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Weekly question: What are you teaching your dog now?

Radar the black cairn terrier and Ace the black lab mix dog sitting in a park in the fall in West Fargo

I am always working on something with my dog. Every day he does something and I think, I wish he wouldn’t do that! But it’s easier to say “I wish my dog would do that” than it is to say “I am teaching my dog to do this.”

What are you teaching your dog right now?

I’m teaching mine to walk on a loose leash without any kind of training collar. Obviously this will take a lot of work, but he is 2 years old now, and I think walking my dog without depending on a prong collar or Gentle Leader is a reasonable goal. Maybe by the time he is 4 we will have it down!

I also want to start conditioning him to stay on his dog bed when someone comes to the door. But I have to admit, I haven’t started working on this yet.

And third, I will always be working on the never-ending goal of teaching Ace self control around a tennis ball.

Ace and his buddy, Radar, are pictured above showing off their staying skills.

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Saint Lover

Thursday 23rd of October 2008

I am working heavily with Eris and her "wait" command. She charges like a bull to do everything. She will flat out run me over as she charges out of her crate. She is doing really well, so far.


Tuesday 21st of October 2008

Working on Bailey's separation anxiety, not having much success. She's real bad when I go to the door to leave the house.

Mayra Calvani

Tuesday 21st of October 2008

I'm teaching him 'Away' -- going backwards. He's a fast learner but he likes to do it halfway and get away with it.

Mayra Calvanis last blog post..The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing is a 2008 National Best Books Awards Finalist!

home zookeeper

Tuesday 21st of October 2008

Oh boy...we're working on TONS of stuff. Timber is now able to sit and "leave it" at meal time until I say "OK" ... it's SO rewarding!!! =)

And of course with Trooper we're working on his jealousy and the fighting. :( I wish we did NOT have to work on this but that's life.

I absolutely LOVE your blog by the way. =) Even when I don't visit every day. :)

Cynthia Blue

Tuesday 21st of October 2008

I'm working on so many things I get overwhelmed. =P Tatum is my main focus at the moment.. we are working on agility, mostly weaves and jumps and some very short sequences. And also stay on her mat. I think stay is easier for her, and Muffit, on their mat it gives them something to focus on.

I've given up on the whole loose leash walking thing. :)