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Dog Shaming (10 photos)

Just a couple of Dog Shaming photos to help you through the day. I hope they make you smile.

This week we have lots of dogs who like to get into the trash! Hmm … sounds familiar.

Here’s a challenge for you all. This weekend, take a creative Dog Shaming photo of your dog and send it to Cat Shaming photos are also accepted 🙂

Dog keeps getting into the trash

Dog keeps stealing trash bags

Dog Shaming boxer

Boxer mix steals from the litter box

Black lab steals chicken nuggets

Dog sticks head into the shower

Dog Shaming: Cocker spaniel chases skunks

Dog Shaming

Dog sticks his head down people's shirts

Bulldog dog shaming

Don’t forget about the challenge: Take a Dog Shaming photo of your dog this week and sent it to

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Thursday 13th of February 2014

:D I love these! #5, #6, and #9 were my favorites. #5 has got to be the smartest one of all. I'm so glad my dogs have never considered trying to open the fridge. #6, Maya used to try to come into the shower with me whenever I took a shower. She'd lick all over the tub as I washed up. But I put an end to her habit when she started trying to lick me. :)

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 13th of February 2014

Haha! Oh Maya :) I'm also really glad Ace doesn't try to get into the fridge. Can you imagine? My cats get into the cabinets, and that is bad enough! Child locks come in handy.