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That Mutt is your place for cute dog photos and videos, dog product reviews and info on dog training and adoption. I promise to update the site often so there is always new content for you to explore.



More about Lindsay Stordahl (and Ace!)

My name is Lindsay and I’m the blogger behind That Mutt. I am a trained journalist and previously worked in the newspaper world before launching in 2008. I have a passion for dogs and it’s important to me to use this blog to help more homeless dogs get adopted.

My dog Ace is an 8-year-old black lab mix. He is one of those gentle souls you can trust around everyone. He has a lot of talents such as drinking an entire toilet bowl of water. He can also fling his drool six feet high onto our walls. He enjoys retrieving any object and beating me in dog-paddle races.

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Readership: That Mutt receives an average of 79,000 page views per month.

Social Media: That Mutt has an engaged audience through Facebook and Twitter with more than 2,000 Facebook fans and more than 3,000 Twitter followers.

Product reviews: Through my product reviews you can get your brand in front of a targeted, engaged audience. Check out some of my past reviews here: Go-Go Dog PalsPetnostics and PoochPax.

Advertisements: Options include text links or banners and will include no-follow links.

Consulting for dog walkers/pet sitters: I have helped hundreds of other dog lovers plan their own dog walking, running or pet sitting businesses through my ebooks and consulting services. I would love to help you start a dog walking business as well.

Need content for your blog? I would love to write content for your blog or other web site. You can expect my content to be well researched and easy to read. See some examples of my work at the dogIDs blog.

Media: Check out Lindsay and That Mutt in: Women’s Running Magazine / The Village Family Magazine / The Dog Daily / Exceptional Canine / Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound / Pet Life Radio / Passive Panda / Dawg Business / Hello Wallet / Working With Pets / She Knows / / dogIDs / RABID

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  1. Nancy on January 19, 2011

    I love your about page. Good luck with the writing! (and the dogs!)

  2. Lindsay Stordahl Author on January 19, 2011


  3. Sharon Wollenberg on June 27, 2011

    As I try to start my own blog I am amazed how interesting yours is. You certainly have a knack. Hopefully mine will be up soon. Any tips would be much appreciated. I just need to take the next step. I love all your pictures and always a good read. This truly is your passion.

    I hope you are having a great summer with your pooches.


  4. Lindsay Stordahl Author on June 27, 2011

    Thanks, Sharon!