Mutt Calendar Contest winners

Mutt Calendar contest winners!

The following are the 12 winning photos from That Mutt’s calendar contest. I listed the dogs’ names and potential breed mixes next to their photos, but keep in mind most of the owners don’t know their dogs’ actual breeds. Like many of us, they just have to guess.

I’ve also listed the top two runner-ups. If I need an additional photo or a replacement photo, the runner-ups will be chosen and of course notified.

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in the contest. Each of the 12 winners will receive five free calendars, which will be shipped on or before Dec. 1, 2013. Additional calendars are available for pre-order. Ordering information here.

Here are our winners!

I listed a potential month next to each dog, but this is not final.

January – Pierson the Aussie/border collie mix

Mutt calendar 2014

February – Tennessee the mutt (any guesses?)

2014 mutt calendar

March – Fie the great Pyrenees/Anatolian shepherd mix

2014 mutt calendar

April  – Penelope the pitbull/Lab mix

2014 mutt calendar

May – Ruby the pitbull mix

2014 mutt calendar

June – Ella the boxer/pitbull/ridgeback/Lab mix

2014 mutt calendar

July – Oscar the pitbull/Lab mix

2014 mutt calendar

August – Bear the rat terrier mix

2014 mutt calendar

September – Ace the Lab mix

mutt calendar

October – Linus the Sheltie mix

2014 mutt calendar

November – Petey the beagle/collie/corgi mix

2014 mutt calendar

December – Maverick the Lab/pointer mix

mutt calendar contest

And the runner ups!

Brick the boxer mix

mutt calendar


6 thoughts on “Mutt Calendar Contest winners”

  1. Yay Pierson! I’m so happy for my cute fluffy boy. 🙂 Tennessee looks like a Spaniel of some kind. Ace, you’ve got to be in the calendar! Perhaps an extra month? Or in a box on the day grid part of the calendar?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think she looks like a springer spaniel, but who knows! 🙂 Maybe I will put Ace on the cover. We’ll see!

  2. Congrats to all the winners and the runners up too! Nice variety of great looking mutts!

    I can’t wait to see the calendar – it’s going to be great. Thanks for recognizing that mutts deserve their own calendar too!

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