Lindsay Stordahl and ThatMutt.com

Our goal at That Mutt is to improve relationships between people and their dogs.

We believe in supporting people and dogs through training, exercise and a healthy diet. Dogs that are well trained and exercised live more fulfilling lives and are less likely to end up re-homed or in shelters. We believe in helping people and dogs without judgement using down-to-earth training ideas.

Topics covered here include:

dog training & behavior
dog exercise & adventure
feeding a healthy raw diet

This is the right blog for you if you are open to different dog training methods and you are willing to learn from others. We’re all trying to improve our lives with dogs in our own ways, at the right pace.

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Lindsay Stordahl and her mutt Ace started That Mutt in 2008. Ace was a gentle black Lab mix who loved to play fetch! Now Lindsay has a 4-year-old Weimaraner named Remy who is always up for running, hiking and play! Everything Remy does is with 110% enthusiasm!

Contact: Lindsay@ThatMutt.com

Julia Preston started writing for That Mutt in 2015. She writes about dog behavior and training, working dogs and life on her 129-acre farm in Ontario, Canada. She had a sweet, laid-back boxer mix named Baxter.

Family photo

Barbara Rivers writes about raw dog food, dog training and life with her dog, Wally West. She owns her own dog walking and pet sitting business in North Carolina. Wally is an active Feist mix.