30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (walk downtown)

My mutt and I walked downtown for day 29 of our challenge. Ace has been downtown before, but not for a walk. I like parading him around where there are lots of people. He was a good boy, wearing his choke collar and looking up for treats every now and then. Treats have been making a big difference in his heeling. I’ve also been letting him carry a ball in his month sometimes. This makes him more focused, like his has a job to do. It’s the same effect as when he wears a doggie backpack, only it doesn’t leave him as tired.

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3 thoughts on “30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (walk downtown)”

  1. Interesting. My boy Twist isn’t that committed to holding his dumbell, so having him walk while he is holding makes him think more about holding it tight. I guess it works both ways depending on the focus problem. LOL

    Marie’s last blog post..Penny’s tricks

  2. When Zeus wears his pack for therapy visits its like getting ready for work. As soon as that goes on he knows its business time and has a job to do.

    The gentle leaders are having the same effect on Brutus and Rufus. They know to behave as soon as I pull them out of the closet. Amazing how dogs can make that connection.

    Lora’s last blog post..Bark Park Saturday #3

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