10 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

An introduction to raw feeding from ThatMutt.com – $9

10 easy homemade raw dog food recipes BARF diet

I feed my mutt Ace a homemade raw food diet, and I would love to help you do the same! My ebook contains a raw feeding guide as well as 10 easy-to-follow recipes.

The cost of my raw dog food recipe ebook is $9, and the recipes are calculated for small, medium and large dogs.

What does “10 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes” include?

In addition to 10 homemade raw dog food recipes, the ebook contains information on:

– What raw dog food is
– Why you should feed your dog a raw diet
– How to feed your dog a raw diet
– How much it costs to feed a raw dog food diet
– Differentiating between the “BARF” diet and the “whole prey” diet
– How you can save money on homemade raw dog food
– Why vets are often against raw feeding and how to get them on your side
– What types of raw bones are safe for dogs

Pork, green beans, spinach, cottage cheese