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Just a walk with our dog

Josh and I got up before light on Sunday and hiked 11 miles with our 7-year-old Lab mix.

It was rewarding, after walking four hours, to be home by 8:30 and eating bacon and eggs on the patio around the time most people were just getting up.

Some people might worry 11 miles would be too far for a Lab Ace’s age. He showed no signs of being tired. He trotted along, a step ahead usually, glancing at me – “This is an epic walk, isn’t it? Oh this is so much fun!”

His raw dog food diet has made an incredible difference in his energy. Once home he was fine lounging around but also fine to be playing and moving. He did not appear stiff or sore. Wish I could say the same.

This is what I need from my dog. His eagerness for adventure. It’s probably one of the things he needs from me, too.

Out for a hike with my dog Ace


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