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My very own hellion

This is Beamer, the cat I have been catsitting for the past two and a half weeks while my boyfriend is in California without me. Sure, he looks cute here (well, kinda), but this cat is something else. Beamer knocks over garbage cans and eats whatever he can find inside, eats anything that falls on the floor without smelling it first, terrorizes my dog, follows me around meowing, steals my cat’s food, steals my dog’s food, licks dishes, licks the counters and kitchen table, headbutts me in the morning and takes over my bed at night.

Basically, I am living with the real-life Garfield.

Hurry home, Josh. Beamer and I miss you.

Tan tabby cat Beamer sitting on deck - the real life Garfield!

Breed profile: Labrador retriever
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