Dog Shaming (10 photos)

Do any of your dogs or cats deserve to be on the wall of shame? If so, send your photos to and I will feature them next week.

I can relate to so many of these photos. I know a few little dogs who will regularly go for long walks only to get inside and poop on the rug. 🙂

I also like the black dog in photo #3 because she looks like a younger version of my Lab mix Ace.

Dog poops in the house dog shaming

Dog breaks out of kennel

Dog eats her own poop

Dog scared of little kittens

Golden retriever dog shaming

Dog eats used tampons!

Dog shaming

Dog ripped up the mail

Dog shaming, dog pees in water dish

Dog got drunk

Send your dog shaming photos to to see them featured next week.

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4 thoughts on “Dog Shaming (10 photos)”

  1. # 3 and #4 are the best. #3 reminds me of Pierson. He is a notorious poop-eater. #4 reminds me of Maya. I have a video of a cat picking on her.

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