High end dog leash from RuffGrip

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RuffGrip combines best features of quality leather & nylon leashes for the ‘last leash you’ll ever own’

Note: This is a sponsored post. Read more to learn how you can win a RuffGrip dog leash.

A company called RuffGrip recently sent me one of its Premium RuffGrip leashes.

The business claims on its marketing materials that this is the “last leash you’ll ever own.”

That’s quite a statement.

Now, I’m the type of dog owner who always uses a standard, six-foot leather leash. I never imagined I’d use any other leash because I didn’t realize there was a more practical, more comfortable and higher-quality option.

Well, there is, and it’s called the Premium RuffGrip Dog Leash.

Premium RuffGrip dog leash

More details about the Premium RuffGrip leash

The six-foot Premium RuffGrip Dog Leash sells for $33.95 to $35.95 on its web site, depending on the width you want. That’s a great price for a high-quality leash that will most likely last through several generations of dogs.

RuffGrip logo“We really do want this to be the last dog leash you ever have to buy,” RuffGrip says on its web site. “Unless you get a second or third dog. Then you’ll be back for another!”

The leash is made with water buffalo leather, according to the company. It’s combined with rubber, woven material that won’t slip, because every five inches there are small, leather bands or “stops.” These are meant to give your fingers something to grab when you want to shorten the leash.

I really had no idea what I was missing until I tried this leash out.

I love the way the leash feels in my hands. My 70-pound Lab mix is well trained, but he can be a strong “puller” in certain situations. The RuffGrip leash really does give me more control than a standard leather leash due to the material and the leather “stops.”

I know it’s hard to believe, but this leash truly is the best leash I’ve ever used, and it looks good, too. (It would make a great gift for dog lovers.)

[quote_center]”We really do want this to be the last dog leash you ever have to buy. Unless you get a second or third dog. Then you’ll be back for another!”[/quote_center]

High end dog leash - the RuffGrip dog leashHigh-quality dog leash, the RuffGrip premium dog leashAccording to RuffGrip, the leash:

1. will out perform any leash you’ve ever owned.

2. works well in rain, snow, extreme cold and heat – won’t crack or get tacky.

3. is made from rot-resistant water buffalo leather.

4. is perfect for controlling dogs that pull.

5. is endorsed by professional dog trainer Pat Miller, training editor of the Whole Dog Journal.

Is there anything not so good about this leash?


  • Like all leather leashes, it takes the RuffGrip leash some time to soften up and get flexible. No big deal.
  • The leash also has a slight “leather” odor (Hello! It’s made from leather, after all!). I’m not a fan of that smell, but I know it will fade a bit with time.
  • The price may be a bit high for someone who can’t afford $35+ for a leash. Still, it’s totally worth it if you can swing it, because you really won’t have to buy another leash unless you add another dog to your family! 🙂


Would you like to win a free RuffGrip leash for your dog?

RuffGrip dog leashRuffGrip is giving away a free leash to two lucky readers of That Mutt. The first leash is the six-foot, Premium RuffGrip Dog Leash. It is available for small, medium and large dogs and comes in brown or black.

The second leash  is the RuffGrip Basic Leash. This leash is similar to the premium leash. It just doesn’t have the plush handle, and the “stops” are every 15 inches instead of every five.

To enter the drawing, leave a comment below saying why you’d like to try a RuffGrip leash. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I will choose the two winners at random on Friday July 25. *Congrats to Rachel@MyTwoPitties (premium leash) and SlimDoggy (basic leash)!

If you’d like to purchase a RuffGrip leash, check them out at RuffGrip.com.

So, what’s your favorite type of dog leash?

Ruff Grip leashes

*all images from RuffGrip.com

31 thoughts on “High end dog leash from RuffGrip”

  1. I’d love to try this handsome leash! -(though most especially their traffic leads or a grab tab – I peeked over to their site to check out the options! 🙂 They are simply gorgeous. Grover, my 3yr old Whippet-Pointer muppy would be the envy of the dog park!

  2. Since you ask “why you’d like to try a RuffGrip leash,” I’d love to try a leather leash (any leather leash, no offense to RuffGrip) because everyone just RAVES about them. I figured I’d upgrade when we were due for a new leash but my 6-foot “starter” nylon leash, at 5+ years, has lasted longer than expected. (The small bonus of the current nylon is a red leash/collar just confuses the heck out of people because it’s a androgynous color.)

    Question about leather leashes though…it’s pretty handy to just throw a nylon leash in the washing machine after my girl has gone traipsing through [pick one or more of the following]: mud, sand, dirt, wild brush, water, street runoff; do leather leashes need to be cared for a bit more diligently?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Hi Cathy. Perhaps RuffGrip will want to chime in about your questions, but in my experience with leather leashes in general, they just don’t get dirty the way nylon does. I have had the same standard, leather leash for Ace all his life and I’ve never washed it. Any dirt seems to just fall off, and it doesn’t smell (compared to his nylon collars which smell awful!). I assume this will be the case with the RuffGrip leash as well.

  3. D.O.G. would look so snazzy with one of these leads. I love the idea of the grab stops!!! I hate burning fingers! And all of us love the smell of leather! 🙂

    Normally we have a 6 foot fat nylon lead, but I also have a nice 4 foot leather lead for pet store visits. I can’t stand the flimsy nylon ones cause with a puller they just burn your fingers!

  4. I would love to try one of these leashes. My springer is a ‘puller’. I love my leather leashes and they even have knots in them for that extra grip when I need more control or want to shorten her leash. She’s well trained, too (well, sort of), but still tends to pull when we go for walks. This might work great, or at least help.

    Thanks for the terrific review and giveaway opportunity!

  5. Hi Lindsay! Thanks, I’m glad you found the leash helpful and liked it. Yay!

    To answer some questions on pricing on the RuffGrip® Leashes We did make a Basic model to compete with the price of the nylon leashes so more people could afford them. They run from $22.49-$24.95. They don’t have a leather handle and have 3 stops but they have received good reviews from our customers. And of course if they end up in a lake or pool it won’t matter.

    Water buffalo is India’s equivalent of a cow and since they spend a lot of time, where else but in the water, the leather is a more durable hide being a more oily leather and needs maintenance rarely, if ever. The oil from your hands keeps them pretty supple.

    If you enter the contest and you win and would rather a leather leash I can do that we have water buffalo leashes in 5 and 6 foot lengths, 3/4″ wide. They are the ones the police and military buy.

    If you wanted a traffic lead instead that’s fine too.

    Have a great day everyone! Good luck in the contest!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you so much for clarifying some of that! I love that your company offers so many options for people.

  6. Did everyone just say who the heck is Leslie? I own the RuffGrip® Brand.. Sorry about that I thought the website would post. (Is there such a thing as posting challenged? lol)

  7. That looks nice!

    My reason for wanting to win is that I recently “lost” a leash that I like, and I’m actually looking to get a new one. (Lost = dog day care accidentally sent my leash home with another dog & my dog came back with a different one I don’t like as much. But no idea who has it and not so expensive to be worth making a fuss.)

  8. Those are nice looking leashes, I would not mind winning one. I like the idea of “stops.” We tied knots in a long training leash to accomplish the same thing, but this looks so much nicer and classier.

  9. I go as minimalist as possible with leashes. Ours are black leather, only about 1/4″ thick, 4′ long. They are probably sold for small dogs but I am always annoyed with the amount of leash in my hand and my dogs don’t really pull so they do the trick for us:)

    I like the brown leather with the brass snap though. I’ve been looking for some new leather leashes with brass hardware but dread breaking them in:(

  10. Very nice leash. We always use leather and have several length/width too. For sure RuffGrip is great with the combo material. I think the price is reasonable as we paid almost the same with our all leather leashes. Love to join your giveaway. Golden Woofs

  11. I would love to win one of these to replace the leather leash we had recently, My husband lost it a few months ago (how, I don’t know) so I just bought a nylon leash to replace it in the meantime. I haven’t gotten around to getting another leather leash yet but I would LOVE to have one.

  12. I just wanted to add that we are having a 20% off sale through the month of August so if you don’t win, it’s kind of a little win. 🙂 Just an FY! for everyone….Thanks!

  13. My human is using a “Go Blue” (University of Michigan) leash when we go for a walk. No big deal except we live 15 miles from The Ohio University. How could she possibly do that to me? I am a loyal OSU Buckeye wearing a leash emblazoned with the logo from That School Up North. It’s humiliating as well as pathetic. I don’t care her daughter went to grad school there. I am a Buckeye! I would love to provide my really otherwise very loving and wonderful human a new leash. I will then bury that nasty maize and blue leash in the mulch for the chipmunks to find.
    Zeus, Black Lab

  14. RuffGrip is an absolutely beautiful leather leash…it deserves to be shown on a equally good looking pooch – my Petey fits that bill. The two together makes a handsome coupling – bet people will even stop us to comment and ask where we got such a great leash.

  15. RuffGrip sounds perfect for my dog. She’s only 40 lbs but she pulls harder than my parent’s 70 lb lab! We’ve made big strides with training but when she sees another animal or person she gets excited. Right now, I’m just using a 6 ft PetSmart leash with knots tied in it for grip. This leash sounds perfect!

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