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Weekly question: What dog food is best?

Every week, I am going to ask a dog-related question. Since this blog is intended for a wide community of dog lovers, we should be able to help one another out. Basically, I am looking for a lot of input from dog owners on various topics. I don’t care if you’re an “expert” or not. I want to hear what you think.

So here’s my question: What kind of dog food is best? Dry? Wet? Natural? Does it matter?

I ask this because I have never gotten into feeding my dogs expensive brands of food. I have always fed Ace dry, regular Iams Chunks. Before Ace, I always fed my dog Purina One, with no issues.

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Thursday 11th of September 2008

Hi, Just found this post from your earlier one. Biggie has been on raw since he was 3 months old - he loves it and he does great with it. When he has eaten kibble (e.g. long stay at the kennel when it's impractical to make separate meals for him), he's eatenEagle Pack Holistic or EVO. Both are made with human grade componenets and are very good.

But I am one of those crazy people who swears by raw. Even though it is a little more work, I have noticed a real difference even between the high quality kibble and raw.

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Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 13th of May 2008

Thanks Rozella. I am not willing to feed my dog raw food or to cook him meat every day, even though I admit that is the most natural and possibly the healthiest. My dog will eat dry food, but I'd like to feed him the best dry food.


Tuesday 13th of May 2008

Hi there. Came by to drop my EC. Nice blog you have here :)

Raw is the best food, but if you can't feed yours dogs with that then cooked meat is second best. I read that it's not good to feed dogs with too much canned or dry food because they are mainly carbs and dogs should eat protein.

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Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 13th of May 2008

Thanks Lora, I'll do that.


Tuesday 13th of May 2008

There are several websites that will compare the dog foods. Try checking out the K9 Kitchen.. k9 Amiga posts on my blog and she has amazing food and samples too if you aren't sure about what to get. I am sure she can help you out.

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