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PAW5 Rock ’N Bowl Review and Giveaway

What is the PAW5 Rock ’N Bowl?

The PAW5 Rock ’N Bowl for dogs is part puzzle and part bowl. It’s designed to make your dog’s meals more challenging and more enriching than a standard bowl (or at least slow them down a bit).

PAW5 Rock ’N Bowl review

My thoughts on the Rock ’N Bowl:

I was excited to try this bowl for my 9-month old weimaraner Remy. Anything to challenge him even slightly is a plus!

Turns out the bowl is not much of a puzzle for Remy because the food falls through so easily. What it ends up doing, though, is slowing him down while he eats. The bowl requires him to bump it and push it around a bit as though “foraging.”

PAW5 Rock 'N Bowl Review

“Dogs are wired to forage and hunt for food,” according to PAW5. The bowl helps turn a “30-second, mindless chow down into an engaging, thought-provoking, playtime puzzle.”

What is the cost of a Rock ’N Bowl?

The cost of the Rock ’N Bowl is $29.95.

Rock 'N Bowl from PAW5

What’s unique about the product?

The bowl is made in the USA with recyclable plastic free of BPA and phthalates, according to the company.

It holds up to 4 cups of food and breaks down into 3 dishwasher-safe parts.

The Rock ’N Bowl is very durable and can handle a lot of pawing, scratching and pushing from my large dogs (Lab mix and weimaraner). Some dogs would be able to chew it, but it’s not designed to be a chew toy.

Pros of the Rock ’N Bowl:

  • Makes your dog think for his food
  • Works for dogs of all sizes – tiny dogs on up to giant breeds
  • Soft coating on bottom so it won’t scratch hardwood floors
  • Works well for dogs that “give up” easily on harder puzzles or dogs who need to build confidence
  • Perfect for puppies!
  • Made with safe materials (BPA and phthalate-free plastic)
  • Easy to clean and can also go in the dishwasher! (top shelf)
  • Good way to slow down a dog who “inhales” food
  • Works well for food-motivated cats who need a “job” (Beamer!)
PAW5 Rock 'N Bowl review


  • Too easy for most dogs to be considered a real challenge or puzzle
  • There weren’t any instructions for taking the bowl apart. I didn’t know if I should twist the top off or force it out. Turns out you force it.
  • Not designed for treats – it’s more for meals of dry dog food.
Rock 'N Bowl from PAW5

Would I buy the Rock ’N Bowl?

No. It’s just too easy for my dogs so it’s not really worth it. I actually like it best for my food-obsessed cat Beamer.

Would I recommend the Rock ’N Bowl to others?

Yes, I would recommend this as a “slow feeder” for a dog who tends to “inhale” his food. I would also recommend it as a nice challenge for a puppy or for dogs who tend to get bored or give up too easily with harder puzzles. I also recommend it if your indoor cat needs a job.

Rock 'N Bowl from PAW5

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Would your dog or cat like a Rock ’N Bowl?

Which of your pets could us this? Let me know!

Birdie Schantz

Friday 18th of November 2016

My puppy Hazel inhales her food, so I think it would be helpful for her, and my cat Earl would sure have fun with it also!


Friday 18th of November 2016

I think my dog could use this bowl. She always wants to eat her food fast. She needs something that is interesting and challenging. She gets bored easy. She is very smart and needs some new challenges this bowl would be great for her.

Sandy Weinstein

Friday 18th of November 2016

i have one of these and my little gals love them. great to put treats in when i leave the house to keep them busy. however, i wish they came in different sizes, one for small dogs. i have 3 gals and so another one would be nice.

Stacey Raymond

Friday 18th of November 2016

what a great idea, my pups eat way to fast.

Cathy Andes

Thursday 17th of November 2016

Our Lab Mix Myla can benefit from this bowl. She inhale her meal in 3 seconds & we dont want to overfeed her too. This may benefit her. Thank you!