A walk with Maddie the Rottweiler mix

Maddie the Rottie mix

A big part of my life is spending time with dogs. We go for walks. We go for runs. We hang out at parks. This gives me a lot of time to get to know each dog. To form a bond. There is something special about every dog I meet. All are unique.

People ask me all the time what it’s like to be a dog walker. Like any job, there are certainly ups and downs, but for the most part I am very lucky.

Here is a window into one of my walks with Sweet Maddie Girl:

maddie the rottweiler mix on a walk

Walks with Maddie are relaxing, always calm. She is a peaceful dog, never tense, rarely barking.

When I come to walk her, she does a happy little tap dance with her front paws. Maddie often offers up a paw as a way to connect, get attention, show affection. She’s one of those dogs who loves to jump up and offer a “hug.”

I think of Maddie as a wise dog, like she has seen it all before. She is not fazed by other dogs bounding up and barking. She doesn’t growl at anyone. She is always happy. Every now and then she whines – softly – when we see someone she would like to greet.

This is how she walks – a trot, with her cute little ears up.

maddie the rottweiler mix on a walk

I call Maddie a Rottweiler mix. But she is much smaller than a Rottie, with floppy terrier ears and a narrow muzzle.

Maddie smiles. All the time.

Maddie the rottweiler smiling on a walkmaddie the rottweiler mix on a walk maddie the rottweiler mix on a walk

Always, always smiling.

10 thoughts on “A walk with Maddie the Rottweiler mix”

  1. The minute I saw Maddie’s face, I knew she and my Sam were related! Same eyes, same face, Sam’s fur is predominately brown though. Just reverse Maddie’s black and brown and that’s Sam. Sam paws in the air to greet me just like Maddie. It’s so endearing. I always tell him that he mastered the “puppy handbook.” I never thought of Sam as a Rottweiler mix. He is my precious little man out of my three dogs. I try so hard not to show favoritism, but I’m not sure I do a very good job. Since my husband died the day after this last Christmas, my dogs are the only family I have left. I would do anything for them:)

    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks for your comment. I keep track of you a bit through my mom’s blog 🙂 Maddie is a great dog, as I’m sure your Sam is as well. What kind of dog do you think Sam is? I’m sad that your husband died. Keep giving those dogs lots of hugs! That’s what they are there for! And I totally favor my dog Ace and my cat Scout over the other two animals in our house. I have favorites for sure.

  2. Oh, Maddie is smiling for sure. I think our springer Sophie just naturally “smiles” too. Some dogs, just like people, are natural born “smilers.” Great photos!

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