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Get Started Feeding Raw Dog Food Today – DIY Raw Dog Food Recipes

Get the information you need to start feeding your dog a raw diet today

My name is Lindsay Stordahl, and I started feeding my Lab mix Ace a raw diet in 2011 after reading as much as I could about raw feeding, researching BARF recipes and interviewing veterinarians.

The reason a raw diet makes sense for dogs is because dogs are designed for eating real meat! They’re meat eaters! A diet of raw meat and raw bones is the most natural, healthy way to go for most dogs.

I’ve learned there are two common barriers people face when thinking about switching their dogs to a raw diet:

• Cost
• Confusion about what to feed

I completely understand, because I’ve been there! That’s why I wrote a guide on how to feed homemade raw dog food and how you can save money by buying the ingredients and making the food yourself. The guide goes over the BARF method and the whole prey method.

EBOOK: How to Feed Raw Dog Food + 10 Recipes


Many dog owners are worried about what to feed and whether the food will be balanced. We all have TONS of questions when we’re just starting out!

So, I wrote a raw feeding guide to help as many dog owners (and their dogs) as possible.

My guide on how to feed your dog raw dog food includes:

• The basics on what raw feeding is all about
• The BARF raw diet & recipes vs. Whole Prey
• Ingredients you should and shouldn’t feed your dog
• How much it costs to feed a homemade raw dog food diet
• Whether or not to feed your dog raw fruits and veggies (BARF raw diet)
• How you can save money on homemade raw dog food
• Why vets are often against raw feeding and how to get them on your side
• What types of raw bones are safe for dogs

My guide also includes 10 raw dog food recipes

• These are written for large, medium and small dogs
• Include ingredients you can buy at a typical grocery store
• Are as simple as possible so you can easily modify
• Photos included

*When you buy my ebook you also get FREE access to my private online raw dog food community.



“I have been feeding raw for about 2 months now. LOVE IT! My dog is ten and we have vetted this poor dog for many years because of allergies, ear infections, skin problems. Spent hundreds of dollars on steroids, special soaps for baths, ear medicine, antibiotics with not the best of results. WELL, since she’s been on a raw diet (she gets no carbs or sugars), her skin has improved 100 percent, her breath smells better, she doesn’t scratch and she can’t wait for mealtime! I can’t stress enough what a difference the raw diet has made to her life! I’m really disappointed that no vet has ever suggested this to us. Anyway YEAH for this method of feeding. Thank you for your information.”

“Thank you for your raw food diet recipes, I have started putting the ingredients together. I am following your recipes and adding raw meat as well as veggies plus fruit in small doses, all my dogs are healthy. Thanks for your site, there is a lot of information to follow here.”