These people love their mutts!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up next weekend, I decided to ask several dog lovers what they love about their mixed-breed dogs.

I asked them to fill in the blank:

“I love my mutt because …”

Their answers are below.

Of course, I hope the rest of you will also share what you love about your mutts (or purebred dogs too!) in the comments.

Sarah Edison and Max the great Pyrenees mix

Sarah and great Pyrenees mix

“I love my mutt because he loves me unconditionally, always greets me at the door and always there for a good cuddle or wrestling session.”

Morgan Shepard (right) & Huckleberry the Rottie mix

Morgan and Huck the Rottie mix

“I love my mutt because he’s got the best happy-go-lucky demeanor. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when he’s around.”

Maxwell Ivey and Penny the greyhound/Dalmatian mix

Maxwell and Penny

“I love Penny because she knows just when to interrupt me so I don’t work too hard. She is a very insistent doggie.”

Andreas & Victoria Johansson and Tucker the yorkie mix

Victoria and Tucker

“I love my mutt because he is tenacious, cuddly and full of unconditional love, all at the same time. He got the best parts of the terrier and the poodle personalities, making him playful and energetic, but also making him seek out cuddles and kisses, and snug laps to fall asleep in.” – Victoria

Janine Popick and Dwight the poodle/terrier mix

Janine and Dwight the poodle mix

“We love our mutt because wherever we are he wants to be touching one of us, and he let us give him a fancy mohawk!”

Toni Sicola and Dexter the pitbull/boxer mix

Toni and Dexter the pitbull mix

“I love my mutt because I can say without exaggeration that she does literally every stereotypically cute thing a dog could do, including putting her head on your shoulder on command. She’s the dog I’ve always wanted — we call her a ‘little big dog’ because she’s only about 53 pounds, but she has a big dog personality and nice, soft short, fur that doesn’t shed much.”

Casey Reiter and Fozzy the hound/shepherd mix

Casey and Fozzy the hound mix

“I love my mutt because he is so sweet! Coming home to see his happy face is always the best part of my day.”

Robin Kelman and Cooper the bulldog/pug mix


“What I love most about my both my mutts is that they love me more than anyone in our household and their unconditional love.” (Robin also has a pug named Logan.)

Randy (pictured) & Nicole Vonderheide and Bonz the pitbull mix


“I love my dog Bonz because despite the terrible abuse he suffered before we adopted him, his trust is unconditional and the depth of his love is unfathomable. He is the meaning of love.” – Nicole

How about the rest of you? What do you love about your dogs?

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12 thoughts on “These people love their mutts!”

  1. I love that each of our dogs has a unique personality – it makes it so easy to communicate with them and understand what they’re trying to say to us. Plus it’s just fun. Daily, J and I share dog stories – they’re endlessly entertaining.

  2. I love my mutt because he’s a good conversation starter, and I’m shy enough to need that! He also makes my marriage better by giving my husband and I something to always talk about and do together. I love how far he’s come, and that he reminds me there’s hope for dogs and people with anxiety every time he lets someone touch him.

  3. hello; i do love penny, but to be more accurate i think i’m more her human than she is my dog. the great ones usually pick you not the other way around. and she can be a scared little puppy when it thunders outside or when people are shooting off fireworks. and this is in spite of her almost 100 pound body. she is mad about cheese and will at least try to learn new tricks for it. just wish she would learn that I’m not the only one who can let her outside. lol thanks for letting us share our four legged family members with you, max

      1. hi lindsay; thanks she is a great dog. she is very loving. and yes sometimes i do wonder if she thinks she runs the household. take care, max ps me and penny are looking for a sweet lady who likes dogs to join us

  4. Oh boy! I get so tired of hearing about Trine, Mom’s first dog. Trine was a mutt and she must have been perfect from the sounds of it. I know Mom still loves her and she has been gone for eleven years.

  5. So sweet!!! I had a dog named Huckleberry once. He was a Beagle mix. I love and have loved all the mutts in my life because the all are so cute, sweet, and have interesting features and personality quirks.

  6. I love my mutt Haley because I think she’s got the best traits from both of her parents (a lab and a boxer). I especially love the expression she gets sometimes when one of her ears is in floppy lab mode and the other one is sticking out in goofy boxer mode. I kind of think of it as a right/left brain type thing.

  7. I love all three of my dogs, my mutt and two possible purebreeds. They make me smile, they make me laugh and they each have such wonderful personalities.

    It’s D.O.G.s house that is over run with little old biddies (Missy and Aeon) and while Missy just does her thing, Aeon tries to boss the big dog around. Oh boy does he get her outside of the house. You want to play, I’ll play with you!!!

    Missy’s been demanding lap time and therefore D.O.G. gets bed time (on our bed) Thankfully even at his biggest he doesn’t take up as much room as Missy (9.5 lbs)!!

    I’m thankful for them everyday. Even when I sneeze and know the house, really, really needs to be vacuumed. 🙂

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