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Buy a kennel

One of the best things you can do to prevent your dog’s behavior problems is buy a kennel. Although I wish my mutt never had to go in his kennel, he still spends a fair amount of time there. This was most important when I first adopted him and did not know his personality or what kind of damage he was capable of. While Ace is in his kennel, I know he is safe. I do not spend any time worrying about him getting into trouble or harming himself.

Of course, kennel use can be abused. No dog should have to spend an entire day in a kennel. That is just plain cruel. Expecting a dog to stay caged for 8 or more hours is unfair. If your dog stays in a kennel while you are at work, let him out during your lunch break, or have someone else let him out. You wouldn’t go all day without going to the bathroom, would you?

If your dog spends the day in the kennel, try to let him sleep elsewhere at night.

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