filling up the tub, doing my best to get the top of my dog’s back wet by pouring water over him with a bucket. Then I lather him up, wait 10 minutes for the tub to drain … only to fill it back up to try to rinse him! Takes forever!

OR … I just say to hell with it and jump in the shower naked with my dog! This is super embarrassing, but believe me it’s just easier sometimes!

Not exactly ideal.

And then of course there’s the option of washing the dog outside with the hose, but then you’re dealing with seriously COLD water.

So what’s the solution?

How about a pet shower tool that attaches right to your sink faucet or shower?

Order Here on Amazon

MIU PET shower review

MIU PET Shower Review:

I highly recommend this product if you bathe your dog at home. It makes doggy bath time so much easier! And it’s worth it for the price, just $21.99 on Amazon.

To use the pet shower, you simply attach it in your actual shower or to a sink faucet (if you have a small dog). The product makes it easy to rinse and lather your dog, and it has a quick on/off toggle for both convenience and saving water.

It also dispenses shampoo, allowing you to rinse and lather your dog with one hand while you pet or hold him still with the other. You determine when to use shampoo with a push of a button. You just fill it up ahead of time with your desired shampoo.

Some of the pet shower’s key functions:

  • Multi-functional for rinsing, lathering and massaging the coat
  • Compatible with most shower heads, sink faucets or outdoor use (comes with multiple adapters to fit most faucets)
  • Ergonomically designed for easy grip and comfort
  • Easy to install (I did it!)
  • Allows you to bathe your dog with one hand while you hold him or pet him with the other

Order the Pet Shower on Amazon

MIU PET pet shower

What I like about the pet shower from MIU PET:

  • Fits almost any faucet and comes with adapters, and it’s easy to install.
  • Works for big or small dogs (or cats).
  • Great product for a great price, just $21.99 on Amazon.
  • It’s easy to add shampoo so your dog’s coat gets a nice lather.

As you can see, poor Ace is thrilled to have a bath! 🙂

Ace using the MIU Pet Shower

What’s not so good about this pet shower:

  • The on/off toggle for turning the water on/off didn’t work as smoothly as I’d prefer. It’s slightly tricky and sticks (although, not a big deal).

Important things to know about this pet shower:

Diverter for pet showerFirst, if you plan to install the pet shower in your shower, it’s helpful to have a diverter (not sold through MIU PET). That way you don’t have to remove the actual shower head every time you want to bathe your dog.

We just happened to have a diverter installed already because we used to have a small washing machine hooked up through the shower. Score!

Second, the hose is a great length at 7 feet and 7 inches.

Consider the pet shower tool if:

1. You’re already bathing your dog at home and need an easy way to get his coat properly rinsed.

2. You have a dog that tends to get muddy paws and you need an easy way to rinse him in the tub.

3. You’re sick of filling up the tub for your dog’s baths and using a bucket to pour water over him!

4. You need an easy way to bathe your dog at home between professional groomings.

Order the MIU PET Pet Shower on Amazon

Ace getting a bath with MIU Pet Shower

Does your dog have a shedding problem?

Don’t forget about the MIU Pet deshedding brush I reviewed earlier this year.

If you brush your dog before bathing him, there’ll be less fur to clean up and less fur clogging your drains!

Order the deshedding brush here – $13.99

Giveaway – Win a FREE Pet Shower from MIU PET – five winners

*This giveaway has ended. Congrats to the winners.

Would you like to win this product? Just leave a comment below to enter my giveaway. Let me know, how difficult is it for you to bathe your dog at home?

To leave a comment, you’ll just need to leave your name and an email address.

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Never commented before? Make today your first comment! 🙂 You can also email me at if you have any questions.

Would you use the MIU PET shower?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Ace with the MIU PET shower

PetVi Review & Coupon Code – Nutritional Supplements for Pets

Note: That Mutt and PetVi have partnered to bring you this post!

Use code THATMUTT to save $2 per supplement at

It’s frustrating when your dog is prone to ongoing health issues like itchy skin, ear infections or digestive troubles.

It may feel like you’re at the vet every other month (paying $200 a visit) only to end up right back where you started!

Last year was a struggle for my senior dog Ace. We were at the vet for an ear infection in March, an eye infection in April, “hot spots” in July and ongoing treatment for a puzzling, non-healing wound.

Itchy skin and ears are so common for dogs, and I know many of you can relate.

It’s really frustrating trying to get to the bottom of these symptoms. Ace even has his own doggy dermatologist now who’s helping us sort through all of this!

One thing I’ve learned is it’s important to look at the big picture and to help your dog’s immune system be as strong as it can be.

Recently, I partnered with PetVi, a dog nutritional and digestive supplement company dedicated to helping dogs overcome issues related to itchy skin and digestive disorders.

PetVi Review - Ace with PetVi products

I’m really excited about the products PetVi offers and of course to be able to share them with you.

Save $2 per supplement when you use coupon code THATMUTT at checkout! Click here.

PetVi’s products include:

PetVi Digestive Health Supplement (there’s a variety for dogs and for cats)

PetVi Digestive Health Supplement + Hip & Joint

PetVi Probiotic Treats

Use coupon code THATMUTT to save $2 per supplement at checkout.

More about PetVi’s supplements for pets

PetVi is a company that provides nutritional and digestive supplements for dogs AND cats. My two cats have had the opportunity to try some of PetVi’s products right along side their brother Ace.

PetVi’s products are designed to help a pet maintain good health by naturally replacing many of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes cooked out of manufactured pet food (kibble).

This isn’t to say that dry dog food is bad. It’s just that our pets miss out on certain vitamins and enzymes when they don’t eat enough fresh food. It’s not rocket science. And for those of you who feed a raw diet, believe me I understand the peace of mind that comes with adding a few extra supplements to your recipes.

PetVi logo

PetVi’s supplements can be added to dry pet food, canned pet food, homecooked pet foods or raw pet foods. And according to the company, the ingredients are all natural.

PetVi makes supplements for cats

PetVi said its most popular product is its original digestive health supplement. This is available for both dogs and cats.

PetVi’s digestive health supplement can help with:

  • Restoring and maintaining gut health
  • Decreasing a pet’s itchy skin & excess shedding
  • Decreasing digestive problems
  • Strengthening the immune system

PetVi’s digestive health supplement is a source of dietary fibers, digestive enzymes, omega-3 fatty acid and probiotics. The main ingredient is suncured alfalfa meal.

Alfalfa is a “super food” that contains fiber and vitamins A, E, U, B6, K and D, according to PetVi. It also contains essential enzymes.

Click here to order PetVi’s digestive health supplement

(use code THATMUTT to save $2 per supplement)

Each 1-pound bag will supply a large dog for 30 days, a medium dog for 60 days or a small dog for 90 days. It also comes with a 120-day money back guarantee.

PetVi Review – Is it helping Ace?

I just started adding the dietary supplement to Ace’s food two weeks ago, and I feel hopeful it will work to boost his immune system. It’s really too soon to tell, but I will write a post next month with more details.

For those of you who would like to try this product for your dogs along with Ace, enter the giveaway below or buy the supplement here. I’ll include your feedback in my next post. PetVi and I are hoping this product can help as many of my readers as possible.

As with any change in diet, remember it can take some time to notice any changes and new supplements should always be introduced slowly.

PetVi Review & Giveaway - supplements for pets

Giveaway – Win a bag of PetVi Digestive Health Supplement for your dog

PetVi Digestive Health Supplement for dogsPetVi is giving away a 1-pound bag of its digestive health supplement to FIVE lucky readers of That Mutt so your dogs or cats can try this supplement along with my pets.

*The five winners have been notified.

And guess what? This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers! I know, finally! 🙂

To enter, just leave a comment below so I know your pet wants in. Why do you think your dog or cat would benefit from PetVi?

I’ll choose five winners at random on Sun March 13. Must have a U.S. or Canadian mailing address to win.

Remember you can also save $2 per supplement when you use coupon code THATMUTT at checkout. Click here.

Would your dog or cat like to try PetVi’s Digestive health supplement?

Let me know in the comments!

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