30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (boarding kennel)

During day 17 of my 30-day challenge to take my dog to 30 places, Ace and I visited Sheyenne River Kennels in West Fargo.

I don’t know if I will ever leave him at this kennel or any other kennel, but I wanted to see what this place was like since it is close and the rates are not bad (only $17 per day). Ace had never been to a kennel before, so he was a little afraid from all the barking when we took a tour.

The kennel had about 25 dogs in it at the time, but holds more. I walked through like it was no big deal, showing Ace he had no reason to be scared. Maybe if I do ever decide to leave him there, he won’t think it’s such a bad place.

The kennel was nothing special, just a bunch of chain-link cages, not one of those fancy boarding places with couches and TVs for the dogs, which is fine with me.

See my post on 10 things to ask before boarding your dog.

4 thoughts on “30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (boarding kennel)”

  1. There are some really posh kennels here and some that I wouldn’t leave my worst enemy at. We basically take separate vacations now so that the dogs don’t have to be kenneled or have a sitter. Worst case scenario, I’d hire a sitter for mine. There’s a TON of germies in boarding facilities and they get very little attention. My poor dogs would pine away while I was gone.. well they do that now if I go the grocery store.. lol. I just prefer the nontraditional accommodations for my pack.

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  2. Lindsay Stordahl

    There’s only a few people I would leave my dog with. I just don’t trust most people to handle him. If those few people were unavailable, I’d feel more comfortable leaving him at a kennel than with someone else, as long as I looked at the place first and asked all my questions. I do take a lot of trips where my dog can tag along, though sometimes it’s nice to get away with my boyfriend and have a break from the animals!

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