How is Ace Doing? PetVi Probiotics Are Helping My Dog #Giveaway

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My senior mutt Ace has had a rough couple of months healthwise.

The poor guy now has 5 draining skin lesions on different areas of his body.

He’s been wearing a cone collar for 7.5 months, and he’s had so many different types of antibiotics that his digestive system is really out of whack.

Ace was originally diagnosed with a “foreign body” back in November when there was only one draining wound. Now that he has 5 wounds we ruled out “foreign body” and his dermatologist (yep, he has his own dermatologist) says this is likely an autoimmune disease, meaning his own body is attacking healthy cells.

Ace just started a new medication (Atopica) to hopefully stop his body from attacking itself. It’s too soon to tell if it’s working. We could really use your positive thoughts now.

PetVi Nutrition Hip & Joint supplement for dogs

How PetVi has helped my dog Ace

PetVi Digestive Health Supplement for dogsOne thing Ace’s vets tell me is it’s good to keep him on a probiotic supplement during this time because of all the antibiotics he’s been on. That’s where PetVi has been helpful.

PetVi is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats formulated to restore and maintain the pet’s gut health, according to the company. The product includes pre and probiotics and is designed to help boost the pet’s immune system.

A problem with antibiotics is they can also destroy the “good” bacteria in a dog’s gut along with the “bad” bacteria. Giving probiotics to a dog on antibiotics can help restore that good bacteria.

Since my dog has been having an upset tummy due to all the antibiotics, we decided to keep him on a probiotic at the same time. However, you would want to discuss this with your pup’s vet because sometimes it might be best to give the probiotic after the dog is through the antibotics.

PetVi’s probiotic supplement can also help dogs with:

  • Itchy skin
  • Excessive shedding
  • Bad breath

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A couple of my readers’ dogs have also tried PetVi

Thank you to our “taste testers” who have also had a chance to try PetVi’s supplements along with Ace. Read what the dogs’ owners have to say below.

You can also win a prize pack of treats and supplements for your dog. Just leave a comment below and you’re entered! Click here.

Some readers’ feedback:

Daizie and Anya

PetVi Review

“I used Petvi a few years on my dog Daizie and it worked great but had stopped using it. A few months ago she started throwing up and getting upset stomach on a regular basis. I told my wife that I was tired of her feeling so bad and that I was going to buy some of the PetVi and start her back on it. It’s been about two months and she has yet to have a upset stomach or throw up.

“I bought the hip and joint formula because she is getting old, 7 years old, and seems to have helped. Can’t really tell cause she is in great health but if it works for joints like it does for her digestive system then I am sure it will cure any joint issues.

[quote_center]”I can tell you the scratching has subsided a lot, as for the shedding it has gotten a little better.”[/quote_center]

“My kids have a dog, Anya. She is a German shepherd mix. She scratches a lot and sheds like a beast. The PetVi that I won in your contest was for her. I can tell you the scratching has subsided a lot, as for the shedding it has gotten a little better.”  – Stacey


“Zeus most certainly enjoys the extra topping on his kibble. In fact, I get ‘the look’ from him if I don’t add the powder.

Zeus the black Lab reviews PetVi Nutrition

“And his physical response? How do I put this delicately? His system is working better because his poop is no longer soft and mushy. It is well-formed, solid logs. Makes clean up so much easier! The PetVi is the only thing I changed. I assume this means his gut is more properly balanced, something I have been working on for a long time.

“Next step, his itchy skin and resulting obsessive licking which has not improved while using PetVi. Zeus obviously has more than his share of food and allergy issues. He is a work in progress.”  – Linda

Cleo and Baby

Cleo the bull terrier

“I am noticing a big difference in their behavior, but it isn’t showing as such on the outside yet. They love the stuff. If I put their food bowl down without the supplement on it the look at me, then at the bowl. I’m going to need to order some more as they are completely hooked on it.” – Norma (Pictured is her dog Cleo. Baby is not pictured.)

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49 thoughts on “How is Ace Doing? PetVi Probiotics Are Helping My Dog #Giveaway”

  1. Oh, I love probiotics. I’m glad more traditional vets and doctors seem to be recommending them. It seemed like when I was younger no one really talked about them unless they were into holistic health, but the last time I had a bottle-feeder kitten with diarrhea the vet gave me a bottle of it and it worked.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      So glad probiotics helped your kitty. Remy’s breeder suggested we use them for him too, especially whenever he is de-wormed or changes food or is stressed.

  2. Nancy Rickles

    Oh Lindsay…sorry to hear that Ace and you are going through this. Give him extra TLC and attention. Hoping the new meds work and Ace will be pain free soon!!

  3. So sorry to hear Ace isn’t doing well. Katie isn’t doing real well either. It’s so hard with the seniors sometimes. It seems like they just keep getting more and more problems and eventually they just can’t do it anymore. Positive thoughts for Ace from us.

  4. Patti Struchynski

    So sad to hear that Ace’s issue has worsened. Seven months is an incredibly long time to have to wear a cone! Please give him my sympathies and an ear scratch from me. Jake has been dealing with a skin issue for the past year. Yesterday we finally resorted to having a skin biopsy done. He is on antibiotics now and I plan on starting him on probiotics after we are done with the meds.

  5. allison hoffman

    I think all pets can benefit from extra supplements! I give my dogs fish oil and coconut oil and I give my cat Lysine every once in a while. I work at an animal shelter and all of our cats get Lysine on their food once a day. Supplements give extra nutrients that they could be missing from just feeding them kibble. I would love to win this prize pack for my dog Talou and I would also share some with my friend- one of her dogs has bad allergies and gets super itchy so she would really benefit from these supplements!

  6. I have two dogs and both of them would benefit – my older girl could get some relief for her sensitive stomach, and my younger guy for his itchy skin. I’d use the hip + joint formula for both of them since they’re getting up there and have some GSD in them.

  7. Sorry to hear about Ace! Poor guy..I’m thinking and praying he is better soon..7 months! *SMH*. Sadie Mae has many allergies and always itching although she is bathed w/oatmeal shampoo and enzymic ear drops. But I do not like that I have to give her benydrl for any real relief from itching and *nibbling” her body and paws, she licked a spot raw last year b4 I saw it! Sending healing energies and prayers to Ace, he has a great momma!

  8. Moose my newest older rescue would benefit. She had bald spots on her back that was itchy and her hair is beginning to recover from poor nutrition in the past.

  9. Long time reader/lurker! My newly adopted dog, Roxy, could certainly benefit from some probiotics! We still haven’t been able to solve her soft mushy poop problem….
    All the best to you and Ace – hope the poor guy gets better soon!

  10. shannon smith

    I would love to try the ones for itchy skin or digestive problems. The product looks awesome and I live hearing the great reviews.

  11. Cathy Witthoeft

    Lindsay – prayers for your buddy Ace and you guys. My dog Wally has begun having hip issues at only 5+ years .
    Thanks for entering us into giveaway!

  12. I am sorry to hear about Ace. I hope he gets well soon!
    We have an older dog battling stomach issues. Scooby’s is 16 so we do not want to try anything invasive. I am going to talk to our vet about this product and see if it could be helpful. I was so inspired by your puppy stories we are bringing home a bundle of joy of our own this weekend. I love your posts, Thanks for sharing.

  13. So sorry to hear Ace is still under the weather, poor guy! Sending belly rubs and ear scratches your way to feel better quick. My pup, Siren, says “woof, woof” which translates to “feel better Ace”.

  14. Sarah D. and Tonya Dog

    Wow! I’m sorry to hear Ace hasn’t been doing so well! I think my cat could probably greatly benefit from this probiotic supplement! She is having trouble with weight loss, and it isn’t known why. We feed her well, she has just lost a lot of eight and is now badly under weight. We are working on trying to make sure she stays hydrated and is eating as healthy as she can. Sending well wishes to you and Afe during this time!

  15. Jude Lunsford

    My Jack Russell Cracker Jack would certainly benefit. She throws up any time she has a treat or any thing other than fresh boiled chicken.

  16. Poor Ace! I hope the new meds help soon.
    As for the probiotics, I think Lambeau would benefit from them. He has- umm, intestinal issues at times and it is not at all pleasant! It would be interesting to see if these helped. I think they might also help our oldest kitty, Jasmine. She’s 13 and just starting to show her age. She has some skin and coat problems, and her appetite isn’t always as good as it should be.

  17. So very sorry for Ace’s troubles. It’s just awful when something like this happens and it seems we can’t help them. At least the probiotics are helping his tummy and hopefully the new meds will start working.

  18. Would love to try this on my 15 yr old australian catttle dog.! I am always looking for something reputable to keep her spry! Best of luck to ur Ace..many prayers to you both!

  19. We’re sending our positive thoughts to Ace. I’m so sorry he is still having a hard time. What a trooper for going through all of this. My 13 year old lab mix, Kepler, would love a chance to try the probiotic. We already freeze homemade kefir into small cubes and use those as treats… every little bit helps.

  20. Robert Keenan

    Sending positive, healing, supportive vibes to Ace. Sorry to hear he’s not been well. Stay hopeful and keep giving Ace lots of love and care. We are all behind you guys!

  21. I’ve never used a probiotic before but have heard wonderful things about them. I will be picking up my puppy this Saturday. I am super excited. I hope Ace feels better soon. I love your articles…thank you for sharing your stories.

  22. Greatly appreciate this valuable information originated by Lindsay and added by readers; health and medical information about the aging dogs has always caught my eyes even my healthy female Rottweiler is still in her young age of close to 5 years old.

    I would assume that the attack of Ace’s immune system to his healthy cells (an autoimmune disease) is a severe diagnosis; it feels like an “insider’s job” causing the damage in the human world. Wish Ace’s difficulty could have some relief and the sorry feeling in those who are concerned could be alleviated.

    Learning the Ace’s new diagnosis (an autoimmune disease), I have in thought coming out in my mind: If I were the veterinarian who diagnosed the “foreign object” issue, conducted the surgery and gave Ace treatments, what would I think and do for Lindsay’s expenses on treating the “foreign object” issue? At this point, I guess there is no sure diagnosis yet. Thanks again for sharing.

  23. I’m so sorry to hear Ace has more skin lesions and I’m really hoping the Atopica and probiotics helps. That’s a long time to be wearing a cone and he’s a real trouper through all this. I’ve been wondering about him and sending good thoughts and prayers his way.

    I tried probiotics for Haley for the first time after her recent knee surgery when she came down with severe colitis. They seemed to help along with the other drugs, but I haven’t ordered any more since then. Count her in on the giveaway!

    Give Ace a hug from me. 🙂

  24. Oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear that Ace isn’t doing well. I am definitely sending both of you positive energy. I hope the PetVi will be helping his digestive system. Sounds like it’s an effective powder from what your readers said.

  25. Brandie in Clearwater

    Our 4 month old yellow lab puppies has been having mushy poo for the last month and a half. Our vet has run lots of tests and can’t figure out what it is. We have him on a prebiotic and it has gotten slightly better but would love to have normal firm poos!!! I am very interested to try these products!!

  26. Recently cody had had an upset tummy for some reason even though we haven’t changed his diet so I would love to see if probiotics help. Also glad to have read that Ace’ s new medication seems to be helping him.

  27. Sandy Weinstein

    i want to apologize to you for not being to get back in touch with you. i have not been on line much. trying to mow, have 11 acres, and lots of storms lately, plus my oldest has been going to the vet, i am going to pt, recovering from surgery from jan, and some other personal things. the girls love this probiatic. i would have liked to try the chews that you did a few weeks ago. i am so sorry to hear about Ace. i know that can be heartbreaking. my oldest has got huge bumps all over her. especially on her head. at first, we checked them for cancer, then she kept getting more, so the vet thought it was some sort of virus, they lessoned but came back when the prescription ended. even the vet school did not know what they were. i know mini schnauzers are prone to the little bumps as they get older but these are not the little bumps. she has a little dementia, on prescription meds for this and supplements, she is deaf, lost some peripheral vision on one side, and has a bad back which she got from the first time she developed vestibular (going in the little tight circles), the next time she was doing the alligator rolls. but as long as she is not in pain, shows she wants to play, gets mad at me, fights back when i try to brush her teeth, or groom her, tells me she is hungry by taking her water bowl out or dragging it across the room, and shows life, she will be on this earth for as long as she wants to live ….she is my baby and has been for almost 15 yrs. i hope that you have better success with Ace in finding a solution to his health problems. i know this can be over whelming with a new puppy as well. wish you the best.

  28. Sandy Weinstein

    my girls would love to try the treats, they love treats and as a mom i love the double duty of giving healthy treats that serve as a treat and a probiotic. all 3 girls can benefit from these treats. the oldest and the baby the best. the middle child has sort of an iron stomach, she got that from her dad. he rarely got sick. i would also be interested in the one for the hips and joints for my oldest. she is the one that uses the Assisi loop, which has really helped her back and walking. my vet told me to use it on my shoulder. thank you.

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