I certainly do not have pet insurance for my mutt and cat. But I’m not totally against it, either. I have young and healthy pets, and so far I’ve been able to afford all of their vet bills with no problems. I would also be willing to spend a few thousand dollars out of pocket if one of them ever needed it. Maybe when I have more income and more pets it will make sense to buy pet insurance. For now, I’m managing without it.

The vet expenses add up, of course. Right now, I am paying at least $500 per year at the vet between my dog and cat for mostly routine vaccinations, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, occasional ear infections, etc. Pet insurance companies such as PetFirst Healthcare offer basic premiums starting at around $30 per month. Is it worth it?

I never rule out anything when it comes to my pets. A year ago, I never though I would be buying natural dog food. Tomorrow I’m planning on buying natural food for Ace for the first time. I’m not interested in pet insurance now, but maybe I will be down the road.

What do you think? Is pet insurance necessary? Do you have pet insurance? Are you considering pet insurance for your pets?

Golden retriever dog and springer spaniel dog sitting on a bench in a back yard

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