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A walk in the park

My boyfriend Josh, my mutt Ace and I just returned from a backpacking trip in western North Dakota. I thought I’d post some photos instead of trying to explain the beautiful scenery. If you ever get a chance, visit Teddy Roosevelt National Park. We didn’t see anyone else in the park!

Black lab mix wearing dog backpack in park


Black lab walking with a backpack on next to man in park


Camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota


Woman sitting with black lab mix wearing hunting vest in a field


Ace the black lab mix wearing a backpack next to his owner while hiking


Black lab mix sitting in a field relaxing


Ace the black lab mix resting while camping

Liza S.

Friday 28th of March 2008

Wow, those photos look absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you guys had fun :D. I wish I could convince my boyfriend to go camping with me and Keeda in a large secluded park. He won't even let her into his car :(

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Apryl DeLancey

Wednesday 26th of March 2008

I absolutely love the jacket and pack that Ace has! It looks like you had a great time - beautiful pics!

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Bonnie Story

Tuesday 25th of March 2008

I have to compliment Ace's handsome camo duds too. Very, very outdoorsy!!

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Tuesday 25th of March 2008

What a cutie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that camo jacket. I wish hubby would let me get coats for our dogs but they are very furry and he worries they'd get too warm. =)

Gorgeous photos too!

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Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 25th of March 2008

Ace has always been pretty good at sticking close as long as there are not other people and dogs around. A lot of it is just his personality and wanting to stick with the pack. The rest is me making sure I remain a leader at all times and lots of practice with heeling and the recall.