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Custom handmade dog collars Fargo

I loved Ace’s red, embroidered collar, but he has been long overdue for something new. I’ve searched online and off for the perfect patterned collar.

And then I stumbled across Bozzy Wozzy – a local business owned by fellow dog-foster parents, Brittny and Zach Thompson. And they had this pretty, striped pattern – the perfect colors for my big, black mutt.

Customized handmade dog collars from Bozzy Wozzy

Bozzy Wozzy is named after Brittny and Zach’s Boston terrier, Bosley. But they actually have three Bostons – Bosley, Hauser and Dexter!

Ace the black lab mix wearing a striped handmade collar

Bozzy Wozzy is always looking for new ideas and designs, according to its Facebook page. Each collar is handmade and 100 percent original.

Bozzy Wozzy handmade dog collars stripes

Here are some of the possible fabrics for the collars. Bozzy Wozzy even makes collars for cats! Leashes are also available with certain fabrics, Brittny said.

If you would like to order a collar from Bozzy Wozzy, you may do so on its Facebook page. Or, send an e-mail to with the size of your pet’s neck, the fabric of your choice and the width (1/2 inch to 1 inch).

Collars are $10 each (tags not included), plus a reasonable shipping charge. Mention “Oliver” in your order to get free shipping, and order before Dec. 15 to receive your collar in time for the holidays, Brittny said.

Ace the black lab mix wears a striped dog collar

Ace is wearing the original stripes collar – 21″ long and 1″ wide.

I am so happy with our collar from Bozzy Wozzy! I can’t stop looking at Ace and telling him how pretty he is 🙂

Is your dog ready for a new collar?

Note: This was not a paid review.

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