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What’s most annoying about your friends’ and family’s dogs?

Your dog is perfect, right? It’s all the other dogs that are annoying.

I love dogs, but I can see why some people don’t. Most dog owners just don’t control their dogs, and that makes it really easy for others to continue disliking, fearing and misunderstanding dogs. Everyone who reads this blog loves or at least tolerates dogs. But that’s just it, we tolerate dogs owned by our friends, family members and neighbors because we love dogs. Imagine what it’s like for the people in our lives who don’t love dogs.

Last week I asked you what you tolerate from your own dog. But now I want to know what you tolerate or don’t tolerate from other people’s dogs. Even as a dog lover, I get annoyed with dogs all the time. For example:

Big dogs that jump up at my face. In most cases the owners have done nothing to teach the dog not to jump. Instead they act annoyed, like it’s the dogs fault. And although little dogs are more likely to jump on me, it’s the big dogs that test my patience. It’s probably because I assume a small dog will jump. We all know it’s highly unlikely that the owner of a small dog will teach the dog any manners at all.

Dogs that lack any self control. When friends or family members visit with their dogs big or small, the dogs typically run all over like they own the place, including the furniture. When I visit them, the same happens in their own homes. It’s chaotic and stressful for everyone.

Dogs that chase my cats. I understand why dogs want to chase cats! But it’s a big pain in the ass to feel obligated to lock my cats up when someone’s dog is visiting.

How about you? What is most annoying about the dogs you know?

Friends and family of mine who read this are strongly encouraged to rip apart Ace and I. Believe me, I know my mutt is far from perfect. The same is true of his owner.

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Thursday 7th of July 2016

Dog people are the worst because they hate cat people, they have this intense 'issue' that I find offensive. Why is it okay for them to speak ill of cats? But when you dare say anything negative about dogs, they get intense. I am a cat person and I love dogs or any animal in general. I think these people are naturally controlling and see it as a you against them mentality. I have never trusted or liked dog people because of this. And surprisingly not, U have always got a judgmental bad vibe from them just because I am not a one animal dog kinda person. Pathetic when you think about it.

Janice Smithson

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

I am so annoyed by dog owners who expect everyone else to be just as entertained by their annoying dogs as they are. I have one friend with a little, yappy dog that she takes everywhere she goes. When she comes over, she ALWAYS brings "Skippy" with her. He is allowed to run wherever he pleases, jumps on furniture, jumps on her, jumps on me. His face is literally touching mine as he jumps in my lap and stands on his back legs, his claws scratching me and my clothes. He is never still. I have a bird feeder outside of my front window where I feed birds, squirrels and chipmunks. He jumps on it and begins clawing at the window and barking and growling at any animal out there. His owner thinks this is sooo cute! She says "What do you see out there, Skippy-do!?" And "What is that, huh?!" He runs back and forth from the room we're in to his love seat perch. I moved the love seat once, but he then stood on his back legs (it's a low window) and barked. He also craps in my house with almost every visit. I don't usually find it until a day or two later. Although I've made her aware of this in as polite a way as possible, she doesn't really seem to care. Now, she just says, as she's leaving, "okay skippity-do-dah, let's see if you've made any messes!" and makes a quick walk-through of the house. As if that is okay. Even if she cleans it up, it does nothing to stop this behavior and the germs associated with it are still on the floor. Like it's the dog park. It's even worse if you go anywhere w her in a car. If you are in a store or eating in a restaurant, it has to be quick, so he's not left for long. Windows need to be lowered so he can get air, water bowl on back floorboard. However, even more irritating is the car ride where he's jumping from my lap to hers and back again, energetically. Hanging out of the windows which have to be lowered appropriately. A visit to her house is even worse as there are two other, larger, stay-at-home dogs that bark and jump all over me. She tells them to "stop it!" and "get down!" , with little success. All three of them shed, so you leave with even more dog hair than just a car ride with the smaller dog. She actually told me once that if I would wear light-colored clothes, the dog hair wouldn't show up as much!


Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

My roommate has his dog trained to bark to be let in or out, it's right outside my bedroom window so it gets annoying. when he's gone to work for 12 hours she goes out when I say she goes out. When he gets home the crying, barking, and incessant running around and over excitement starts. He seems to intentionally get her excited with a high pitched "wanna go outside! wanna go outside! wanna go outside!," and does this at all hours of the day or night." whereas my method is to call her to sit in a specific location by the door, then "stay" then I step outside the door and call her to "sit" in a specific location from where we obediently and calmly "heel" to the chain, if she goes potty, she gets a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Why can't the supposed dog loving roommate take care of his dog this way? instead he just plays video games and watches TV when he gets home from work and offers no leadership for his canine. I think he should just give her away really.

the three dog blogger

Saturday 22nd of November 2008

The most annoyed I have ever been with a dog was when we looked after a friends British Bull Dog. He snored so loudly that I even had to give up my Spanish siesta time which was for me a very serious issue!


Friday 21st of November 2008

5. Dogs that beg for my food (whether I'm sitting at dinner or standing) and treats in my bag. They learned how to beg somewhere.