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Potty Patch – The indoor potty area for all dogs!

Here at, I try to cover some controversial and sometimes emotional topics.

I’ve written about how much money to spend on a dog’s vet care, whether or not a no-kill nation is achievable and whether or not aggressive dogs should be killed.

There are always good discussions, and usually most opinions are somewhere in the middle.

The posts generate some thoughtful comments.

But no post has brought out the passion and the emotions quite like the post I am about to mention.

Ladies and gentlemen, nothing is quite as controversial as …

Reasons not to buy fake indoor grass for dogs.

Everyone has to be passionate about something, so it might as well be passion for a product known as the Potty Patch.

One-time search visitors will not click away, unheard. No, they must stand up for what they believe in!

Every Chihuahua, Maltese, snorkie and mini wiener out there deserves its own patch of fake indoor grass!

We all have to care about something, and if it’s the puppy Potty Patch that brings out that kind of passion, then so be it.

Every time a Yorkie owner calls me a F#@king idiot or a moron or stupid or lazy, I have to smile.

At least they care about something.

Because you know what? Winter is approaching, and no Chiweenie should have to set food outside!

Get your fake indoor grass before the deep freeze hits.


Sunday 23rd of October 2011

I foster too and one of my fosters (an 8 year old bichon) came pee pad trained (ugh). Having never used them before, I figured I'd use it in the beginning for her and then move it closer to the patio door, and then outside, etc etc. I had it all worked out. What I didn't take into consideration was that due to the scents and seeing the foster us it, my other two dogs -- perfectly housetrained -- became interested in using it, too. What a nightmare.

Thankfully my foster was adopted very soon and the pee pad left the building. Since then we haven't had any issues with our two dogs.

Lesson learned. Pee pads and fake grass and everything else people use out of convenience are the work of the devil. House train your damn animals, people!

Lindsay Stordahl

Sunday 23rd of October 2011

I was pet sitting a bichon mix, and their owners dropped her off at my house with a handfull of pee pads - without warning me or asking if this was OK. I didn't even use the pads. I just took the dog outside every few hours. Turns out she preferred to pee outside on real grass! She had no "accidents" the whole week she was here.

Jennifer S

Thursday 20th of October 2011

I can't handle potty pads, or this potty grass. I think it's gross... however, in the hierarchy of things that bother me, this is totally above the potty pads ... my main reason? Puppies or overexcited little dogs, will shred paper. Potty pad = paper now you have messy potty paper shredded. Seems silly, dogs won't go near their own yuck right?! Wrong, my dog did when he was a puppy and before I realized I was potty training him all wrong (judge me not, we all make parenting mistakes).

Your post is brilliant.

My issue?! Mild weather or even moderately warm, no rain, snow, or sleet. And then carrying the dog to the grass so that he can go potty then picking it back up and continuing on... yes, I actually freak out a little and try to keep the ranting to my poor husband so that I don't rant to the owner of the pet. This is second only to dogs in the child seat of a cart in the grocery store.

Indoor grass... totally not a rant. Though I think it's silly.

I do agree with your points... some dogs don't deal with cold... and that's when we have to get creative.

Of course... my dog circled... 20 times or more around me (so we're talking a 6' radius) until he finds the perfect spot. I'd have to grass the entire living room.

This might be good idea... I hate vacuuming.

I also hate mowing...

Rant over and out. =)


Wednesday 19th of October 2011

I don't care how much it sucks sometimes to take my dogs out sometimes when it's cold or in the middle of the night. I just think that that is teaching my boys some bad habits. Plus I don't think I could deal with having that in my house, gross.

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 19th of October 2011

That's how I feel, too!


Wednesday 19th of October 2011

My fiance and I help take care of an older gentleman who has a maltese and a miniture poodle. They have a dog door that they use 365 days a year in Alaska! Granted the Maltese is a rescue and does occasionally go to the bathroom in the house but I know for a a fact that she walks out side to use the loo! We do keep a special area close to the door cleared for them so they have a non snowy spot near the door to do their business.

There is a lady up here who rescues pugs and she has a covered back porch where I believe in the winter she puts fake grass for the pugs. Some of them are older and not in good health so it makes sense to me. But sometimes I think people use it because they are lazy and don't want to go out....

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 19th of October 2011

Yeah. There are perfectly good reasons to use this product. Most people don't have a very good reason, but that's their choice! The dogs probably don't mind.


Tuesday 18th of October 2011

Was thinking to put this in my back yard as my little princess will not go pottie in her own yard for some reason only everyone else's yard. Not sure if it's because we now live in AZ where there is no grass or just because she has developed some strange habit. Your thoughts would be wonderful.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 18th of October 2011

I live in a townhome setting where all our neighbors are close and we all have dogs. I'm pretty sure every single dog that lives here tries to pee outside of his yard as a way of marking more territory. My dogs do as well. We also live right on a soccer field, so I usually just keep walking my dogs straight back and into that field. If not, I just keep circling in our little yard with the dogs on leash so they can't get into the neighbors' yards.

Do your neighbors have grass and your yard doesn't? Or does your dog just want to "mark" by peeing in their yards whenever she can? You could try a patch of this fake grass stuff, but it seems a bit extreme to me. Why not use her favorite treats and reward her for peeing on command right away in your yard? If she loves walks, don't go for a walk until she has gone potty in your yard first. Use the walk as a reward.