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Weekly question: How far do you walk your dog?

How far do you walk your dog?

I am queen of exercising my dog. That is one thing I can brag about. Ace and I walk (or run) every day no matter how bad Fargo’s weather gets. We might miss one day a week on rare occasions, but it is rare. A walk is the one thing I can do for Ace to benefit his health and behavior.

Since I started a dog-running business I have slacked a little with my own dog, though. Lately I’ve been walking about two or three miles a day with Ace instead of the five-mile daily runs we did for about a year. But really, I’ve found that as long as Ace gets about a 40-minute walk in the morning, he is settled and just fine for the rest of the day.

If you have a dog with any “issues,” one of the first things I’d recommend is to take her on a long run every morning. It’s the simplest advice, really, and so few people actually do it.

How far do you walk your dog? You do walk her, right?


Sunday 30th of November 2014

I recently became a "snow bird" and have been walking my puggle 1-2 miles per day. How can I tell if this is too much for her. The temps have been in the upper 70s to lower 80s. Also, when we take her to the off leash dog park, she loves the other dogs and runs constantly but has drool pouring from her mouth. Other owners have asked if she is sick.

Lindsay Stordahl

Sunday 30th of November 2014

It's hard to know, so it's better to be on the safe side when it's warm out, especially since she is a "shorter faced" dog. It sounds like she is handling 1-2 miles OK but maybe getting pretty hot? If she is breathing really heavy, almost hyperventilating or has a really long tongue, I would take some water breaks in the shade. At the dog park, I would keep the sessions short and make her take a break from running/playing every 10 minutes or so. Just put a leash on her and have her sit or stand in the shade and get some water.

You know your dog best, so use your best judgement. Did she live in a colder climate with you previously? How did she do on walks there?

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 11th of March 2009

Makudaman, thank you for your comment. I really can't stand it when people think their small dogs don't need to be walked. I wish more people in the United States would walk their dogs regularly, even for an hour a day - even a half-hour! You set a great example for us! I'm sure your dog is very happy and well behaved! One question though, how do you find three hours a day to walk?


Saturday 2nd of July 2016

they have more time than us Americans who have to work much longer hours than most countries,and they get more vacation paid time off than us as well! I think it's great that the dog gets so much exercise!! I walk mine an hour in the am and hour in pm....I too have little dogs a toy fox terrier and Jack Russell/Yorkie mix. They walk probably 6 miles a day and they are exhausted when we get home,and after an hour of general horseplay and training they sleep all night!


Wednesday 11th of March 2009

I live in Finland, where our pet culture seems to be very different from yours (at least that's the impression i get from reading books, whatching tv-shows, reading threads like this one etc etc). If I would ask a dog owner if he/she walks the dog every day, it would make a pretty excellent joke - I have never in my life met a dog owner who doesn't walk the dog on a daily basis. A more appropriate question might be "How many hours do you spend on excercising your dog?".

Rain or snow, I walk my dog three times a day, for at least an hour, plus I go out last thing in the evening before I go to bed for a quick walk round the block. In miles maybe 10-15 every single day. If my dog wouldn't get her walks for, say, a week, I'm pretty convinced I wouldn't have any furniture left at home if I would leave her for a couple of hours.

I'm aware that I spend a lot of time on my dog, even from a Scandinavian point of view, but this is something I take great pride in; I consider not giving your dog excercise and attention animal cruelty.

For those who think my dog is a herding or other working breed: she's a 10 pound bichon frisé. After walking 10 miles, I'm about to die of exhaustion and she's just getting in the mood :). Even though she looks like this little cute cotton-ish cuddly thing, she's more of a dog than any of my previous dog's (Giant Schnauzer & Bear hunting dog)...

the three dog blogger

Saturday 22nd of November 2008

That is such good advice. An unexercised dog will quickly become a very naughty dog! I always without fail take them for a minumum of two walks a day. Always at least 15 mins but usually much more. I have the advantage of open country straight outside my front door so normally no need of a lead etc.


Friday 17th of October 2008

My husband and I try to walk our two dogs every day, but in reality it's probably more like every other day. The two dogs genuinely love it! As soon as we say the work "walk" they are up and ready to go. They enjoy the mental stimulation of being out of their yard as much as the physical exercise component. Plus, it is a perfect opportunity to practice, practice, practice that skill of walking "nicely". We are no where near perfect with that, but making progress. With winter approaching, it becomes more challenging, but we plan to "keep on walking!"