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My name is Lindsay Stordahl, and I’m the blogger behind That Mutt, along with our contributors Julia Thomson and Barbara Rivers.

Our goal with That Mutt is to help people understand their dogs better. If we can help create better relationships between people and their dogs, more dogs will get to stay in their original homes and out of shelters.

This is the right blog for you if you are open to different training methods and always willing to learn from others. We’re all trying to improve our lives with dogs in our own ways and at the right pace. Topics here are often about dog training, dog behavior, dog exercise, raw dog food and interesting dog products.

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Email: Lindsay@ThatMutt.com

More about Lindsay Stordahl

Ace and me That Mutt
I’m a trained journalist and worked in the newspaper world prior to launching my successful blog and dog running business in 2008.

I live in San Diego and am currently training for my first 50-mile 100-mile ultra marathon. I’m a true Midwesterner at heart. I love snow, camping, hiking and just being outside and having fun. Most of these things involve my dogs.

My mutt Ace was a black Lab mix who helped me start this blog in 2008. He was one of those gentle souls you could trust around everyone. He was my heart dog and passed away in May 2018.

Remy is our 2.5-year-old weimaraner full of energy and always up for running, walks and play! He thinks being a dog is awesome! Everything Remy does is with 110% enthusiasm!

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