10 Reasons to Adopt MaryLou the Black Lab Mix in San Diego

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MaryLou is a 2-year-old black Lab mix for adoption in the San Diego area with Labs & More Rescue.

We are hanging out with MaryLou for the weekend to give her a break from life in a boarding kennel while she waits for a more permanent foster home or adoptive home. *Update: MaryLou has been adopted!

My husband and I ran in a Halloween 5K Mutt Run with MaryLou yesterday, and she did great!

MaryLou is a nice dog! And I didn’t realize it until I met her, but she is what we call a “low rider.” She’s short with a long body. 🙂

Below are 10 reasons you should convince your friends to adopt MaryLou (and share this post with them).

10 reasons you should adopt MaryLou the Lab mix

1. She is an Ace look-a-like (only shorter!). Everyone wants a dog who looks just like the real That Mutt.

2. She’s friendly with all the people she meets – men, women & kids. She loves people! Here we are in our matching Halloween costumes.

MaryLou Josh and me

3. MaryLou is potty trained and kennel trained. Woo! Hoo! She doesn’t make a sound in her kennel. Good girl!

4. Two years old is a great age because she’s got the basic training down. Yet, she still has a good energy for hiking, playing fetch or visiting the beach.

Marylou Lab mix for adoption San DiegoMarylou Lab mix chasing ball5. She is sweet and affectionate. Loves attention. She gently puts her paw on you to say, “Please pet me.” She’s not obnoxious about it.

6. She is a nice size – maybe 55 pounds. Big, but not HUGE. I can lift her, and she could stand to lose 5 pounds or so.

7. Mixed breed dogs are often (not always) healthier than purebred dogs. I know I’m generalizing, but I’m saying I personally believe mutts are healthier.

Purebred dogs are often (not always) bred for looks over health. Not so with mutts!

8. She plays fetch! Meaning, she is easy to train (trust me, I have a fetching nut named Ace).

She doesn’t want to leave your side if there’s a chance you could throw a ball. She doesn’t want to miss that!

9. If you adopt a rescue dog like MaryLou you open up a spot for Labs & more to save another deserving dog from one of southern California’s shelters that still kill healthy dogs. 🙁

10. Because, she’s so cute and fun!

Josh Me and MaryLou

Want to help MaryLou get adopted?

I know we can’t all adopt yet another dog. But we can share this post to spread the word about a great, deserving young dog.

Learn more about Marylou and how to adopt her here.

Do you have a foster dog? What are some of the things you do to help him or her get adopted?

Meet Our ‘Flash Foster’ Dog Marylou!

[frame src=”http://www.thatmutt.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Marylou-the-Lab-mix-for-adoption.jpg” target=”_self” width=”620″ height=”380″ alt=”Marylou the Lab mix for adoption” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]Tomorrow morning I’ll be picking up our weekend foster dog Marylou!

Labs & More Rescue is good at sending me Ace look-a-likes! If Ace didn’t have gray fur, could you even tell the difference? 🙂

Marylou is a 2-year-old Lab mix for adoption with Labs & More in San Diego. We are hanging out with her for the weekend to give her a break from staying at a boarding kennel where she’s been waiting for a foster home or adoptive home.

She doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.

Marylou will be joining my husband Josh and I for the Labs & More 5K Mutt Run on Saturday.

Help Me Raise Money for Labs & More Here

Marylou the black Lab mix (2)While longterm fostering is not something I’m able to commit to right now, we can surely open our home to a dog in need for just a couple of nights.

Marylou is going to get lots of love, attention and exercise – and yes, training – over the weekend. (And how cute is her name, by the way?)

We’ll be able to report back to the rescue more information about her personality and behavior in a home setting. This is all information potential adopters want to know.

Is she good with dogs? Good with cats? Kennel trained and potty trained? Can she be left alone for 30 minutes without freaking out? How is she on walks?

We will soon find out.

Foster homes are so important for rescue groups and shelters because these volunteers not only save dogs’ lives by providing them a space to live (vs. being killed in a shelter). But, it’s also so important to be able to tell adopters how a dog actually acts in a home. The fewer unknowns, the more likely someone will adopt the dog.

Interested in fostering or adopting Marylou?

The first step for either is to fill out an application on Labs & More’s web site. If you have any questions about her, you can email Lindsay@ThatMutt.com or leave them in the comments below.

Halloween Mutt Run San Diego

Donate to help Labs & More save more dogs

I’m raising money for Marylou and Labs & More Rescue.

Labs & More is hosting a 5K Mutt Run/Walk on Saturday, and I’m hoping to raise an extra $150.

Click here to donate any amount

If you prefer to donate using PayPal, I’ve also created a PayPal button.

[wppb progress=”$100/$150″ percent=inside option=”red candystripe”]

Thank you!

For updates on how it’s going with Marylou, make sure to follow Ace and I on Facebook or Instagram. Of course, I’ll be sharing more about her on the blog as well.

Wish me luck! (Even a weekend foster dog is stressful for us.)


*Pics of Marylou are from LabsAndMore.org. Read more about Marylou here.

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Help a Shelter Dog – Foster for Just One Weekend

[frame src=”http://www.thatmutt.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Lance-the-shepherd-mix.jpg” target=”_self” width=”600″ height=”367″ alt=”San Diego 5K Mutt Run” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

I’m raising money for Labs & More Rescue of San Diego

Please share this post with friends and family or click here to make a donation.

Chia the shepherd mix for adoptionI always want to adopt more dogs; I always want to foster.

But I can’t always do these things.

Sometimes I feel frustrated I can’t do more to help dogs.

So here’s one thing many of us CAN do:

We can take a shelter dog home as a short-term foster for just 1 night or just 1 weekend.

That’s what I’m going to do this weekend, and I’m so excited!

My fostering plan for next weekend & how you can help

I volunteer for the rescue group Labs & More based out of San Diego.

This is a group that rescues Labs and other large dogs from kill shelters in southern California.

Since Labs & More does not have an actual facility to house the dogs, it depends on volunteer foster homes. In the past, I fostered Lana & Orie.

There is always a need for more foster homes, so some of the rescue’s dogs are kept at boarding facilities while they wait to be fostered or adopted.

On Friday I’m going to pick up one of the dogs in boarding and give him or her a break for the weekend. I don’t know who I’ll be getting yet. I’ll find out tomorrow (Thursday) and let you know!

Halloween Mutt Run San Diego

We’re Running with our Foster Dog in a 5K!

Labs & More is hosting a 5K Mutt Run/Walk on Saturday to raise money to keep on rescuing dogs.

My husband Josh and I are signed up to run in the 5K with our weekend foster dog. (Our little trio will even run in matching Halloween costumes! Are you curious?) Perhaps the dog will get adopted at this event. If not, we’ll take him or her home and then back to boarding on Monday.

I am hoping to raise $150 as a donation to the rescue

I would LOVE if you made a donation. This organization is important to me and it makes a difference for so many dogs in the region.

Donate to Labs & More Here

I also set up a PayPal button for those who prefer to donate through PayPal.

[wppb progress=”$100/$150″ percent=inside option=”red candystripe”]

Are you interested in fostering a dog for a weekend?

Ask your local shelter or rescue if this is an option. If it isn’t, perhaps you can set something up anyway.

Even short-term fostering like this is helpful for many reasons:

  • It gives the dog a break from shelter life.
  • The dog receives love, attention and exercise.
  • You learn more about the dog and report back to the shelter to help the dog get adopted. Is he good with other pets? Is he housebroken? Kennel trained?
  • You can take cute pictures of him for his profile page in a home, yard or park with other pets, kids, etc.
  • It’s fun and rewarding for you!

Plus, if you have pets of your own, it helps them socialize and learn to share their space. My animals are all seniors now and they’ve had more than 100 animals visit us over the years. They’re such good sports!

Have you ever fostered a dog for the long or short term?

What advice would you give to help someone get started with fostering?

Let me know in the comments!

*Please share this post with friends and family*

20 reasons you should buy my LED dog collar and flashlight for $1

[frame src=”http://www.thatmutt.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/collarlight1-compressor.jpg” target=”_self” width=”620″ height=”258″ alt=”Flash sale on ThatMutt.com” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]
This flash sale starts at 8 a.m. Pacific today (Tuesday, Oct 20). Click here.

To keep you and your pup safe, I’m offering two amazing products packaged together. And the kicker is, you’ll be able to buy them both starting at $1.

And what are these mysterious, fun and life-saving devices?

An LED dog collar (retails $19.98) and an LED flashlight (retails $25.97)!

I’m offering a bump sale starting at exactly 8 a.m. Pacific today (Tuesday) on ThatMutt.com. Click here.

As promised, here are 20 reasons you should buy my LED dog collar and LED flashlight

LED dog collar

Silver LED FLASHLIGHT1. Because the price for BOTH starts at just $1 while supplies lasts. And that includes shipping! (Price goes up by $1 every time someone buys.)

2. So you can BEAM distracted drivers in the face when they should’ve yielded to you and your dog.

3. To be SEEN at night and on early mornings walks. Keep yourself and your pup safe.

4. So your white dog (Fluff Ball) is visible even in the tallest of snow drifts.

5. Perfect for dog Halloween costumes!

6. Christmas shopping in October. The flashlight makes a great gift for outdoorsy people (and come on, we know pretty much any man would want this flashlight).

7. Keeps you safe while running.

8. So you can find your INVISIBLE black dog in the yard at 10 p.m. when you want to go to bed.

9. Because, let’s face it, drivers aren’t paying attention to you.

10. To keep your spouse or kids or parents safe when they’re out walking the family dog.

11. The flashlight is waterproof.

12. Because both products have a “flashing” mode and we all love dance parties with our dogs!

13. Also, your cat wants to chase the light.

14. The flashlight is bad-ass and RUGGED.

15. Flashlight fits easily in a purse or pocket and is bright as shit. Puts other “flashlights” to shame. We all know you want a brighter flashlight than your friend.

16. Because you know your dog should have an LED collar but you’ve never gotten around to buying one. This is a GREAT deal.

17. Make those drivers yield to you!

18. Collar comes in three sizes to fit most dogs – medium, large and XL

19. Solid buckle collar holds up to the strongest of pullers.

20. Did I mention, the price starts at just $1!

Head on over to my sale page and get in on the fun!

LED dog collar and LED flashlight

Sale starts at 8 a.m. Pacific today (Tuesday).

Easy Way to Help Rescue Dogs with Lightmark Arts Greeting Cards

[frame src=”http://www.thatmutt.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/You-Are-About-to-be-Loved.jpg” target=”_self” width=”620″ height=”444″ alt=”Lightmark Arts Greeting Cards” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]

40 percent of sales to go to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Oh the adventures

I’ve partnered with Lightmark Arts to help raise money for Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond, Wash. 

40% of sales from Lightmark Arts will go to Motley Zoo when you use code MOTLEY2 at checkout. You will also save 10% off your order. Click here.

I love seeing dogs in cars.

It’s when some dogs are the happiest – tagging along, hoping for adventure.

Photographer Rondi Lightmark has captured this happiness through her greeting card company Lightmark Arts.

Her 5 X 7 cards feature beautiful portraits of dogs in cars around Washington’s Vashon Island.

Click here to browse the cards

She's changing her mind

To make it easy, I chose a couple of cards (throughout this post) I thought many of you would like. If we all ordered just $20 worth of cards, we can make quite the impact for Motley Zoo. Click here.

More about Lightmark Arts and Vashon Island

Eaten your groceriesRondi Lightmark lives on Vashon Island, which is 20 minutes from Seattle by ferry.

She said 99 percent of her photos are taken on the island, and the area has lots of cool, old cars and trucks with dogs in them.

Her cards are about celebrating dogs in cars and that “ubiquitous delight we see on every road and in every parking lot whenever we venture out.”

I love these cards.

They remind me of my life in more rural areas like North Dakota and visiting family in Northern California – places where it’s not such a big deal to bring your dog while you run an errand or to let your best friend ride in the back of a pickup on a quiet, county road.

I can’t wait to move to the country, and these cards make a statement to me about enjoying the simple things in life, about not getting tied up in silly dramas or politics like whether or not you should let your pup stick her nose out the window.

Maybe I need to visit Vashon Island.

[quote_center]these cards make a statement to me about enjoying the simple things in life …[/quote_center]

Give me a lift

The cards are sold all over the United States (and in Canada too) in places like the Phoenix Art Museum, art galleries, coffee shops, hardware stores, veterinary clinics and at the gift shop of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

As Rondi said, the cards are sold “wherever dogs are loved.”

She said many of the dogs featured on the cards are no longer living, so it’s important to her that “their sweet spirits keep on giving all the same.”

Stay forever

Ordering info – Lightmark Arts greeting cards


  • Each card sells for $3.25. Order here. Use coupon code MOTLEY2 to get 10% off AND donate 40% of your sale to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.
  • Cards are 5 X 7.
  • Cards are blank inside and come with a white envelope.
  • Check out the gallery of cat cards here.


More about Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Forty percent of sales will be donated to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue when you purchase a card using coupon code MOTLEY2. You’ll also save 10%!

Quinn the Chihuahua for adoption WashingtonMotley Zoo is a nonprofit, foster-based animal rescue in Washington. It does not have an actual shelter facility, so the animals are housed in temporary foster families while they wait to be adopted into forever homes.

When Rondi asked me which cause I’d like to help for this post, I immediately thought of Motley Zoo.

jme Thomas works as a full time, volunteer executive director of Motley Zoo and she and her team make such a HUGE difference for dogs in the region and beyond. To date, the group has helped more than 1,600 animals find their loving homes.

Pictured is Quinn, a 10-year-old Chihuahua for adoption through Motley Zoo.

Click here to order a card and donate 40% to Motley Zoo.

Which one of the cards from Lightmark Arts caught your eye?

Let me know in the comments below!

*And if you know someone who might like to order a greeting card, please share or email this post.*

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