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Fargo emergency shelter available for pets during flood

An emergency animal shelter will be available at the Red River Valley fairgrounds for anyone affected by the North Dakota/Minnesota flooding, according to Adopt A Pet of Fargo Moorhead. The rescue is working with the F-M Humane Society and Fargo-Moorhead emergency managers.

The shelter is located at the Schollander Pavilion at the fairgrounds in West Fargo on West Main Avenue. The shelter should be up and running by this afternoon (Thursday), according to one of the workers.

Volunteers are needed at this time. If you would like more information about volunteering or finding shelter for your pet, call the emergency shelter at 701.281.1574.

The F-M Humane Society encourages people to prepare an emergency kit for their pets and should include medications, vet records, ID tags, food and water, photos and descriptions of the pets, a pet carrier, leashes and blankets.

Josh, Ace, the cats, our foster dog and I should be safe from the flooding Red River. We have some spare room so if anyone needs a place to leave their pets or a place to stay in an emergency, email me at or call me at 701.368.2953.

Plan now for your pets so you don’t have to make last minute decisions or leave them behind in an emergency. Sheyenne River Kennels in West Fargo has space available for dogs over the weekend as of Thursday morning.



Friday 27th of March 2009

Wow Lindsay - I only just heard about the scary situation in ND. I'm glad that you and your family are safe. It is so good of you to offer a safe haven for other pets too!


Thursday 26th of March 2009

My wife and I have been sandbagging for the last week to help try and save peoples homes. But it sounds like that will be over in the next 24 hours. After that we can help out too. My number is 218-498-2022 or 701-261-9528 ask for Shane or Michele. Leave a message. Like I said we will be bagging for the next 24 hours. We will get back to you after that.

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 26th of March 2009

Thanks Vee and Apryl!

Apryl DeLancey

Thursday 26th of March 2009

That is great that you are giving out this information. So many times I see animals being left behind. It's great that you are offering space too - I wish there was something I could do. I hope you and the family remain safe!


Thursday 26th of March 2009

EEEK! my thoughts are with you and every one and their sweet little critters affect by the flooding