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Good dogs, bad owners: October 2011

The first edition of Good dogs, bad owners

Note: I see a lot of interesting dog owners. I may try to showcase my favorites each month. 

At an adoption event at a PetSmart. Some dude approaches me and my foster dog Cosmo. The man tells me he is looking for an outdoor watchdog. Cosmo would have full freedom outside – no fence – with access to the garage and the kitchen. He tells me the house is on a busy frontage road and their previous watchdog got hit by a car and “probably wandered off and died.”

At a store called Natural Pet Center. A man comes in with a frantic, overweight retriever on a prong collar. “Are you ready to see the kitties?” the man says. He repeats this several times. The man glances around, seeking attention. His retriever pulls him to the cats that are up for adoption. The cats are very uneasy. “Look at the kitties! Look at the kitties!” the man keeps repeating. Each time he says this, his dog barks.

At obedience training class. One little dog’s owner is having an off night. The dog is full of energy, and the owner can’t get her to stay on command. He can’t get the dog to even look at him. At the end of class, the owner tells the dog she won’t be getting dinner that night or breakfast the next day or dinner the next day. “Maybe she’ll listen then,” he tells his wife. I wait to see if he’s joking, but I don’t think he is.

At another adoption event. A couple walks in with two large dogs that are not up for adoption. The dogs are pulling and out of control, panting heavily. One dog goes through the slow, squatting motions as though he’s ready to take a dump. He’s clearly very excited and nervous. He proceeds to leave a nice pile in the middle of the floor. The owners stand there for at least five minutes before someone finally cleans it up.

On a walk. I see a woman park her car at a stop sign. She leaves her car running. Gets out. Leaves her overly excited Yorkie loose in the car. She puts up a yard-sale sign. Her car is blocking all kinds of traffic, not to mention illegally parked. Meanwhile, her dog is yapping and scratching at the windows and doors and bouncing all over the place.

What’s a dog to do, Ace?

Cute black lab mix closeup wearing a choke collar

If you have a story to share, keep it concise (less than 100 words) and send to with the subject “Good dogs, bad owners.” Or add it to the comments below.

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