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My name is Lindsay Stordahl, and I quit my full-time job in 2008 to start my own dog walking and dog running business. Starting a new business is scary, but it shouldn’t have to be hard. This is your chance to learn from my successes and avoid common mistakes.

Not only I was able to start and run a successful company, but I did it two separate times across the county. Since 2010 through my ebooks, training and consulting I’ve helped thousands of other start or grow their own dog walking/running businesses too.

Making a full-time income, choosing your work hours, taking vacations, staying in shape and even having to turn business away for being too busy can happen in a matter of a few short months.

Let me help you shortcut your way to a successful dog running/walking business. Below are the best ways I know how to help you grow or start your very own business.


EBOOK: How to Start a Dog Walking Business

My ebook on how to start a dog walking or dog running business is a step-by-step guide that will help you learn to quickly build up dog walking customers and determine how many appointments you’ll need to reach your financial goals. It covers how to advertise your business, how to launch your website, how to drive visitors, find customers and more.

Learn how to set your own schedule, what insurance you need, how to handle “problem” dogs and what gear to use. You’ll enjoy time outside with dogs, be your own boss and most importantly make a difference for pets!

COMPLETE DOG WALKING BUSINESS PACKAGE: Dog Walking Business eBook, Forms & Business Budget

If you’re looking for a short cut to getting your business up and running, this is the best package! It comes with a copy of my ebook on how to start a dog walking business + copies of the exact business forms I use for my business.

The forms include: an editable new client questionnaire, an editable liability form and an excel financial model.

The financial model can be used to project your revenue, expenses, number of clients needed and rate calculation to choose what to charge for what services. This pack of editable documents and excel file will save you hours and hours. I’ve used these documents in my own dog walking business over the last 8 years and can assure you were developed carefully over time.

JUST FORMS: Dog Walking Business Forms & Budget

If you already bought my ebook and now you’re ready to create your own business forms, this package includes the same as above but without the ebook.

The forms include: an editable new client questionnaire, an editable liability form and an excel financial model.

The financial model can be used to project your revenue, expenses, number of clients needed and rate calculation to choose what to charge for what services. These are the same forms I’ve used with my business for years. Save yourself the time of creating new forms from scratch and use mine!

“I have for a long time enjoyed Lindsay’s blog That Mutt but was thrilled to discover her ebook on starting a dog walking business. It felt right kismet to discover it when I did because I’m newly starting my own dog walking business. The book was easy to read and I devoured it. The advice Lindsay gives throughout the book is perfect and it’s full of gems of wisdom that a newbie might not think of. I then signed up for Lindsay’s phone consulting to discuss a couple of my biggest challenges in starting my business. I was able to ask every question I had on my mind and Lindsay’s answers were clear and encouraging. She gave me several action points that I couldn’t wait to move on right away, and I’m so glad I did! The call was wonderful because Lindsay is such an amazing person. She not only answered all of my questions based on her vast experience but she gave me continuous encouragement that inspired me to keep going and pushing through the challenges. Buying Lindsay’s book and talking with her were two of the best investments I could have made in starting my business. Thank you Lindsay!”

Mahogany Gamble

The Balanced K9

“Lindsay’s book is the best resource out there for anyone aspiring to become a professional dog runner, dog walker, and/or pet sitter. Lindsay’s story is extremely inspiring to anybody stuck in a cubicle farm who dreams of turning their hobby into a functioning business that can pay the bills (and then some!) Her expertise is on full display as she explains the best marketing strategies, customer satisfaction techniques, and big-picture information that you’ll need to get your own dog walking/running or pet sitting business off the ground. Highly, highly recommended.”

Derek A

Derek's Dog Days

“Lindsay’s dog walking starter kit was easily the most affirming and inspiring part of quitting my job to start a dog walking business. Not only does she prove it’s feasible, she also makes you excited to get started now! Lindsay covers all the bases you’ll need to know. And, if you think of something she didn’t cover, the hour-long phone conversation that’s included will get your questions answered. I’ve gone back to her e-book for random questions that have arisen, which I know she covered. Even just for moments of reassurance, her dog walking starter kit is invaluable. I started my dog walking business, officially, in March, 2012. Now, in July, 2012, I have two full time clients two days a week (I work Mondays and Fridays), and I feel like my business is truly going to succeed, with more business in the works. This dream would never have been possible without Lindsay’s knowledge and guidance. If this is really what you want to do, it’s more than worth the investment. I would recommend her starter kit to anyone interested in started a dog walking business in a heartbeat. Good luck!”

Sarah Ladwig

Paws & Go (Marin County)