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My dog doesn’t get enough omega-3s from his diet, which is why I recently began supplementing his food. I’d never really considered doing the same for my two cats until I found out about Groovy Gravy.

What the heck is Groovy Gravy?

Groovy Gravy has found a way to incorporate highly absorbable, human food grade omega-3s into a gravy that can be poured over a dog or cat’s food, according to the company. Groovy Gravy uses nano-technology that allows the omega-3s to be absorbed at higher rates compared to other delivery systems on the market.

The gravy can also be poured into a pet’s water or poured onto a plate on its own as a treat. I poured it over my pets’ dry food, and I also served it to them on a plate. They loved it!

What are omega-3s?

Omega-3 fatty acids are “good fats” that are essential for optimal health in humans as well as dogs and cats, according to Groovy Gravy. Pet food generally has an insufficient amount of omega-3s for a pet’s daily needs and therefore many dogs and cats are deficient in omega-3s.

Meka loves Groovy Gravy

According to the company, some of the health benefits of omega-3s for dogs and cats include:

  • healthier skin and coat
  • good cardiovascular function
  • a stronger immune system

If you’d like more information on how omega-3s benefit dogs and cats, Groovy Gravy links to several studies here.

I’ve noticed that my own dog’s skin appears healthier and less itchy if I regularly give him omega-3 supplements.

More about Groovy Gravy for your pet

Each packet of Groovy Gravy contains 25 mg of omega-3 EPA/DHA. There are 30 packets per box, and each box retails for $19.99.

Groovy Gravy for cats

Groovy Gravy comes in three flavors for cats and three flavors for dogs. Each packet contains just 5 calories, except for the beef flavor for dogs. That one has 10.

A percentage of Groovy Gravy profits is donated to the Onyx & Breezy foundation, which provides financial support to credible organizations that benefit the welfare of animals.

What I like about Groovy Gravy

  • I know my pets do not get enough omega-3s from their regular diets, so Groovy Gravy is a convenient way to change that. If you have a dog or cat that won’t take pill-form supplements, this is the perfect option.
  • Groovy Gravy can be used as a food enhancer to help encourage a picky eater or underweight pet to eat.
  • The gravy can help encourage diabetic pets to eat on time before their scheduled insulin injections.
  • Groovy Gravy can be mixed in water to encourage a pet to drink more.
  • The multiple favors can be rotated to give pets more taste variety without changing the actual food.
  • The company is very cat friendly.

Groovy Gravy for dogs and cats

What I don’t like about Groovy Gravy

  • I can get fish oil tablets at Costco for less money and give them to my pets. These contain omega-3s.
  • 25 mg of omega-3s is not enough for most pets per day, so you may need to give them several packets.
  • Two of the Groovy Gravy varieties include brown sugar (tuna for cats and beef for dogs). I’d rather not willingly feed my pets extra sugar.

I asked the brand manager of Groovy Gravy why the product contains brown sugar and this was the response:

“A very tiny amount of brown sugar was added to give it the gravy color – other coloring additives were illegal in Canada and we were backed in to brown sugar as it’s a more natural option.”

Want to try Groovy Gravy for your dog or cat?

For your chance to win a 9-pack of Groovy Gravy packets for your dog or cat, leave a comment to let me know why your pet would like to try Groovy Gravy. I’ll choose two winners at random on Saturday. Edit: Congrats to Kate and Lisa! You are the winners.

Groovy Gravy will also be offering some Cyber Monday deals, so make sure to visit for more information.

So, why would your dog or cat like to win some Groovy Gravy packets?

As you can see, my cat Beamer goes nuts over the Groovy Gravy. The Dobie picture (Meka) was sent to me by a Groovy Gravy representative.