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Winner of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Dogs’

Contest winner

Congratulations to Apryl DeLancey of Women Like Sports. Apryl was the top commenter of the week and gets a copy of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Dogs.”

The second-highest commenter of the week was Marie from Resq Tails. Saint Lover from It’s the Dogs’ Life was third.

Thank you to everyone who comments! I appreciate it! I added a list of top commenters for the month on the right side of my blog. It will refresh at the beginning of each month. It also looks like FeedBurner is back. Thanks for being patient!

Lisa Martell

Wednesday 29th of September 2010

Belated congrates, love the pictures I have a black lab as well.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 25th of August 2009

it's the healthiest diet when done properly. go for it if you're willing to do your research.

Steve Anderson

Tuesday 25th of August 2009

hi, I need some help here.. I am experimenting with Raw food for my dog. any suggestions if its safe or worth it?

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 16th of January 2009

Aw, I'm glad you found my picture Jan. I'm sorry to hear about your cairn terrier and your lab. Were your dogs black also? You should send me a picture of them!


Thursday 15th of January 2009

Wow, I can't believe that I just stumbled upon this picture! What a blessing. I had a cairn terrier (13 yrs) and a lab mix too.They were best friends to each other and just like family members to me. This picture looks just like them. The reason it is so awesome is because my cairn terrier passed away last week and I had to give my lab away to another family because of a move and I am really missing them both right now, and then I stumble across this picture. Thanks