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My name is Lindsay Stordahl, and my life is dedicated to dogs. I’m the blogger behind That Mutt.

Email: Lindsay@ThatMutt.com

More about Lindsay Stordahl (and Ace!)

Ace and me That MuttI am a trained journalist and worked in the newspaper world prior to launching my successful blog and dog running business in 2008. I’ve been self-employed ever since.

My dog Ace is a 10-year-old black Lab mix. He is one of those gentle souls you can trust around everyone. He has a lot of talents such as drinking an entire toilet bowl of water. He can also fling his drool six feet high onto our walls. He enjoys retrieving any object and beating me in dog-paddle races.

We also recently added a weimaraner pup to our family. Remy is 10 months old and full of crazy energy. He is sweet but also very determined and ready to work. He is going to my my running buddy and hopefully he and I will be successful with agility. He’s obviously bred for hunting so we’re doing some training there as well. Lots of big goals for the little guy!

More about ThatMutt.com

In the “dog world” there is no shortage of dog lovers telling other people what to do, as though their way of raising, obtaining and training a dog is the only way.

That Mutt is a site for dog lovers who live in the real world!

This is the right blog for you if you are open to different training methods and always willing to LEARN from others. It’s the right blog for you if you respect both rescue groups and breeders and if you are interested in buying natural products but probably don’t freak out over feeding less-expensive dog treats every now and then. 🙂

My goal with That Mutt has always been to create a welcoming place where down-to-earth dog owners can learn from one another. We’re all trying to improve our lives with dogs in our own ways and at the right pace. Read my best articles here.

A bit more about me

I’m a dog walker, writer, dog rescue volunteer and runner. I live in San Diego with my husband, my mutt, my puppy and two cats. I’m from Minnesota and am a true Midwesterner at heart. I love snow, camping, hiking and just being outside and having fun. Most of these things involve my dogs.

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Email: Lindsay@ThatMutt.com

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