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What do you tolerate from your dog?

I know we all have a lot we could say for this one. There are so many things we could change about our dogs if we really wanted, and yet, part of owning a dog is tolerating the fact that they are dogs and they do dog things.

There are many, many things about our dogs we choose to accept or can’t control. What are some behaviors you tolerate from your dog?

The list goes on and on for me. I’ve been working on Ace to change many things, but there are others I just tolerate. Here are a few:

This mutt walks while he poops! If I am holding the leash, he makes a ring of shit around me!

He is constantly flinging drool all over the walls and on other people. I should probably do a better job at cleaning up after him and apologizing.

He will always, always love to play fetch no matter what. I can expect to receive random pieces of trash, hair ties, crumbled up pieces of paper, sticks and toys shoved onto my lap for as long as Ace lives.

But I will always challenge him by limiting the fetch playing and working with him to control himself around a tennis ball.

Ace will puke up water at least once a week. I could put him in his kennel after he drinks or give him tiny amounts of water at a time. I could spend a lot of time teaching him to drink slowly. Instead, I just accept there will be puke to clean up at least every few days. It doesn’t even faze me anymore.

What do you tolerate from your dog?

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