Personalized dog running leash

Look what the Sew Crazy Dog Lady made me! I really didn't think it would be so hard to find someone to make custom leashes with a web site and logo. I had someone in my town embroider a few collars, but the cost was too unreasonable to order many more. Others just couldn't or wouldn't make custom dog collars.

The Sew Crazy Dog Lady makes beautiful collars in all kinds of styles and patterns, so I figured she would be up to the challenge. She made me this leash, and I'm going to have her make a few more.

My leash is pretty simple, so I included some other examples of her work below in case you are interested in ordering a leash or collar. The photos are from her web site. You might recognize the dogs!

One of the things I really like about the Sew Crazy Dog Lady is she originally started making collars for her bullmastiff because she had trouble finding stylish collars that fit him. So many cute collars only come in small sizes. But people with big dogs like to dress up their pets, too!

If you want unique collars or leashes (in any size) for a reasonable price, I really recommend the Sew Crazy Dog Lady. She has endless patterns to choose from, and she is willing to work with you if you have an original idea.


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