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Dog Dementia – Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

About a year ago, it seemed like something was wrong with Baxter. Our usual low-energy dog became lethargic. We went through lots of tests, tried different medications, consulted several specialists, confronted various symptoms and never received a definitive diagnosis. As I shared in my last post, Baxter died at the end of May. In the …

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What is Skijoring?

Dog owners know that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like. Dogs need to go out and get some exercise. For some dogs and their people, the answer of what to do in the winter is skijoring. Skijoring—“ski driving” in Norwegian—involves a person on skis being pulled …

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How to train your dog for rally obedience

What is Rally Obedience? How to Get Started

Throughout this series on dog sports, there has been one question that I’ve asked all of the handlers and dog owners: “How important is basic obedience in your sport?” When it comes to the sport of rally obedience, there’s no question. Obedience—at an advanced, not basic level—is critical. About rally obedience Rally, or rally obedience, …

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What is Flyball?

Have you ever tried hurdles? Running along a track and leaping over a standing bar every few strides? I remember a few hurdles attempts from high school gym class. I wanted to be graceful and coordinated and fast. Every so often I’d find the rhythm, but mostly it was just all-round awkward. Watching dogs at …

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Roo Yori and Wallace playing disc

What is Disc Dog?

You may be familiar with the story. A pit bull that no one wanted. With dedicated owners finds his calling as a disc dog and becomes a national champion in the sport, as well as an ambassador for his breed. This is the story of Wallace. Today, I’m excited to kick off a new series …

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