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Start the new year with dog agility! (10 photos)

Are there any agili-dogs among us?

My Lab mix Ace absolutely loves agility. He goes a little nuts! You can see him in the dog agility video in this post where I write about how he gets frustrated easily and barks his head off.

We took agility classes for fun a few years ago, and I highly recommend it once your dog has at least the basic obedience commands down. We never did any competitions, but just taking the classes was a lot of fun. I’ve thought about finding another class to join, but I don’t want my “senior” boy to get hurt. He’s a little “wild” on the agility course.

Do any of your dogs do agility?

Greyhound agility

Belgian Mal agility

Dog agility tunnel

Doberman jumping through agility tire

Westie agility

Dog misses agility tire

Dog doing the catwalk agility

Agility tunnel

Dog jumps agility jump

Viszla peed on agility instructor

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Wednesday 15th of January 2014

I started agility in Oct and my nearly 2 year old border terrier really loves it. We have a nice mixed group of breeds/mutts (of course a bit heavy on collies, not a surprise certainly in Scotland) and it is funny to see the differences in attitude of the dogs towards certain obstacles. Barley seems really unsure of the collapsed tunnel, some dogs absolutely refuse to go over the seesaw… But it was great to see how (almost) all of them gained confidence over the 10 week beginner course and most of us are now doing the intermediate one. Maybe some competition over the summer? Who knows…

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 16th of January 2014

That's great to hear! My dog was scared of the seesaw at first too. He never really enjoyed that. But he loved all the other obstacles, especially the A frame and the catwalk.

Renchan Li

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

Though I don't have any plan to have my 2.5 years old Rottweiler attend the agility training in the foreseeable future, I do wish to let her have the air scenting training soon, perhaps in year 2014. I love these dog breeds of Vizsla in picture# 10 and Weimaraner, that don't pee on the agility instructor.


Wednesday 15th of January 2014

I started to do agility with my dog because she had so much energy the agility class was a great idea. I also wanted to get a better relationship with my dog. We did it for a year but unfortunately, they stopped holding agility classes. There is only one other place in Dublin, Ireland where they do it and they do it with nearly 20 dogs. Chip is very nervious around other dogs and the last class only had 5 other people so suited is a lot better. I would suggest agility to anyone and size really doesnt matter. Chip is a Jack Russell and Border Terrier cross so she is small but was well capable of flying over the jumps etc .

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

I love watching the smaller dogs do agility. It's so cute :)