What kind of New Year’s resolutions did you set for your dog?

I have to admit, I did not set any. But I did write a list of goals before the new year, and some of them included my mutt. One of these goals is to enter my mutt into an agility competition. Notice I said enter him in a competition, not place in one. Another goal is to give him a bath every month. This is something I just haven’t taken the time to do in the past. He only got a bath if he were noticeably dirty or extra smelly. So now he will get one at the end of each month, and January is almost over so he will probably be getting a bath this weekend.

Think about some goals you could set for yourself and your dog. Maybe it’s a commitment to walk your dog for 30 minutes every day. Maybe it’s to take him to the dog park every Sunday. Or maybe it’s to stop her from barking so much, pulling on the leash or being food aggressive. I am trying to stop my mutt from begging for food. This month, I’ve been setting more boundaries and rules for him. For example, when I am eating or preparing food, I make him stay out of the kitchen. He can stare at me from a distance, but he is not allowed to cross the line where the carpet meets the kitchen floor. If he does, I tell him to get back, and he does. Usually, after a few tries, he gives up and rests on his dog bed instead. Another good strategy is to give him a bone to chew on while I eat dinner.

Whatever your goals are, write them down and then start tomorrow. Better yet, post your ideas to this blog. You and your dog will be happier.

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  1. I wish that I could get my dog to realize that not every single person coming onto the porch is going to break into the house and cause harm to us. LOL But at the same time, it’s part of having a guard dog!

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