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Training a 10-Week-Old Puppy – Our Goals This Week

We are starting our 3rd week with weimaraner puppy Remy already. Can you believe that? He’s getting big, about 18 pounds.

Overall, we keep saying what a good puppy he is, but of course we have a lot to work on and we’re having a few issues too (aren’t we all?).

If you have a new puppy or a new dog, it helps to write out a few goals for each week. Weekly goals are good for puppies because so much can change in just 1 week.

Below are my goals for puppy Remy who turns 11 weeks old on Thursday. In the comments, let me know what you’re working on with your dogs.

2019 update: Remy is 3 years old now and doing well! Still hyper but pretty good overall. Haha.

Goals for my 10-week-old puppy (Third week home)

Training goals for my puppy

Basic obedience training

1. Sit in all sorts of environments, working up to 30 seconds and releasing with “OK!”

2. Adding “stay” but not really moving away yet, maybe just a few inches.

3. Down (as in lie down) in lots of environments but especially at home to make sure he knows it really well. We’ll work to 5 or 10 seconds.

4. Introduce “drop” (as in drop what’s in your mouth) in scenarios I set up and while playing fetch. (This puppy picks up every rock he sees. I’m guessing that’s not normal?)

5. Continue working on waiting for food. We’re up to about 15 seconds!

Puppy socialization

1. Sit outside somewhere like the post office where people come and go and have treats.

2. Visit local park down the street after school when kids will be out. Bring treats!

3. Visit a dog friendly patio/coffee place.

4. Keep up with our daily walks around the neighborhood, try to pick different routes.

5. Handle his feet and give treats. Clip a nail or two each day. He squirms a lot, so I’ll release him when he’s calm.

6. Introduce him to the bath tub for a quick bath

General behavior

1. Make a point to ignore whining for attention when he’s crated in my office. I think I’ll use a clicker and “click” and treat the second he’s quiet.

2. For chewing and getting into things, don’t repeat “no.” If he ignores my first “no” and re-directing isn’t working, just calmly put him in his kennel for 10 minutes.

3. Reward calm behavior around cats and older dog Ace. Re-direct him if he bothers them. Kennel him for a few minutes if not calming down.

4. Continue working on walking all the way to the potty area without being carried! Good boy!

Beamer and Remy

Puppy exercise

1. Continue our routine of 30-min morning walk and longer evening walk. Add a short afternoon walk or training session. He needs more interaction.

What’s going really well with our puppy?

1. Remy is doing really well with potty training, thanks to me for taking him out often! And thanks to the crate for giving me a break.

2. Remy is good at leaving my three senior pets alone. He realizes they are boring and grumpy.

3. This dog can already go for 30-minute walks at least. Thank God. I can’t imagine how energetic he’d be otherwise!

4. He’s very smart and picks up on things quickly.

5. He’s learned to wait for his food and water, up to about 15 seconds until I say “OK!”

6. He is friendly with strange people and dogs and not afraid of much.

7. He sleeps through the night 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and usually we wake him up. He also settles in his kennel throughout the day as long as he’s had some play and interaction. Thank God.

8. For the most part he’ll hang out quietly in my office while I work.

Training a 10 week old puppy - Ace and Remy

Our puppy challenges so far

Our issues are probably pretty normal:

1. He bites us a lot and will continue to do so for awhile I’m sure. He gets really wild in the evenings. Why is that often the case?

2. My older dog Ace is actually being a bit out of line with aggression. He’ll lunge at Remy when it’s inappropriate like if Remy simply walks by.

So I’m mostly managing that for now as I know Ace is not feeling good. Thankfully Remy leaves The Grump alone!

3. Remy seems to get fixated on certain things like picking up rocks or having to touch every single oil spot or other spots on the street.

He also gets obsessed with the cat scratching post and the towels our cats sleep on (not cool). Re-directing him doesn’t always work so he usually ends up in a “timeout” for a few minutes.

4. He pulls on the leash hard already so we’ll have to start using some sort of training collar. I don’t want him to hurt his neck and I want my walks to be enjoyable.

5. Feeding time can get a little “exciting” around here with a food-crazed cat and a hungry-hippo of a puppy.

So that about sums it up. What have I gotten myself into? 🙂

What puppy advice do you have for me? Or, what puppy questions do you have?

Let me know! Please and thank you.

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