I have a special dog for “Guess That Mutt” because not only is Maddie really cute, but she is also available for adoption! Let’s help her find a home!

Maddie is available with Dog Adoption & Welfare Group in Santa Barbara, Calif., also known as DAWG. You can view her profile with the rescue here.

Her foster owner Anna S. sent me these photos and would love to know what kind of mix you think Maddie is.

What kind of dog do you think this is? German shepherd mix?

What kind of dog do you think Maddie is?

The rescue calls her a “German shepherd mix.”

According to Anna, Maddie is about 6 years old, 65 pounds, great with kids and calm in the house. What a good dog! She does tend to be anxious around other dogs, but they are making progress. She is a very sweet girl!

Her adoption fee is $150.

German shepherd mix for adoption in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Take a guess at her breeds, and leave your answer in the comments! 

I’m going to guess German shepherd/pitbull/Lab.

*Send your mutt pics to Lindsay@ThatMutt.com if you’d like to feature your mutt in my next Guess That Mutt post.

And how about the answer to last week’s “mutt”? Well, turns out Allie is an AKC-registered, purebred bloodhound! 🙂

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