Darwin’s Raw Dog Food Review + Giveaway

My dog Remy has been eating a 100% raw diet from Darwin’s Natural Pet Products for a couple of weeks now. He LOVES his new food!

I’m excited to be partnering with Darwin’s because I believe they are truly one of the best raw dog food companies out there.

This post is sponsored by Darwin’s Natural Pet Products.

We have a giveaway going on! Just leave a comment at the end of this post for your chance to win a month’s worth of raw dog food from Darwin’s + several other goodies! Update: The winner has been chosen. Congrats to Janice K.!

If you’d like to go ahead and order some food from Darwin’s, they have an awesome trial offer going on. You can get 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! No code required. Click here.

Darwin’s Raw Dog Food Review

The reason some people choose to feed their dogs a raw diet is because we believe it is a more natural and healthy way for dogs to eat.

What is a raw dog food diet?

Feeding your dog or cat a raw diet means to feed him just that – fresh food consisting of raw muscle meat, raw organ meat, raw bones and sometimes raw fruits and veggies. You know, fresh, real food vs. dry, processed nuggets.

Remy about to enjoy raw dog food from Darwin's

Cooking the food destroys most of the vital enzymes and vitamins in the ingredients, which is why raw is the way to go. Plus, dogs are meat eaters! Their jaws, teeth and digestive systems are obviously designed to eat raw meat and bones.

I believe pets can do OK eating dry dog food or canned food, but a raw diet is the healthiest way to go for almost all dogs.

What I think of the raw dog food from Darwin’s

There are five main reasons why I love feeding Darwin’s to my dog Remy:

1. Convenience. Darwin’s delivers ground, frozen raw dog food to your door every two weeks with an auto-ship plan. The food is delivered in a box with dry ice, and the food is pre-portioned in 8-ounce pouches. Their auto-ship plans are flexible if you ever need to adjust, pause or cancel your plan.

2. Affordable. The raw food from Darwin’s is one of the most affordable pre-made raw dog food brands available. Of course, healthy food is always going to cost more, so Darwin’s offer a few options:

Natural Selections line: This is the company’s premium line made with grass-fed beef, cage-free poultry and organic vegetables. More info here.

ZooLogics line: This is their economical line made with conventionally grown beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and veggies from the same farms that supply our supermarkets. More info here.

Remy loves his Darwin's raw food!
Such focus! Waiting for me to say, “Break!”

3. Top quality ingredients. Darwin’s uses USDA certified human grade ingredients from United Sates and Australia. The food contains no steroids, hormones, chemical preservatives, grain or artificial substitutes.

4. Safe. Darwin’s makes its food fresh and then immediately freezes the food in vacuum-sealed packages.

Plus, my dog Remy is so happy when I serve him his meals! He absolutely loves Darwin’s!

Try 10 pounds of raw food for just $14.95 – click here

Pros of Darwin’s Raw Dog Food

  • Convenient home delivery on auto-ship
  • Pre-portioned in 8-ounce pouches
  • Balanced raw meals
  • Pouches are easy to store in your freezer
  • USDA certified human grade ingredients
  • Premium line available with free-range meat + organic veggies
  • Several protein options available (chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, duck)
  • Raw bones are ground in with the meat
  • Raw duck necks available upon request (non-ground)

You can get 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! No code required. Click here.

Any cons?

Of course, high-quality raw food costs more than dry food

Also, Darwin’s may not be for you if you prefer to feed your dog whole raw bones vs. bones that are ground in with the meat. However, Darwin’s does offer raw duck necks that are great and safe for dogs to crunch on!

What is the cost? Plus a special trial offer!

The economical line called starts at $3.49 per pound. This is much more affordable than most other brands and uses only human grade ingredients.

Their premium “Natural Selections” line starts at $4.39 per pound and uses free-range meats and organic vegetables.

Raw dog food pouches from Darwin's

Special offer: You can get 10 pounds of food for just $14.95! No code required. Click here to learn more.

Darwin’s is a great way to begin feeding your dog a raw diet until you are comfortable making your own meals. It’s also a great way to supplement a homemade raw diet so you don’t have to make every single meal.

Example of the ingredients in Darwin’s raw dog food – chicken

Darwin’s lists out all of the ingredients of each line and flavor of food on its website and of course on the packaging too. Here is an example of the raw chicken diet Remy is eating (all meat is free range and all veggies are organic):

Chicken Meat, Chicken Necks (including bone), Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Livers, Chicken Hearts, Yams, Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Celery, and Parsley, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Sea Salt, Inulin, Cod Liver Oil, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Vitamin E, Manganese Proteinate, Thiamine Mononitrate and Iodine.

Darwin's raw dog food

Other products available:

Darwin’s also provides raw cat food, and it has a prescription line of food for both dogs and cats called “Intelligent Design Veterinary Meals.” The prescription line includes a:

  • Kidney support formula
  • Liver support formula
  • Cancer support formula
  • Joint and musculoskeletal support formula

Read our blog post about the cancer support formula from That Mutt’s writer Barbara here: Darwin’s cancer support formula

*Giveaway! Win a month’s worth of Darwin’s raw food!*

Darwin's raw dog food giveaway

Update: The winner has been chosen and notified. Congrats to Janice K.!

Darwin’s is giving away a month’s worth of raw dog food to one winner in the U.S. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below so I know your dog wants IN on the drawing. Let me know, do you currently feed your dog a raw diet? Or are you interested in doing so?

The winner will receive one month’s worth of fresh, raw food for one pet! Plus, Darwin’s may include some additional surprises such as treats, a tote bag and a key chain!

I’ll choose the winner at random on Tues Nov. 6. I’ll notify the winner by email and announce him or her here on this post. Must have a U.S. mailing address. Darwin’s ships to all 50 states.

Would your pup like to try Darwin’s raw dog food?

Let us know in the comments!

Learn more about Darwin’s here.

Plus, give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.


Darwin's raw dog food


116 thoughts on “Darwin’s Raw Dog Food Review + Giveaway”

  1. My dog has been eating Darwins for a year now. She is a very picky eater and this is the only food she will eat. It does cost more but it is worth it.

    1. Elizabeth Santiago-Torres

      My Pit Jax is a picky eater & my husband has been considering a raw diet. Our other dog Mío (Half Pit, Half Cane Corso) will
      eat anything but I’m sure raw would be awesome for him as well.

  2. I love giving my senior girl and my 2 year old baby raw food! It may be more pricy and takes some effort to shop and prepare, but I consider 2 important factors: I know what ingredients are in their meals and I consider high quality food insurance toward their good health and a long life. So I can love them longer!!

  3. I have been giving Izzy raw chicken and she loves it. I would love to try this brand. Seems little easier than prepping chicken every few days.

  4. Would love to try currently make a mixture of moist and dry food for peaches and spooky my two labs plus will donate some to a rescue I work with

  5. My dogs would love to try Darwin’s raw dog food. They have tried freeze dried raw and I know they wiuld love this food!

  6. I would love to enter in this giveaway! I’m planning on starting my dog on raw soon, so this’ll be a great way to start her off.

  7. My Dogs eat raw, but every company we’ve tried, has changed their formula to cheap veg/carb fillers. I would for my Dog’s to try this! Thank you for the chance.

  8. I used Darwin’s for my dog who had metastatic cancer. I feel it prolonged his life/quality of life. Highly recommend the product.

  9. My dog’s use Stella and Chewy Raw, however I would love to give Darwin’s a try! They love additions to their regular kibble and, like humans, can grow tired of the same food every day!

  10. I have been feeding Darwins raw dog food for over a year. Love the healthy benefits my dog gets from this food. I tell all my friends about it, but they feel it is too expensive. I feel my dog is worth it. It would be nice to win a free month considering I am retired.

  11. Coco would love to try it. She is so picky on what she eats, I have to add people food in her dry dog food to get her to eat. I think she would love this. When I give her raw ribb bones with the meat she really goes nuts over. This might be the answer to her eating problem i would buy this for her if it worked we can eliminated giving her people food

  12. Terri Ingham-Bollin

    My new pup Fred would love to try Darwin’s raw dog food. He is very particular and I am trying to get him to eat healthier.

  13. Thanks for the chance to win. Would love to try this in my rotation with the other raw products I use and simplify the process.

  14. Considering raw for my dog who poops 4-5 day on kibble . Curious to see the benefits for him he already is a high energy guy!!

  15. My dog Gibbs wants in, he just turned 1 on the 19th so it’s very important to feed him the best food possible.

  16. Karen Waguespack

    I have been feeding my 2 yr. old dachshund raw food most if her life and she is very healthy. Also feed raw foid to my rescue foster dogs while they’re with me. Ten pounds of Darwib’s would be great and much appreciated!

  17. allison hoffman

    I dont currently feed raw but have considered it. The main issue with me is the cost. I would love to try this for a month and see if my dog does well on it before switching him over completely.

  18. Shirley Redfield

    I have been considering a raw diet for Tex who is a big Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound. Right now I am cooking chicken breast to use in his training for agility.

  19. I have a Llewelyn Setter, Dodge is 5. I also have a Dachshund mix Spike is 13 take thyroid medication and insulin injections
    twice daily. He’s also blind but loves to go for walks and car rides. They have both been fed Natural Balance wet (softer foods work better for Spike) and dry with some fruits, veggies and cooked meats added. Would love to try a raw diet (atleast with Dodge) and am concerned the switch would have a negative impact on their digestion and elimination. What’s been your experience?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Every dog is different. I prefer to switch a dog to a new food gradually over 2 weeks by mixing the two. I start with just a bit of raw in each meal mixed with dry and slowly increase raw and decrease dry.

      Some will say it’s better to switch over right away from dry to raw or to do one meal dry, followed by one meal raw. They are not wrong. I’ve just had better success with my own dogs doing a gradual switch. Mixing in a temporary probiotic supplement can help too.

  20. I would love to try Darwin’s raw dog food. After losing one of my sweet rescues to the side effects of Apoquel, I joined a holistic group, and have been using a dehydrated raw. While the food is good, I want to transition to a raw diet for my dogs. Now would be a great time to start, as we have another rescue joining our family this weekend!

  21. My dog, Philippides (Phil, for short), & I run about 40-miles per week. Phil has never been fed a raw diet. But considering the amount of exercise he gets, I am definitely interested in trying it.

  22. After confercing with “Lucy the weim” she in fact stated that a raw diet would be of interest. So yes please sign her up.

  23. Yes, Stuart would love to try Darwin’s. I’ve only recently been buying raw from My Pet Carnivore and would love to try a different company.

  24. I don’t feed my dog a raw diet of dog food. I would like to yes. He gets some raw veggies and fruits as part of his treats.

  25. Rhonda Tenderholt

    My Ben and Atticus do not currently eat raw but I’ve thought about it, although with 2 – 70+ pound dogs, I’m not sure I can afford it.

  26. Great Pyrenees can be picky eaters. I doubt I could afford a raw diet, but I do use Honest Kitchen as s topper for kibble.

  27. I don’t currently feed a raw diet but I’m interested in trying it out!
    Thanks for doing a giveaway. Your blog seems great. 🙂

  28. I recently lost one of my pack to congestive heart failure and have been considering on trying Darwin’s when the company I use to buy from stopped delivering where I live.

  29. I’ve been a pet parent for 9 months now. I’m always looking for the best options to keep my boy (a German Sheppit) happy and healthy. He’s very food motivated and a strong, muscular breed. This si something I’d love to try before I buy.

  30. I’ve used Darwin’s in the past but stopped to make my own raw. My dogs loved it and it always came nicely packaged, and easy to feed to them! (I have a collie and vizsla.)

  31. I starting feeding raw this year to my 4 dogs. I am currently trying to find a budget friendly way do this. I would love to try Darwin’s.

  32. My dog has severe allergies and I need to be very careful of what I feed him. It sounds like this diet would be good for him. I’d love to try it.

  33. Tiffany Montgomery

    My dog has been having digestive issues even though I feed a freeze-dried “raw” diet. He’d love to try Darwin’s! It may be what his sensitive tummy needs.

  34. I would love to give Darwin’s a taste. I’m a picky girl. Mommy makes my food fresh daily right now. This could help her have more time with me. I hope I win a month supply to try! Good luck everyone

  35. I have never tried Darwin’s dog food but sure would love to it sounds like all the other comments everybody enjoys it I think my girls in my boys would love to try it.

  36. My dog just started a raw diet a little over a month ago and man, the changes have been spectacular. He’s much happier and more energetic. He sheds less. His teeth are cleaner already. And he poops so much less.
    This is my giveaway entry by the way.

  37. Before I lost my job of 17 yrs I was able to afford to buy some meat & veggies to mix with a well made dry food. I was forced to buy a 50# bag (because I have 4 dogs, [2 are Staffie mix & 1 purebred Staffie) of dry for $16.99. I know it is not good for them because of all the ‘fillers’, but it was the best I could do. I would love very much to be able to feed them a good diet.

  38. My husband I have been considering switching to raw food for our 3 dogs. I love reading your blog and finding out more about the raw food diet.

  39. Kristin Chapman

    I’ve been feeding raw for over 8 years now – best decision ever. I’ve never tried Darwin’s. Do they list where the meat is sourced from, and do they offer organic/grass-fed/pasture raised? Thanks for the article!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Hi Kristin, I like how Darwin’s offers a premium line called “Natural Selections” made with grass-fed beef, cage-free poultry and organic vegetables. Here is a link with more info: http://bit.ly/2P1cNo8

      I can also have someone from Darwin’s answer your question in more detail if you’d like more information.

  40. We just started our dog on raw and have been looking into a company that delivers already balanced pre-portioned food and this sounds perfect! He would love to try it!

  41. I feed my girl Penelope a raw food diet and have for over 2 years along with fish oil and a supplement for her chronic yeast issues, her hair is all grown back in and her ears do not run any more. We still have issues with odor but she is so much better than she was on dry. I am willing to give this product a try on her tho, something different to try in her diet.

  42. I have not started feeding raw yet. Am intimidated by feeling the need to do it correctly for my dogs. This would be a great way to start!

  43. My 6 month old rottie Puppy Deimos would love to eat Darwin’s everyday. He tried it months ago and loved it. Due to petsonal issues we weren’t able to comtinue but soon we’ll be in our new home and would fit this in our budget. In the meantime Deimos would love to be the big winner

  44. Not currently on a raw diet, but I did try it many years ago. At the time my holistic vet sold it so it was very convenient. Then I moved away and it wasn’t available. Lately I’ve been considering starting again, but dreaded the idea of having to prepare it myself. I like that they also have a variety for cats.

  45. We feed our dog raw. Our vet recommended it, actually she recommended Darwin’s specifically since we were new to raw feeding. It’s been great for our dog!

  46. I would love to have my Jesse James win a month supply of this raw dog food. I have been trying to find the right diet for my baby. He’s been dealing with some health issues and I believe a healthy diet will help him immensly. So I hope we win! Thank you for the information and I tried using this line.

  47. Elizabeth Kleweno

    Being in Alaska, feeding commercial raw is EXPENSIVE!!! My pups would love to try to raw!! Currently they eat kibble but love when I’m doing vegetables or papa sneaks them snacks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I haven’t felt I could do my own raw diet for my 14 month old Golden, this would certainly be an easier way to try it!

  49. My two bulldogs are finishing up the introductory offer this week and very much looking forward to their next shipment on Friday. I started them on raw about a month ago but quickly switched to Darwin’s after seeing so many recommendations to try their line. Everything about Darwin is top notch!

  50. Sandy Weinstein

    i would like to try this brand, Darwin, i use raw meat for my girls. i dont like to use processed foods for the girls. i like how it is packaged as well. my oldest loves raw. the youngest likes freeze dried foods. so i have to have both in my house. i have someone that hunts on my property and he gives me human grade deer meat, already ground and in tubes. i would like to try this brand in case he does not hunt this year. thank you.

  51. Currently in the transition from kibble to a raw diet for my sweet girl. She is loving the change! We thank you for this opportunity of free food!

  52. I’ve been feeding raw for about a year now and my dogs love it. They couldn’t look or feel better! I love using as many sources as I can and would love to try Darwin’s as well!

  53. I’ve been feeding my rescue pup raw since I got him – he is healthy with a shiny coat and at 8 years old, has nice clean teeth! For anyone who is just considering to feed raw, I highly recommend it. And to make it easier to navigate the transition to raw-I also highly recommend buying a commercially prepared raw diet such as that which comes from Darwins! You can be confident that your pet is getting the proper nutrition he needs without the mess and planning involved with preparing your own raw food. And for those concerned about bacterial contamination – handling raw pet food isn’t any different than handling raw meat for your family’s own meals. Wash your hands and surfaces and keep your pet’s bowls washed. Dog’s digestive systems are designed to deal with bacteria in their food so you can feed Darwin’s raw food to your pet(s) with confidence.

  54. My dog will not eat dog food, not kibble or canned. He eats chicken, chicken and beef liver and hamburger, all of which I cook for him. He does eat some treats, carefully selected by me and made in the USA. I have to say I am a “well done” meat eater, so the thought of feeding him raw meat doesn’t thrill me, but I am willing to give it a try!

    Love your blog and your great ideas!

  55. What a great giveaway! My guy is currently on a combo of pre and home-balanced raw. Has been for a little over a year!

  56. We’ve switched to raw for our two Golden’s about 6 mos ago and love love love the results! Thanks Lindsey for taking the hesitation out of my decision by your blog filled with information!

  57. I’ve been feeding some type of raw diet since the early 90’s when I prepared my own. Having a company like Darwin’s do the work for me is a blessing. They use ingredients that I probably couldn’t match. Both my terrier mixes are thriving on Darwin’s as were my Labs before them.

  58. For the past few months I’ve been feeding raw food to our Daniff pup (9 months old) and our Great Dane (8 years old). They usually like the raw diet, but they are picky eaters at times. I’ve downloaded your ebook and will give your recipes a try. In addition I’ll try some Darwin’s raw food. Thanks for your excellent and informative blog.

  59. Hy dog’s health has improved greatly since we switched her to a raw diet. She loves it and has put weight back on.

  60. I want to start my dog on raw but have been concerned about balancing properly. I like that Darwin’s is already complete.

  61. I have been feeding Darwin’s to my small dogs for over 10 years and they thrive on it. I work full time and love the ease of Darwin’s.
    They get lots of compliments on their beautiful coats. I have a toy fox terrier and a chihuahua/italian greyhound mix.

  62. I would love to feed my dog a more species appropriate diet but it is cost prohibitive at this point in my life. I try to add fresh foods to his diet whenever possible and would love to try feeding him Darwin’s if given the opportunity.

  63. My younger pup, who would usually never think of going near her big sister’s food dish, snuck over and ate her breakfast as well one morning while her sister was still outside. She loves it that much!!!

  64. Loki loves his Darwin’s raw food. He has EPI, and with his enzymes and the raw diet he has gained all the weight he lost and couldn’t be a happier pup.

  65. Would love to try this for my picky dog Maddox. I have tried all different kinds of food but never Darwins. I have heard their food is fantastic.

  66. I wasn’t sold 100% on raw until I started to see a huge improvement in my pups energy, coat and his scratching has completely stopped. I will never go back to kibble. Darwins is incredible and I feel safe feeding raw to my buddy. I feel it is nutritionally balanced and that they really do care about the health of my baby. Thank you Darwin’s !!!

  67. I just watched the documentary Petfooled and it left a strong impact. Really want to switch to human grade, biologically/species appropriate organic raw balanced diet for our dear jack terrier and beagle mix, Pepe.

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