Shed Defender Review and Coupon Code, Onesie for Dogs!

Shed Defender Review and Coupon Code, Onesie for Dogs!

OK, get your laughs out first. The Shed Defender is a serious product but at the same time it’s very funny and adorable.

The Shed Defender is a lightweight suit for dogs – yes, it’s a onesie for dogs! – designed for:

1. Containing pet hair.

2. Keeping your car or home clean.

3. Replacing the medical cone collar (this is what we’ve used it for).

4. Reducing allergies for the dog (for example, allergies to grass or pollen).

5. Reducing allergies for a person who is allergic to dogs.

6. Reducing anxiety for dogs and making them feel safe during travel, thunderstorms or fireworks.

7. Can protect dogs from insects such as ticks and stickers from plants that may get stuck in fur while camping or other outdoor activities.

These are all serious, practical uses. But it’s hard not to smile and hold back laughs when your dog is dressed in a onesie! So before our serious Shed Defender review, let’s just get that out of the way:

Shed Defender review

Shed Defender review

This post is sponsored by Shed Defender.

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Please share this post with anyone you know who might be interested in a Shed Defender for their dog.

My thoughts on the Shed Defender

I was interested in the Shed Defender for its potential to replace the medical cone collar. More on that below.

The product’s original purpose is to help contain pet hair. I can relate to that!

My Lab mix Ace is one of those dogs who sheds handfuls of fur every day, all year round. He sheds about 1,000x more than our other dog and our cats combined. I use our vacuum and Swifter every day and there is always a dusting of black hair from our sweet Ace. It’s unreal. I don’t know how this dog has any hair left.

Ace in his Shed Defencer onesie

For me, dog hair is a part of life but I can understand why someone might use the Shed Defender to control dog hair in certain scenarios.

Examples of where the Shed Defender could come in handy:

  • If you’ve just cleaned your apartment and you’re having friends visit from out of town. Maybe you’d like to keep it hair-free at least until they arrive!
  • Perhaps you’re selling your house. The Shed Defender will keep your dog’s hair contained on the days you have a showing.
  • A family member or friend is allergic to dog hair/dander. (It can also protect your dog from grass or pollens if your dog has environmental allergies.)
  • You want to keep your car or someone else’s car free of dog hair.
  • You want to bring your dog to a friend or relative’s house.
  • If you’re getting ready for an event and need to keep dog hair off your clothes.

The Shed Defender works very well for its intended purpose. It was developed by Tyson Walters back in 2011 as a way to keep his St. Bernard Harley from shedding everywhere. He said his mom sewed the first model and then he tested different fabrics and designs.

“Harley wore the Shed Defender around town and family, friends and fellow dog lovers kept asking where they could get one of their own,” Walters said on the company’s website.

Shed Defencer

While the Shed Defender looks tight, it’s intended to be form fitting and is very lightweight and breathable while still durable.

It’s made from an eco friendly, four-way stretch fabric that allows the dog to move (and play!) freely.

It’s easy to put on if you have a tolerant dog like Ace who’s used to wearing sweaters or coats. It will be more of a struggle if you have a resistant dog like my young weimaraner Remy!

To wash the Shed Defender, you simply shake it off and then toss it in the wash. Or, you can just put it in the drier and that removes most of the hair.

The Shed Defender can replace the cone collar

The best part about the Shed Defender for us is that it can replace the medical cone collar.

Have you ever put an old T-shirt on your dog to prevent her from licking a wound or surgery site?

Shed Defender review

Last year my dog Ace had to wear a cone collar for 7 months because an autoimmune disease was causing lesions on his body.

We were also putting old T-shirts on him and even a pair of old boxer shorts to keep him from licking and chewing himself and to keep his wounds covered (and our carpets clean). I know, it sounds so ridiculous but we truly had no other options.

I would’ve used the Shed Defender last year to keep Ace’s body covered and give him a break from wearing a cone.

Of course, you need to keep certain injuries uncovered so they can heal, so it all depends on the unique issue you’re dealing with. We would’ve used the Shed Defender in rotation with the cone to give Ace a break from the cone.

(If your dog has allergies to grass or pollen, it can also protect him during allergy season.)

What is the cost of a Shed Defender?

Use code MUTT15 for 15% off. Click here.

The Shed Defender is available online in sizes mini through XXL. Prices range from $39.99 to $59.99 with free shipping in the U.S.

Pros of the Shed Defender

  • Well made, lightweight and breathable (not too hot)
  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes – see them all here
  • If you buy the wrong size, you can exchange it at no cost up to 30 days
  • Works well to contain shedding
  • Can replace the cone collar
  • Machine dry and washable
  • Can be used to keep allergies under control (for either a person allergic to dogs or a dog allergic to grass/pollen, etc.)
  • Zipper runs along the belly to the tail for easy potty breaks
  • Can help dogs with anxiety (snug fit can help them feel secure)

Cons of the Shed Defender

  • Some dogs will not want to wear it (might take some conditioning)
  • Some friends and family will probably laugh at your dog (builds character)

I would recommend the Shed Defender for …

I recommend the Shed Defender for dog owners who need to keep dog hair under control in their homes or cars as mentioned above.

It’s also useful for keeping your dog covered for medical reasons or to help manage allergies for either a person or the dog. Finally, it might be something to try if your dog has anxiety during travel, thunderstorms or fireworks. The snug, secure fit makes some dogs feel safe.

Shed Defender coupon code

Use code MUTT15 for 15% off a Shed Defender (limited time). ORDER HERE.

If you know someone who might benefit from a Shed Defender, please share this post with them!

Do you have any questions about the Shed Defender?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

And seriously, can we all just smile at how cute/ridiculous the dogs look wearing their “onesies”? 🙂

Onsie for dogs the Shed Defender

Wellness CORE RawRev Dog Food Review and Giveaway

Wellness CORE RawRev Dog Food Review and Giveaway

The brand new Wellness CORE RawRev dog food is a combination of grain-free kibble and 100 percent raw freeze-dried meat.

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the new food along with the new Wellness CORE freeze-dried treats. Both products are free of artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors.

This post is sponsored by Wellness.

The company is giving away a FREE prize pack to TWO readers of That Mutt.

Each winner will receive a 4-pound bag of the Wellness CORE RawRev food and two bags of freeze-dried raw treats!

Just leave a comment at the end of this post to enter. (2 winners!) Click here. *The winners have been chosen and notified.

Wellness CORE RawRev dog food review

Wellness CORE RawRev dog food review

My thoughts on the RawRev food

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the Wellness CORE RawRev dog food which is grain-free dry food mixed with freeze-dried raw bites. Learn more about the food HERE.

While I prefer to feed a raw diet, I always keep dry dog food on hand and Wellness CORE is my top choice.

It’s great there is now an option that includes at least some raw food.  While the majority of dog owners are not interested in feeding 100% raw for a variety of reasons, this is a nice “in between” option that will appeal to most dog owners.

My dogs also got to try the Wellness CORE freeze-dried raw treats. These are single ingredient treats made with 100% beef, boar, salmon or turkey. My dogs had the boar option.

Wellness CORE freeze dried treats

What is the cost?

Wellness CORE products are available online through Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon and more. Click here.

The RawRev food and 100% freeze dried treats are brand new, but you will likely start seeing them around soon!

You can buy Wellness CORE products directly at a Petco or PetSmart store and other pet specialty stores.

The RawRev food comes in Original (turkey and chicken), Wild Game (duck, lamb, boar and rabbit) and Small Breed (turkey and chicken).

Prices may very but range roughly from $19.99 for a 4-pound bag to $64.99 for a 20-pound bag.

The food is available in 4, 10, 18 (Wild Game only) and 20-pound (Original only) bags. Learn more about the food here.

What’s unique about this food?

Wellness is a brand I trust, and it has a good reputation among pet owners. With so many dog food companies out there (some better than others), that’s saying a lot!

The RawRev food is one of the few options out there that combines dry food and freeze-dried raw, although there are other brands that offer this too.

It’s also nice to see treats that are made with one ingredient (MEAT). This is helpful for dogs with allergies to various protein sources, grains or other ingredients.

Pros of the RawRev food:

  • A great way to introduce some raw food to your dog’s diet (raw food is more natural to dogs!)
  • Meal meat as the first ingredients
  • Made with real, pronounceable and recognizable ingredients
  • Grain free (dogs generally don’t need grains)
  • It’s a naturally preserved product
  • Contains no animal by-products


  • I wish there were more freeze-dried raw pieces in the food, but this food is not made for people who want to feed 100% raw

You can learn more about the food HERE.

I would recommend the RawRev food for …

Wellness is a brand I trust, and I would recommend this food for anyone looking for a healthy dry dog food option with the added benefit of some raw bites.

I normally order Wellness CORE dry food through Chewy, but now I’ll look for the RawRev option.

More info here.

Giveaway – Win a bag of RawRev dog food and 2 bags of treats!

Wellness is giving away a FREE prize pack to TWO readers. Just leave a comment below to enter.

*The winners have been chosen and notified.

Each winner will receive:

  • One 4-pound bag of the brand new Wellness CORE RawRev dog food
  • Two bags of the 100% freeze-dried treats

Just leave a comment below to enter. Let me know why your dog is interested in the treats or food from Wellness!

Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I’ll choose the winners at random on Saturday April 15 and notify them by email.

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Would your dog like to try the RawRev food?

Let us know in the comments! Also let me know if you have any questions about the food and I’ll get them answered for you.

Mighty Paw Traffic Leash Review and Coupon Code

Mighty Paw Traffic Leash Review and Coupon Code

A traffic lead is a short leash designed for people to have more control of their dogs and keep them close in “tight” scenarios like at the vet or walking in urban, crowded areas.

short leash is also nice because you can let your dog run around as though he’s “off leash.” It’s so short that it’s unlikely to catch on something and won’t drag. Yet, it’s there to grab if you need quick control.

For this reason, the traffic leash can be helpful for transitioning to off-leash obedience and is also useful for quick control during other types of training such as agility, hunting or maybe even service dog training.

This post is sponsored by Mighty Paw.

Use code MP20Mutt for 20% off anything on Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon store. Click here.

Mighty Paw traffic leash review

Mighty Paw traffic lead review

My thoughts on the traffic leash:

This is a very well-made leash, and you really can’t go wrong with any of Mighty Paw’s products.

Everyone signed up for the $7 reward level or higher on That Mutt’s Patreon page receives a FREE product from Mighty Paw every month. In March, members received the new traffic lead.

The traffic leash is high-quality with a modern design and padded, comfortable handle. It comes in an 18″ length or 30″ length. I have the 18″ length and it works well for my 55-pound weimaraner and my 70-pound Lab mix. I would recommend the longer length for shorter/smaller dogs.

The leash is heavy duty with a carabiner clip, and I have no doubts at all that it can hold up to my crazy, 55-pound weimaraner who PULLS HARD.

My dog Remy with the Mighty Paw traffic lead

People use traffic leads for different reasons such as for keeping their dogs close in congested areas (like the vet).

For me personally, the main benefit of a shorter leash like this is for gaining quick control when I don’t want to drag around a full leash (think agility practice or hunting).

I also like the idea of letting my young dog drag it around when he is “off leash” so I at least have something to grab if needed. Obviously not at a dog park but on more rural hikes.

Mighty Paw traffic lead

What is the cost of the leash?

Use code MP20Mutt for 20% off anything on Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon store. Click here.

The traffic lead is available on Amazon now for $13.99.


What’s unique about the product?

There are a couple of features that make this traffic lead unique. For example, it has reflective stitching, the handle is padded and it has a swivel leash attachment (to prevent tangles).

Pros of the leash:

  • Well made
  • Comfortable, padded handle
  • Stylish colors (gray and green or black and orange)
  • Very sturdy/durable
  • Reflective stitching
  • High-quality carabiner clip
  • Comes in two lengths (18” or 30”)
  • Nice leash to keep in your car just to have a small leash handy at all times
  • Works to loop through the door handle if you need to keep a dog on one side of the car. (I would use this for transporting foster dogs.)

Here is one of our Patreon members modeling her new Mighty Paw leash!

Using the Mighty Paw traffic leash


  • Only two color options (I love the green/gray and the orange/black but others might prefer another option)
  • Not ideal for short or tiny dogs because the leash just won’t be long enough for them

I would recommend this leash for …

I recommend the Mighty Paw traffic leash for those times when you need to keep your dog closer (like at the vet). It’s also a nice leash to just keep on hand in your car, and it gives me some peace of mind when I want to let my young dog be “off leash.” I can let him drag the traffic lead around and quickly grab it if needed.

This leash would be good for walking well-behaved dogs in busy, congested areas. I would also recommend it for quick control during sports like agility. Order the traffic lead HERE.

Here are more of our Patreon members modeling their new Mighty Paw traffic leash:

The Mighty Paw traffic leash

Where to buy this leash!

This traffic lead is available through Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon. Use code MP20Mutt for 20% off.

Click here to order. Cost is $13.99.

Are you interested in this leash?

Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll get them answered for you. Please share this post with anyone who might be interested in a short leash. Thank you!

If you would like to receive a new product from Might Paw each and every month, click here to claim the LAST remaining spot on That Mutt’s $7 reward level on Patreon. (Next month’s product will be Mighty Paw’s leather squeaky toy!)

We’d love to see pictures of your dogs with their new Mighty Paw gear! Post to Instagram and tag @MightyPawDogs or hashtag #MightyPaw

Mighty Paw traffic leash review

Kooloop Dog Collar Review and Giveaway

Kooloop Dog Collar Review and Giveaway

Kooloop is a unique, high-quality dog collar that adjusts as your puppy grows so you don’t have to buy several new collars over a short period.

Not only that, but it’s a collar that’s built to last even once your dog is full grown. The collar adjusts when you slide it in 1 mm increments, so you always have a perfect fit. It’s designed as a walking collar, allowing you to get a proper, snug fit so your dog will never slip out of the collar.

Plus, the collar’s “double cam” lock has been tested up to 220 pounds.

This post is sponsored by Kooloop.

The company is giving away a FREE collar to TWO readers of That Mutt.

Leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. Drawing will take place Saturday April 8. Click here. 

Kooloop dog collar review

My thoughts on the Kooloop collar

I really like this collar!

It’s high-quality and made with bright, modern colors. I trust that the double cam lock will hold up to my strong weimaraner, and because it’s so adjustable (1 mm increments) it’s easy to get a perfect fit.

Kooloop dog collar review

This collar is designed to grow and adapt with your puppy so you don’t have to buy multiple collars. I can definitely see the benefit in that.

My weimaraner is 13 months old, and he still hasn’t grown into the most recent buckle collar I ordered him from another company! Oops! I assumed he would end up at least as big as my Lab mix Ace but turns out Remy is going to be smaller than I thought.

With the Kooloop collar, you can easily adjust to get the perfect fit even if you’re not quite sure on your dog’s size or when he’ll stop growing.

The collar comes in orange, red or blue and in two sizes:

Medium to large: 14″ to 24” padded

Medium to XL: 12″ to 26” non-padded.

Note that the largest collar is also the collar that adjusts the smallest. Read more about the two sizes here.

We received the collar for medium and large dogs, and it adjusts to fit both Ace’s neck size (21”) and Remy’s (17”).

What is the cost of the collar?

Kooloop is an Australian company. The cost of a Kooloop collar is $32.95 (USD), plus shipping (around $5).

The collar comes in two sizes (up to 24” and up to 26”).


You can also enter our giveaway. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to let us know your dog wants in!

What’s unique about Kooloop’s collar?

The unique thing about Kooloop’s collar is how it adapts as your puppy grows. It will fit most medium, large and XL puppies and dogs. Find your best collar HERE.

The collar’s double cam safety lock locks both ways with strength up to 220 pounds so it will actually hold up to those crazy adolescent dogs who pull (Remy!). Yet, it also has a quick release which allows you to adjust or release the collar with one push.

My dog Remy with the Kooloop dog collar

Pros of the Kooloop collar:

  • I trust it will hold up to strong pullers (although you may want to use your typical training collar for walks)
  • No need to buy multiple collars as your puppy grows (save money)
  • Bright, modern colors and design
  • Made with UV resistant material
  • Adjustable in 1mm increments for a perfect fit
  • Heavy duty and high quality, but not heavy
  • One collar adapts to fit most medium to XL dogs
  • Comes in two size options
  • Every collar comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Best for medium, large and XL dogs but might be too big for smaller breeds. (It adjusts down to about 12”)

I would recommend this collar for …

I would recommend the Kooloop collar for anyone with a medium or large-breed puppy. It really is worth it to have a collar that adjusts as they grow, and this is a nice-looking collar. ORDER HERE.

If you like the modern, sporty look of this collar as I do, I also recommend a Kooloop collar for any medium or large breed. Remy is unlikely to grow much more (he’s 13 months) but I think this collar looks really nice on him. It’s durable but also lightweight.

Leave a comment below to enter our giveaway! (2 winners)

Giveaway – Win a Kooloop collar for your dog!

Kooloop is giving away a FREE collar to two readers of That Mutt.

Just leave a comment below to enter.

Let me know why your dog is interested in this collar.

Must have a U.S. mailing address or Australian mailing address to win. (Yay! Our Australian friends are included this time!) I’ll choose the winners at random on Saturday April 8 and the winners will be notified by email.

Everyone signed up for the $7 reward or higher on That Mutt’s Patreon page receives automatic entries into ALL giveaways. There are still 2 spots remaining. Click here.

Kooloop dog collar review

Would your dog like to try this collar?

Let us know in the comments!

To learn more, visit Let us know if you have any questions about the product, and we’ll get them answered for you.

If someone you know could benefit from a Kooloop collar, please share this post with them!

Remy wearing his Kooloop dog collar

Are Weimaraners Good With Cats?

Are Weimaraners Good With Cats?

First, let’s consider some general stereotypes about weimaraners.

They’re high energy. They’re rough. They have a high prey drive. They’re hunting dogs, obnoxious and loud.

Now, let’s also consider that many weims do live with cats and they get along fine.

So, are weimaraners good with cats?

It depends on the individual dog, of course. Not breed.

It depends on the cat, too. Is the cat used to dogs? Does he handle himself OK around them?

And as an owner, do you know when to step in and keep everyone safe, what to tolerate and how to safely introduce a dog and a cat?

Bottom line. No, weimaraners are not necessarily known to be “good” with cats (for the reasons above). But, if the dog is raised with cats or perhaps properly introduced later in life in a safe way and given clear rules, it can work out just fine.

Weimaraners and cats

My weimaraner Remy is “good” with my cats.

By that, I mean he is not aggressive with them. We don’t allow him to chase the cats, although he’d love to. But he’s still too hyper and wiggly for their liking. He tries to nose them and paw at them (just like he does to us too). Basically, my weimaraner is rude to everyone – people, dogs and cats. But we don’t allow him to terrorize our cats.

Beamer, our calm & cool, confident tan tabby is very good with Remy. Beamer walks into a room with slow confidence, claiming the area with energy that so clearly says, “You will give me space and respect.” Beamer is 14. He’s been around  a while and let’s just say, He’s seen some shit.

Scout, our more sensitive gray tabby (not pictured) is nervous around Remy. I think he’s getting better but for the most part he stays on the other side of the hallway gate.

Introducing our cat to our weimaraner

All that being said, I trust Remy with my cats. I can leave them in the same room and he might annoy them but nothing that concerns me. I wouldn’t leave them loose together home alone, but Remy is always kenneled when we’re not home anyway.

I’m also careful when there’s food out, but that’s common sense with all animals. I’m careful with food around my Lab mix Ace too.

Remy was raised around our cats from 8 weeks, and I think that’s what made the biggest difference for him. He sees cats outside and he gets excited and wants to chase them, but it’s not the same “drive” I see in him when he spots rabbits or birds.

I wanted to write this post because I saw someone from a Labrador rescue posting on Facebook about how her group had taken in a weimaraner for adoption and the dog couldn’t go to a home with cats. “Weimaraners are cat killers,” she said. “They can’t live with cats.” And then she and others went on about the “cat killer” weims.

Yes, some weims have killed cats. These are hunting dogs with a strong prey drive. You can say the same about a lot of breeds.

Can weimaraners live with cats?

Dogs chase and sometimes kill small animals. Some weims shouldn’t live with cats, and that doesn’t make them bad dogs. There are a lot of dogs that should not live with cats.

Some weimaraners, just like any breed, can live safely with cats. It just depends on the individual dog, how it was raised and how it is introduced to cats.

If you are adopting an adult weimaraner and you are not sure how the dog is with cats, I would be very, VERY careful as this breed does have a very strong prey drive. I personally would not be comfortable adopting an adult weimaraner unless I knew he had lived with a cat in a prior indoor home.

Before we made the decision to purchase a weimaraner, one of my top questions for the breeder was, “Can weimaraners live with cats?” Her answer was very frank and I think accurate:

Cats are generally not an issue when you get a very young pup (8 weeks) because they will be raised with them and generally the cat will lay down the law at that impressionable age, which helps.”

Are weimaraners good with cats?

My weim Remy is good with our cats. He knows they live with us and that we’re all somehow this united group or “family.”

Two dogs, two cats and two people.That’s all he knows, really. His family.

Do we have any weimaraner owners reading? Or other people with breeds known for a high prey drive?

Do you have a cat? How do your pets get along generally?

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